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IVF is also allowed for lesbian couples. In theory, the husband of the biological mother of a child is automatically recognized as the father of the child in straight couples.

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Before , homosexual couples had to register to adopt the child of their partner. In a law passed that recognized the official partner of the biological mother as the parent of the child. Changing your legal gender is possible in Belgium. People had to undergo surgery and their physical body had to match the new gender before their legal gender could be changed. Before a judge had to approve the change of gender, in consent with psychologists and doctors.

Since , changing gender has become easier and currently, a new law is being created to make it less difficult to change legal gender. If this new law passes, people will be able to change gender without undergoing surgery. Belgium has a few hospitals that specialize in gender reassignments and people travel from other countries to get surgery at the University Hospital of Ghent.

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The anti-discrimination law that passed in protects LGBT from discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation. In the law expanded to protect people based on their gender expression. Hate crimes can still happen and LGBT people can still get harassed. Belgium acts on that and in the Belgian court jailed four people for being guilty of homophobic murder. It was the first court trial where a crime, based on hate for sexual orientation, actually fell under this new law.

The country has a wide variety of gay establishments and it is considered one of the safest countries for LGBT in the world.


Belgium hosts an LGBT pride each year in its capital and it attracts masses of participants. Belgium has tons of opportunities for gay men, but lesbian women tend to have more trouble finding women-only parties. These are a few resources to find lesbian parties, lesbian festivals, and other lesbian opportunities. They have regular parties and events. Labyrinth is a lesbian organization that has regular parties in Leuven.

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SheShe Bar in Gent is a meeting place for women. They also have monthly lesbian parties. Girls Heart Brussels is a yearly weekend event in Brussels, featuring a different theme each year. They have a complete weekend package, with parties and other female-oriented activities.

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Cavaria is an LGBT organization that organized regular mixed parties. Once a year they have a big event called Sparkle , usually held in January or February in Gent. Unfortunately, hate crimes can occur at any place and any time! We cannot help everyone in Helpcenter. Patients from the target population have priority. If you do not belong to one of these groups, please see a GP. We realize that there may be several reasons for not wanting to involve your own physician or general practitioner.

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