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Wellness has become more of a luxury good for the privileged than an accessible way of living for the majority. The rise in designer athleisure, expensive workout studios, superfood bars, and wellness tourism has made fitness a status symbol — something the wealthy buy instead of something anyone can achieve.

Two thousand eighteen will be the year this changes. Wellness will finally go mainstream and permeate everything from building design to business initiatives.

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A sense of wellness is something consumers will now expect from all brand experiences — asking how does this fit within my overall desired well-being? As marketers, we will need to think about how our products and brand systems contribute to a greater demand for balance of mind and body. Because as traditional health care continues to remain uncertain, the future of wellness will be made widely available with everything being seen as a way to take control of our health.

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Two thousand sixteen was the year of VR. Last year was the year of voice. Ask the voice interface to run the analysis, then have the voice interface walk you through your options as a graphical user interface visualizes what you can do.

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  7. The voice and GUI interfaces work together, giving the user the best of both worlds. Jacque Jordan, Director, Research. Finally, it seems, the voices of women are being heard. Rather than checking out after the last presidential election, women have become more energized and determined — leading the charge in many communities, boardrooms, and political and gender battles. Women are bringing others together, encouraging empathy, inclusion, diversity of thoughts, words, and actions. This year will be about and led by women, and the people who design for users first would be well advised to consider women in the decisions they make.

    Open APIs and shared data will fuel the creation of new consumer brands, such as the digital-payments network Zelle.

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    Backed by leading banks and credit unions, Zelle connects backend operations to give users a single, digital-first interface designed around their individual needs. Or consider the retail technology network OneMarket previously Westfield retail solutions , which is uniting retailers through the power of data, technology, and collaboration, with the ambition of reshaping the way the world shops.

    The ability of organizations to move quickly, co-create effectively, and act decisively will go a long way toward determining their future relevance in an increasingly unpredictable marketplace. Brad Wellen, Group Director, Social.

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    Short-lived content is currently the norm for fans of Instagram and Snapchat stories but will become even more ubiquitous in Social messaging that is accessible for 24 hours or less taps into the FOMO effect and inspires audiences to act fast before premium content disappears forever. Brands can lean into this trend by designing posts intended to serve as teasers to preview upcoming projects or product releases, providing exclusive looks behind the scenes or offering exploding offers or promotions.

    The publishers who master ephemeral content will reach and engage their target audiences in the shortest possible time.

    The agency brief is as old as the industry itself. Once typed onto a physical piece of paper, it was a formal contract of sorts, drawn up to ensure clarity and agreement around deliverables.

    Belgian Pride Brussels 12222: a practical guide

    That was helpful back when CMOs knew exactly what they wanted. But as they witness entire industries being disrupted, CMOs find themselves outside of their comfort zones. It involves killing the traditional brief as we know it. The focus during the Belgian Pride will be on intersectionality, a theme that draws attention to people suffering from different forms of simultaneous discrimination. From the traditional Pride Parade that runs through the city centre, to the Pride Village on Mont des Arts - a place for information and entertainment - to the Rainbow Village in the Saint-Jacques neighbourhood This festive weekend is all about good vibes and open-mindedness!

    The Rainbow Village , the most gay-friendly place in the city, can be found this year in the Saint-Jacques quarter. Here you will find many cosy and hospitable bars, and besides that: you're very near to the Grand Place. The celebrations wil commence there on Friday 17 May, with live dj-sets and many other colourful performances.

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    On Saturday 18 May, from 12 noon, you can visit the Pride Village. There are no less than 40 associations, information stands, lots of entertainment and tastings, a stage for artists and DJ sets. Another feature is the Women Square, where exclusively female DJs put on a great show. The Pride Parade starts on Saturday 18 May at 2. From there, a colourful collection of people and colours will spread out along the streets of Brussels.

    Be sure to take part in this festive message of love and tolerance! When Pride is in full swing, the party never stops. Create an account Forgot your password. We built visit. This makes visit. You are not a member yet but would like to find out more about one of these groups? Or you would like to set up a new Support Group? Then please contact the Groups Coordinator at groups bctbelgium.

    Predictions for the Year Ahead

    If you have tried, are trying, or are planning to try IVF or other assisted reproductive treatments, this informal group meets regularly to support each other. We are parents of babies who started there lives in the neonatal department and we want to start a BCT group for other parents who had to go home after the birth, without their baby.

    Whether your baby was there for one day, one month or longer, had surgeries, spent time under the blue light or was there to grow, we want to provide a place to meet as often as we can to talk to each other with understanding and to support each other in the ongoing plight NOT to make comparisons with babies who had a healthy start! A social support group for English-speaking gay and lesbian parents, and prospective parents, living in Belgium.