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Custom Mouse Examinations are generally made at the station nearest the frontier.

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Passengers must always be present at the Custom House Examinations, and hand their keys to the examining officer. Baggage registered for Brussels, or any place not beyond Verviers, when unclaimed by owner, will be found at Brussels. On the Harwich - Antwerp Route luggage is examined on the boat on arrival at Antwerp, unless registered through to stations beyond Belgium, in which case it is examined at the German frontier Herbesthal or Bettingen. Homeward Journey. Luggage registered to Holborn via Calais is examined at destination. Luggage registered to London via Ostend will be examined at Dover, or at Charing Cross, Victoria, or Holborn, according to which service passengers travel by.

Enquiry should be made on landing at Dover.

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Luggage registered to Holborn Viaduct, St. Registered baggage passing through Belgium for either France or England is not examined at all by the Belgium Customs. Passports are not at present really required by British travellers on the Continent except for visiting Russia and Turkey, and, under certain circumstances, Spain and Portugal , but at the same time they are frequently useful, in order to obtain admission to certain museums, to obtain letters from the Poste Pest ante, and to establish identity wherever required.

Passports may be obtained, if desired, through Thos. It is desirable for travellers in Belgium, however, to possess Passports. For residence or a prolonged stay in the country this also applies to children sent to school there registration at the Police Office of the district is required, and for this purpose a Passport is accepted as evidence of identity. Of course, a knowledge of French will prove of great advantage, and those who explore remote regions will find it indispensable ; but no one need hesitate to visit Belgium on the score of not knowing anything save English.

An hour or two spent in learning French numerals, and a few phrases, will enable them to combat cab-drivers and others who might be disposed to overcharge.

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A short vocabulary of English and French phrases will be found on pp. Cook and Son, will be found a convenient form in which to carry funds. They are cashed at all their own offices, and by their Banking Correspondents all over Europe. Any such Notes not used are redeemable without loss. Travellers will find it convenient to provide themselves with a certain amount of Foreign Money before leaving England. Banking Department of Thos. Railway Time. European time i.

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These time-tables are now arranged on the plan adopted some years ago in Italy, numbering the hours up to twenty-four from midnight to midnight — thus 1 p. Letters to England, 25 c. From Oct. Inland rate for letters 10c. Letters are not delivered on Sundays unless the small slip to that effect on the postage stamps is detached. A number of these coins have a round hole in the centre, and are thus easily distinguishable from the silver half -franc, franc, and 2-franc pieces, which are about the same size respectively.

Minimum charge for inland telegrams 50 c. To England the tariff is 17 c. Brussels and certain other towns in Belgium are in telephonic communication with London and certain pro- vincial towns. Fees are usually given to servants by old travellers, and this practice, when reasonably indulged in, is found to greatly conduce to the general comforts of travelling.

Porters carrying luggage will generally make extortionate demands. Hotel Portier should be asked to pay what is fair. At churches and galleries half-a-franc is quite enough for a couple of persons, as a rule, although this may sometimes be increased to a franc. Make a rule of never going out without a supply of small coins, but never use them lavishly. Hotels abound, and, as a rule, are good. In these pages reference is only made to hotels where these Coupons are accepted.

Other exersises:

Series C, or Full Board Series, provides for. Series R also provides for full board, but at Hotels of the Second Class. These Coupons are issued at 9 frs. These are the ordinary features of Continental Hotel life, all else being regarded as extras, and as such they are left to be paid for by cash. Special Coupons are issued for high-class hotels in Paris, Vienna, Rome, and other cities, at rates which may be obtained on application at any of the offices of Thos.

The tickets are accepted at their face value in payment of accommodation at any of the boarding-houses or pensions named in the tariff-book supplied with them. Suffice it to say, that if there are advantages in knowing of cheap, comfortable, and well-recommended hotels wherein to rest, there are a hundredfold more in having all the difficulties of travel made smooth. The most inexperienced may avail themselves of them without fear of being able to get on, and the most experienced take them as the simplest, easiest, and cheapest means of travelling. Jewellery, if not placed, in the registered baggage , can also be covered by this insurance, such insurance to be additional to the personal effects.

Baggage or effects of any description dispatched by Grande or Petite Vitesse to all parts of the Continent at the lowest possible rates. Churches should be visited in the morning, as they are then usually open free, and can be viewed with greater pleasure on account of the light. Moreover, it is a great saving in expense, as later in the day a fee is generally demanded or expected by the sacristan who opens them for visitors.

It will not be taken unkindly by the tourist to be reminded that many attractions in Continental churches some- times cause him to forget that they are places of worship ; and if for his own convenience and pleasure he visits them at times when they are frequented by worshippers, he should be careful to abandon the use of opera-glasses, guide books, and other accessories, if they are likely to prove a hindrance to the devotions of others.

Changes are often made, too, both as regards the place and the time, according to the season of the year, but no difficulty will be found in obtaining accurate information. Company, and are landed at Flushing in from eight to nine hours at the railway station close to the quay, and proceed in express trains to Belgium, changing carriages at Roosendaal for Antwerp, etc.

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Prom the principal station trains run to Brussels, etc. The train in connection reaches Brussels at midnight.

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In addition to the above railway and steamer facilities, the journey to Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, and Ostend may be made direct from England by the following steamship lines : — Glasgow to Antwerp ; Cork S. Every Friday, returning every Saturday. Every Saturday, returning Wednesdays. Every Wednesday and Saturday, returning Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Grimsby to Antwerp; Great Central Railway. Average passage, 20 hours. Hull to Antwerp ; Wilson Line. Every Wednesday and Saturday, returning Tuesdays and Saturdays. Hull to Ghent; Wilson Line. Every Wednesday, return- ing Saturdays. Zeebrugge Mondays and Thursdays evening. Leith to Antwerp ; Geo. Leith to Ghent ; Geo. Every Saturday, returning Saturdays. Liverpool to Antwerp ; Cork S.

Every Thursday, returning every Wednesday. Liverpool to Ghent; Cork S. Every Wednesday, returning Wednesdays. Average passage, about 9 hours. Manchester to Antwerp ; Cork S. Every Saturday, returning every Saturday. Manchester to Ghent ; Cork S. Every Wednesday, returning usually Wednesdays. Newcastle to Antwerp ; Tyne-Tees S. Every Saturday, returning every Wednesday.

Average passage, 28 hours. Newcastle to Ghent; Tyne-Tees S. Out every Tuesday. Southampton to Antwerp ; Cork S. Every Tuesday returning Thursdays. Area, Population. Belgium is a small kingdom of central Europe, at one time inhabited by the Belgse a German tribe and forming part of the Gallia Belgica of the Romans. It is bounded on the north and east by Holland or the Netherlands, on the south and west by France. Its sea- board is about 42 miles long North Sea. There are nine provinces, viz.