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If you have interesting ideas or suggestions for our organisation or wish to collaborate with UM Pride on projects and events, please reach out to the chairs of the relevant committees or one of our other board members by using the email addresses below! Maastricht University has achieved the highest attainable sustainability qualification with its renovation of the former Tapijn barracks. The problem is that this is a largely invisible process to most members of the UM community — until now. This workshop helps you be more aware of what you already do, in other words: what is your default Miller, Neil, Out of the Past: Gay and Lesbian History from to the Present , New York: Vintage, Readable ie popular, not academic , and extensive over pages , account of modern lesbian and gay history in Europe and the Americas.

Based on much of the academic research of recent years. Rattray Taylor, G. New York; Harper and Row, A book club favorite. Later writers seem to have proved him pessimistic. Robinson, Victor, ed.

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Rowse, Alfred, L. Believes that homosexuals are more creative than straights.. Ruse, Michael, Homosexuality: A Philosophical Inquiry , Oxford: Basil Balckwell, Ruse' philosphical inquiry is not a history at all, but focuses a sharp intelligence on Freud, biology, sociobiology and natural law. Sole, Jacque, L'amour en Occident a l'epoque moderne , Paris: Albin Michel, Based on a too easy dichotomy between women-esteeming and women-denying societies.

Argues that the latter are the ones which denigrate homosexuality.

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In general it does not get beyond the approach of Rowse, and a great gays of history methodology. Since these both collect numerous important essays, and are useful for class assignment, the titles are presented togther here, for convenience. Virtually no history as such. Gayle S. Rubin: Notes for a radical theory of the politics of sexuality, 3 Eve Kosofsky Sedgewick: Epistemology of the closet, 45 Stuart Hall: Deviance, politics and the media, 65 Marilyn Frye: Some reflections on seperatism and power, 91 Barbara Smith: Homophobia: why bring it up?

Subjectivity, Discipline, Resistence IV. The Uses of the Erotic V. The Evidence of Experience VI. Between the Pages. In fact, its is too big for its paperback covers. Enlightenment Backgrounds B. The Homophile Movement: IV. Gay Liberation and Lesbian Feminism V. The Present Moment and the Future of Desire.

Comstock, Gary David, and Susan E. Henking, eds. Gross, Larry, and James D. Woods, eds. Jennings, Kevin, ed. Lancaster, Roger and Micaela di Leonardo, eds. McCormick, Ian, ed. Introduction Anatomies Crimes Representations Sapphism. Morton, Donald, ed. Uniquely for one of these books, Morton also lists important articles from which he was not granted reprint permission.

The working bibliography is excellent. The sections are:. Dynes, W. Dynes, Wayne R. Sources These texts come in multiple editions and translations, which are not indicated. If online, the link works. Achilles Tatius 2nd C. CE : Women unfavourably compared with boy lovers. Egypt, 2nd cent. G [At UKY]. Aeschines c. Aristophanes c. Homer c. Thucydides c. Full Text available at MIT. Sappho late 7th C. Theocritus c. Catullus: Selected Poems , selections, trans. John Porter, [At Univ. Juvenal early 2nd C. In Latin ].

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Virgil BCE : Aeneid 9. Barkan, L. Transuming Passion: Ganymede and the Erotics of Humanism Bing, P. Cohen edd. Blok J. Studies in Ancient Society , Amsterdam: Bremmer, J. Brendel, Otto J. New York. She attacks the idea that there was no general idea of "homosexuality" in these periods.

Cameron, Averil. Den Boer W. Man en vrouw in Griechenland en Rome , The Hague: ,. Eglinton, J. Eyben, E. Fitzgerald, John T. Atlanta: Scholars Press, Goldhill, S. Johns, Catherine.. Kleijwegt, Marc.

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Kloppenborg, John S. Wilson, eds. Krenkel, Werner. Krenkel, Werner.. Krenkel, Werner Nussbaum, Martha C. Richlin, Amy. Pornography and Representation in Greece and Rome. Felicia Pheasant, Oxford: Basil Blackwell, ; first pub. Schrijvers, P. Gruner, Siems, A. Skinner, M. Stevenson, Walter. Weil, K. Wilkinson, L. Bottero, J. Henshaw, Richard A. Jacobsen, Thorkild.

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Moussa, von Ahmed M. Das Grab des Nianchchnum und Chnumhotep. Mainz am Rhein: Philipp von Zabern, Saporetti, Claudio. Abolire le nascite: il problema nella Mesopotamia antica. Rome: Jouvence, Bain, D. Bethe, E. Brandt Paul [aka Hans Licht]. Distinguishes between enobling pederasty and vulgar homosexuality. Contains a lot of useful information. Carney, Elizabeth E. Siems ed. Cassio, A. Clarke, W. Cohen, David. Law, Sexuality, and Society: the enforcement of morals in classical Athens Cambridge Dalby, A.

Koch-Harnack, Gundel. Gross, Berlin : Gebr.

Mann, c Jennifer Nicolson, London: Studio, Delcourt, Maurice, Hermaphroditea: Recherche sur l'etre double promoteur de la fertilite dans la monde classique , Brussels: n. D: University of Pennsylvannia. Dover, Kenneth J. Elia, John P. Fisher, Saul H. Fornara, C. Gardner, Jane F. Gerber, Douglas. Golden, Mark.

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Gonfroys, F. Halperin, David M. Halperin, David. Hindley, Clifford and David Cohen. Huxley, G. Jocelyn, H. Katz, M. Revue d'anthropologie du monde grec ancien 4 ; reprinted in Trends in History 4 Keuls Eva C. Kilmer, Martin F. Archaic Athens and the Recent Past," in Owls Lambert M.

Szesnat, "Greek Homosexuality: Whither the Debate? Lardinois, M. Bremmer ed. Lavalle, B. Licht, Hans pseud. Loraux Nicole, The Children of Athena.