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An exegesis on the current necropolitics against the Amazonian people: The case of Brazil more. That is to say, Save to Library. View Comments. Naming the invisible war: On the complexity of rape as symbolic violence and the silence of male-victims more.

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The aim of this paper is to argue that rape can be understood as symbolic instrument for domination in the case of armed conflicts and also to show that rape is more complex than it appears at first sight. At first glance, researchers At first glance, researchers in gender studies tend to straightforwardly state the reasons on why soldiers rape i.

This, I think, will show there is a silent crisis on male-rape in conflict, which has been disregarded by most of international organizations and researchers despite the voiced complaints that not until some years ago started to appear in more headlines. Border more. Moreover, the structure of the paper will be divided in four parts. Lastly, I argue that such criminalization of drugs that have sparked greater production of illicit drugs and drug traffickers in places like Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Colombia, which have destabilized and injured populations that now seek better lives in the U.

I claim that we can understand the migration crisis parallel to the drug war and criticize the policing and prohibition of both human and drug migrations, given both try to confine uncertainties and condemn them in fearful and monstrous terms which have a greater negative effect on human rights. Publication Date: This informational off-loading, Krueger regards to be constitutive of outer and inner processes, which facilitate our cognitive capacities in more efficient and synthetic ways in order to acquire knowledge that in turn facilitate further mental operations.

Am interested in this theory because I believe that Husserl deals with this theory implicitly and to a great extent, in his description of categorial intuitions and the idea that these intuitions are always founded on simpler acts which are synthesized categorially dealt in the 6th Logical Investigation LI. The third section will concern if these theories are compatible to one another or fail to be so and in what respect.

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The aphorism focuses on the idea of consciousness as essentially a means to communicate. That is to And could we affirm according to such juxtaposition that consciousness as such is a mirroring? And if so, what according to Nietzsche is not a mirroring? Conference Presentations. The abstract, as eventually included in the conference booklet, presents some semantic errors, none of which are imputable to its author. This paper provides insight into perspectives for the desirable future of the Flemish dairy industry in twenty years. Globally, the dairy farming sector is facing numerous challenges, from encountering environmental barriers to economic Globally, the dairy farming sector is facing numerous challenges, from encountering environmental barriers to economic uncertainty, growing consumer awareness and increased availability of technology, bringing both opportunities and threats to the sector.

The dairy industry in Flanders is potentially reaching a threshold where changes in production methods are essential to overcome the aforementioned challenges. With such complex challenges it is essential to include different perspectives. Therefore, we created a trans disciplinary team where all members have different backgrounds, supported by coaches and specialists. The assumptions on the dairy industry were inves tigated through literature, stakeholders' interviews, and farm visits.

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From these insights a system map was developed with the intention to develop futures through observing megatrends, trends, and novelties. We imagined the most optimal future around social and planetarian boundaries for some diverse personas, which helped to understand the complexity of future patterns and highlighted topics that needed more indepth research.

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Five main topics of the current situation and the desirable futures were discussed: i Environmental impact of the dairy sector; ii Big and Small farms; iii Health and how 'the planetary diet' can be healthier while saving the planet; iv Consumer Behavior; and v Government Policy. As a result, the future personas are described as motivating why certain perspectives are desirable; perspective from a farmer with a small farm and one with a larger farm. If you're hunting for a Areas and having a tough time discovering it, than you could need to come across certainly one of the many different web-sites that has been created that will help you in your search.

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