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A pirate called Zack and a monkey called Wiki search for treasure and meet a pirate called Barbaros after their plane was destroyed Zack and Wiki agree to help him get his body back if he gives them his ship and treasure Throughout the journey Zack and Wiki collect pieces of his skeleton while solving puzzles and fighting enemies the most important being Captain Rose and her pirates After Zack and Wiki find all of Barbaros parts and revives him Barbaros betrays Zack and Wiki to keep his ship and treasure and returns to Treasure Island Zack Wiki and Johnny Style join forces with the Rose Rock Pirates and travel to Treasure Island Barbaros kidnaps Wiki to bring back his pirates while Zack and the Rose Rock Pirates are captured Zack breaks out and fights Barbaros rescues Wiki and the Rose Rock Pirates and escape in Barbaros ship They beat Barbaros and his giant robot when he chases them and is sucked into a black hole.

Zack Wiki uses the Wii Remote by itself to play the game The Wii Remote is pointed at the screen and a star icon is shown The player uses the star to move to a spot he or she picks to pick up stuff or to check things The level is seen zoomed out from Zack The player can do many things to look around the level including zooming out more or zooming in The main goal of almost every level is to reach a treasure chest at the end most containing a part of Barbaros The player also has to get as many points or HirameQ as he or she can to rank the player on how well he or she did This is done by solving puzzles quickly and making as few mistakes as possible.

When the player starts the game or ends a level he or she returns to the Sea Rabbits HQ There are eight things that can be done here The first thing is that the player can go to the map of the world and pick a level to go to After that the player can buy Platinum Tickets and Oracle Dolls have a rabbit go treasure hunting be taught how to do all the Wii Remote actions see his or her stats see all the treasure he or she has found hear rumors and check his or her progress on building Barbaros. Each item in the game has a special way to hold it For example when the player gets an umbrella he or she has to hold the Wii Remote like an umbrella There are dozens of different items and they are used on stuff around Zack and Wiki or as a tool to protect them An umbrella can protect Zack from rain while a key can be used to unlock a door These items can be found in every level and when they get picked up they are added to the players treasure list There is another group of items called Enemy Items which can only be gotten when Zack turns an enemy or creature into an item by shaking Wiki Some enemies can be changed while others can not The first enemies in the game the Centipede can be turned into an item called a Centisaw which can cut down trees Human looking creatures like Goons can be turned into totem poles also.

Most levels have enemies in them They are often able to kill or capture Zack and Wiki while others are harmless and can be turned into items Each world ends with a boss level where the player has to either battle a boss or survive it to beat the level Zack Wiki has many parts where the player can get a game over The game does not have a health bar and falling in a pit of spikes or getting crushed is instant death and it makes the player have to start the level over unless he or she has a Platinum Ticket.

Capcoms video of Zack Wiki at E3 in had a sound effect in it that sometimes plays when the player does something good The sound effect is the Islamic prayer Allahu Akbar and after The Council on American Islamic Relations complained Capcom removed the phrase. Zack Wiki received mostly positive reviews gaining a score of 87 on metacritic Praised for reviving the point and click genre IGN called it an unpredictably top quality undertaking whose winning marriage of sometimes genius environmental puzzles and beautiful graphics will suck you in.

A pendulum is a mass on an arm The arm is attached to a pivot which is a point to swing from The mass will naturally hang down because of gravity but if it is pushed to one side it will oscillate which means that it will swing from side to side The frequency of the swinging pendulum stays the same.

Where is read pi Note that the period of a pendulum doesnt depend on the mass of the object. The mechanical energy of a pendulum is constant and is the sum of the kinetic energy and gravitational potential energy. The regular motion of the pendulum can be used for time keeping and pendulums are used to regulate pendulum clocks.

Pendulum is also the name of a band who play music which is a cross between Drum n Bass and Rock music This comment has nothing to do with the actual pendulum object. Finnix was created in making it one of the oldest Linux distributions with the intent of being run completely from a bootable CD Finnix was based on Red Hat Linux 61 and was created to help with administration and recovery of other Linux workstations around Finnies office. On 23 October Finnix was released Earlier unreleased versions were Knoppix remasters with support for Linux LVM and dm crypt being the main reason for creation However was a departure from Knoppix and was derived directly from the Debian testing tree.

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Finnix is released as a small bootable CD ISO A user can download the ISO burn the image to CD and boot into a text mode Linux environment Finnix requires at least 32MiB RAM to run properly but can use more if present Most hardware devices are detected and dealt with automatically such as hard drives network cards and USB devices A user can modify files nearly anywhere on the running CD via UnionFS a filesystem that can stack a read write filesystem on top of a read only filesystem Any changes made during the Finnix session are transparently written to RAM and discarded upon shutdown In addition Finnix uses SquashFS to keep distribution size low.

Gibraltar Firewall is a Linux distribution based on Debian Gibraltar is used to secure local area networks as a firewall software The current version is 25 published on 09 Since version 24 Gibraltar is also available in combination with several hardware platforms On this appliances Gibraltar boots up from compact flash.

The mandible is a bone found in all jawed vertebrates The name comes from Latin mandibula. In bony fish the lower jaw is made of a number of bones but these were gradually reduced in evolution. In humans and other mammals the mandible is simply the jawbone or dentary which is the largest and strongest bone of the face. In mammals bones formerly in the lower jaw have become the ear ossicles. Homo heidelbergensis is an extinct species of the genus Homo It is perhaps the direct ancestor of Homo neanderthalensis in Europe Today some scientists beileve that the Neanderthal is not directly related to the modern man More likely they are related to hominins called Homo sapiens idaltu that migrated from Africa to Europe again The European forms of Homo heidelbergensis are therefore not thought to be direct ancestors of modern Homo sapiens Homo antecessor is likely a direct ancestor living years ago It might have evolved into Homo heidelbergensis It appeared in the fossil record living roughly to years ago in various areas of EuropeFactdateJuly Homo heidelbergensis remains were found in Mauer near Heidelberg Germany and then later in Arago France and Petralona Greece The best evidence found for these hominins date between and years ago.

H heidelbergensis stone tool technology was considerably close to that of the Acheulean tools used by Homo erectus The first fossil discovery of this species was made on October 21 and came from Mauer where the workman Daniel Hartmann spotted a jaw in a sandpit The jaw was in good condition except for the missing premolar teeth which were eventually found near the jaw The workman gave it to professor Otto Schoetensack from the University of Heidelberg who identified and named the fossil. Most current experts believe that Rhodesian Man found in Africa belongs to the group Homo heidelbergensis.

Both Homo antecessor and Homo heidelbergensis proably evolved from Homo ergaster from Africa Homo heidelbergensis had a much larger brain and more advanced tools It was therefore given its own species It was also very tall It was more muscular than the modern human. Cut marks on wild deer elephants rhinos and horses demonstrate that they were butchered Some of the animals weighed as much as kg or more During this era now extinct wild animals such as mammoths European lions and Irish elk lived on the European continent.

Recent findings in Atapuerca suggest that H heidelbergensis may have been the first species of the Homo genus to bury their dead This is however still discussed among scientists Some experts believe that H heidelbergensis like its descendant H neanderthalensis learened a primitive form of language No forms of art or sophisticated artifacts other than stone tools have been uncovered although red ochre a mineral that can be used to create a red pigment which is useful as a paint has been found at Terra Amata excavations in the south of France ImageHomo heidelbergensis Cranium 5jpgHomo heidelbergensis cranium ImageHeidelberger Mensch Replik RosensteinmuseumjpgCopy of the jawbone found in Austen was born in Birmingham on the 16 October but two days later his mother died His grandparents looked after him and his sister Beatrice Austen went to Rugby school a famous private school and then studied at the University of Cambridge He then studied in a political college in Paris and at a university in Berlin He returned to Britain in In Chamberlain became a Member of Parliament for Worcestershire as a member of his fathers party the Liberal Unionist Party The Liberal Unionists worked to keep Ireland as a part of the United Kingdom Chamberlain worked hard for his father and in the prime minister gave him a job helping to run the Royal Navy Chamberlain became important very quickly In the new prime minister Balfour gave him the job of controlling the Post Office Then in he became Chancellor of the Exchequer responsible for the economy.

In the government lost the general election and Chamberlain lost his job in the government When his father became ill because of a stroke he helped his father by fighting against Home Rule the plan to make Ireland independent In the First World War Chamberlain got the job responsible for India and after the war he became Chancellor of the Exchequer again Here he helped Britain to recover from the war He was leader of the Conservative Party from to In the Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin gave Chamberlain the job of Foreign Secretary working with important people from other countries In At this time France and Germany were arguing about war reparations money paid by the Germans to the countries that won the First World War Many people were worried that war might start again Chamberlain met with Gustav Stresemann the German Foreign secretary Together with Aristide Briand they signed the Locarno Pact an agreement never to use the military to solve problems again For this all three men won the Nobel Peace Prize Chamberlain in Briand and Stresemann in After the general election Chamberlain lost his job as Foreign Secretary He stayed in parliament and often argued with the government about their foreign policy From until his death in Chamberlain warned the government about the Nazi Germany who were building a larger military Together with Winston Churchill he argued that Britain should build its military too.

Silent barter is what is done when traders who cannot speak each other people language can trade without talking This was used in many parts of ancient Africa Silent bartering was mainly used during AD to AD. To do a silent barter one group of traders would go to a certain location leaving whatever they are offering to trade The other group of traders would then decide if they would like to accept the goods that were left If the goods met with approval the second group would then take the goods leave their own goods in return and leave because the person accepted the offer This system of trading was used mostly in Ancient Ghana.

Tamaulipas is a state in the northeast of Mexico About people live there Its capital is called Ciudad Victoria. Zacatecas is a state in central Mexico About people live there The capital is also called Zacatecas. A petal is the colored parts of a flower They often bring insects and birds to the flowers to help them pollinate They are made up of cellulose and other organic matter Another word for a petal is called as corolla.

A moisturiser is a liquid that is used for softening the skin. Vidalia onions are native to Toombs County Georgia They are unique from other onions in that they are sweeter in taste Southeast Georgias mild climate the areas sandy low sulfur soil exclusive seedvarieties and precise farming practices make this original sweet onion mild and flavorful.

A hardcover is a kind of book They have hard covers and binding instead of soft ones This means that they do not rip or tear as easily The covers are often made out of cardboard covered with cloth Hardcover books are also more expensive to make and more expensive to buy. Straw is a type of grass It is often used to feed animals It can also be used as fuel to make baskets and many other things.

A cheeseburger is a hamburger with cheese on it and sometimes lettuce The cheeseburger is found at fast food restaurants such as Burger King and McDonalds. The calorie is a pre SI unit of energy most common in heat. It is the amount of energy required to make one gram of water to increase in heat by one Kelvin. When on a food label the term Calorie refers to kilocalories or calories.

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Portland is the largest city in the US state of Maine The citys population was as of the Census. Intoxication is the state of being affected by one or more psychoactive drugs It can also refer to the effects caused by the ingestion of poison or by the overconsumption of normally harmless substances. Intoxication can cause a state of mind that remains once the person is no longer intoxicated that can be used as a legal defense.

The highest peak in the Gilgit District is Distaghil Sar convertm which is the 19th highest mountain in the world. Zo is Elmos best friend on Sesame Street She is orange with red hair She is 3 years old and is very energetic. A driveway mostly means a road that leads to a house. Olympia Snowe was elected to the US Senate in that made her the first woman in the United Statess history in both houses of the state legislature and both houses of the Congress and the second woman Senator in history to represent Maine She is the first Greek woman ever elected to Congress Senator Snowe is a member of the United States Republican Party.

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Ghanche District is the easternmost district of the Northern Areas Pakistan To its northeast is Xinjiang China to the north and northwest is Skardu District to its west is Astore District and to its south is Leh District in the Indian occupied territories of Jammu and Kashmir The line of control along the eastern most region of Ghanche District cuts through the Siachen Glacier and is not permanent because of the conflict. The capital of Ghanche District is Khaplu This is the coldest place within Pakistan also called the Third Pole with temperatures reaching below convert 20CF in the winter Khaplu and Hushe valleys form the gateway for the great Baltoro Muztagh the subrange of Karakoram that includes the mighty peaks of K2 Broad Peak Gasherbrums and Masherbrum.

Polyester is a type of man made material It is not a raw material It is also a great insulator.

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Polyester can be made into thread or yarn Polyester fabrics are often used to make clothes and home furnishings These include shirts pants jackets hats bed sheets blankets and upholstered furniture Polyester fiber is used as cushioning and insulating material in pillows comforters and upholstery padding It can be used in curtains to insulate windows and keep heat indoors Polyester is used to make insulating carpet.

Industrial polyester fibers yarns and ropes are used in tires fabrics for conveyor belts and safety belts. Polyester is a type of polymer that contain the ester functional group in the main chain There are many different polyesters The term polyester as a specific material most often refers to polyethylene terephthalate Polyesters include chemicals found in nature such as in the cutin of plant cuticles as well as synthetics through step growth polymerization such as polycarbonate and polybutyrate Natural polyesters and a few synthetic ones are biodegradable But most synthetic polyesters are not biodegradeable.

The most common polyesters are thermoplastics. Most polyesters are made with a polycondensation reaction See condensation reactions in polymer chemistry The general equation for the reaction of a diol with a diacid is. An alcohol and a carboxylic acid react to form a carboxylic ester To assemble a polymer the water formed by the reaction must be continually removed by azeotrope distillation. The word she is a third person singular pronoun used to talk about a female When the name of a woman has been the subject then she takes the place of that name in the text While she is the subject form the word her is the object or possessive form The word she is used for a woman where the word he would be used for a man or it for a neuter pronoun.

In the American Dialect Society chose she as the word of the past millennium The Society noted the word was not used before the year she was first seen in writings from the 12th century where the word heo had been used to mean either the feminine or mixed plural as with they. Law enforcement is another way of talking about the work of police officers Law enforcement can also be the work of soldiers in emergencies Police officers work to make sure people keep laws made by politicians and judges.

The evening is the period in which the daylight is decreasing between the late afternoon and night A period of time near sunset. Sesame Street is a childrens television series with human actors and puppets that are called Muppets The show deals with issues such as music song alphabet numbers and teaching children basics in learning Part of the profits go to an international project for childrens schools.

The show has been on TV since Jim Henson made the Muppets and a lot of writers and puppeteers worked together to make the show The Muppets were used afterwards in a different show called The Muppet Show Sesame Street has been on TV in countries all over the world More than episodes have been made over 40 seasons.

There are three new muppets for Sesame Street One is a girl fairy named Abby Cadabby Another is Murray and his lamb named Ovajita Not only Muppets play in the show but also human actors who live with the Muppets. Baltistan District is part of Baltistan and currently constitutes one of the six districts of Northern Areas of Pakistan It is bounded on the east by Ghanche District on the northeast by Xinjiang on the south by Baramullah District and Kargil District on the west by district Astore and on the north by Gilgit District.

This area is claimed by some in India as it used to be a part of the princely state of Jammu Kashmir Skardu town is the capital of Skardu District As of Skardu and Baltistan are part of Ladakh province of Jammu and Kashmir. Arthur Davidson is one of the four co founders of Harley Davidson Motorcycles He and his wife died in a car accident in Arther his two brothers Walter and William started the company in with William Harley Arther was mainly in charge of sales for the company.

When he was not working for the company Davidson like to raise Guernsey cattle at his farm west of Milwaukee Wisconsin He was well known for giving money and other things such as land to organizations such as the Boy Scouts.

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The Diamir District is a first order administrative division of the Pakistani controlled territory known as the Northern Areas and is the district in which the Karakoram Highway enters that territory from Pakistans Khyber Pakhtunkhwa The capital of the Diamir District is Chilas In the Diamir District was reduced in size as a result of the creation of the new Astore District from Diamirs easternmost tehsil.

Before the Karakoram Highway was opened in the only road reaching Gilgit town from the south was a rough track north from Balakot to Babusar Pass and farther north through Babusar Gah to Chilas The road up to Besal is now in better condition but from Besal to Babusar Pass the road is still a rough track.

A parade is a group of people who all walk together usually down a street or road People who walk in parades are often dressed in a costume and followed by marching bands floats or large balloons. They are often held on holidays or to honor someone Parades are held for many reasons but are usually for celebrations of some kind. A military parade is one of the most common parades It is when soldiers march in public Usually they are followed by tanks and other military vehicles Military parades are often held after a battle or war has been won In the United States military parades are usually held on Veterans Day and Independence Day.

One of the most famous parades is the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade in New York City Over 44 million people watch this parade on television each year. Pokmon Diamond and Pearl are two role playing games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS handheld Theyre the fourth main group of Pokmon games in the series In the game the number of Pokmon is brought up to The gameplay of Diamond and Pearl are much the same as previous Pokmon games The player starts the game with one Pokmon and catches more Pokmon using Pok Balls The player can also use hisher Pokmon to battle other Pokmon When the player spots a Pokmon or a trainer the battle screen appears During battle the player may fight use an item switch Pokmon or run away from battle All Pokmon have hit points If a Pokmons HP is down to zero it faints and cannot battle until the player revives it If the players Pokmon defeats the opponents Pokmon it gets experience points After building up enough experience points it will gain a new level Most Pokmon evolve into an new form with a new name when they reach a certain level.

The player gets sent on a mission by Professor Rowan to fill up the Pokdex The head of Team Galactic Cyrus tries to destroy the world using Dialga and Palkia to create a new world that he will rule In Pokmon Platinum Giratina stops him as he is about to do it and Cyrus then wants to capture it for its power instead. Bengal cats are a broken wikt linkhybridhybrid breed of house cat They were broken wikt linkbreedbred to be even tempered Most bengal cats are spotted and weigh 7 to 20 pounds.

The games are set in the fantasy world of Kanto and follow the adventure of the main character Red in his quest to learn Pokmon battling Both games have almost the same plot but the player must trade among the two in order to complete the games Pokdex The Kanto Saga of the Pokmon anime is based on the games plots. Pokmon Red and Blue are turn based role playing games. Pokmon Red and Blue got good reviews and their releases started the beginning of what would become a multi billion dollar company both selling millions of copies around the world.

Pokmon Gold and Silver are two role playing games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld They are the second games in the Pokmon series and increased the number of Pokmon to The Pokmon Ho oh and Lugia respectively are featured in the boxart A special version named Pokmon Crystal which had the Pokmon Suicune on the cover was released around a year later. The games added many new things such as breeding and a new bag system There were also new Pokmon added.

The games take place in a region named Johto The player is a 10 year old kid from a small town who is sent on a mission from Professor Elm After completing the mission the player gets to choose a starter Pokmon and start a journey During this journey the player fights an villainous team Team Rocket who is coming back after being defeated by the player of Pokmon Red and Blue. The waveform is the shape of a wave as it travels There are many different waveforms They are usually a shape which is repeated over and over A common waveform is the sine wave It is normally not possible to see a waveform without some device.

The amplitude of the sine wave keeps changing from V to V. Root mean square is important It lets us work out many useful things like power and heating in a wire. This table has information about working out the rms for some waveforms. Pokmon Ruby and Sapphire are two role playing games made by Game Freak and published by Nintendo for the Game Boy Advance handheld Theyre the third main games in the Pokmon series and increased the number of Pokmon to The games added many new things such as a new computer storing system There were also new Pokmon added The battle system was changed a lot and added double battles Pokmon Contests were a new feature where you.

Wii Sports is a sports game made by Nintendo for the Wii system It is bundled with the Wii and has tennis golf baseball bowling and boxing. Heaton Park is the largest municipal park in the Greater Manchester region and one of the largest in both the United Kingdom and Europe It contains many animal reserves and also has a few listed buildings. Bowser has taken over the Mushroom Kingdom again This time he and his seven children called the Koopa Kids have each have taken over one of the worlds So Princess Toadstool asks Mario and Luigi to help again.

This game goes back the original platform conventions of Super Mario Bros Like that game Mario jumps runs and hits enemies However he does not touch a flag and reach a castle At the end of the level he hits a spinning block which will yield a flower mushroom or star block When he gets three blocks he will be rewarded Three stars will result in five lives If he gets a mix he will get one extra life.