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Some used till Chinese exploration area Example Zheng He s with the so-called treasure ships, e. Minsk, Kiev ex-Russian. Umbenannt zu Warjag. Liaoning by Trumpeter. Type Shandong CV ;, ein weiterer im Bau. Anfangs Typ A genannt Ca. Kit candidate: by Trumpeter announced for CV17 Shandong.

Hersteller on globaltoy. Lay-Osborn flottilla. China Screw-sloop Rosario class ts, s. Wei Yuen class Composite sloops by Foochow Arsenal.

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Wei Yuen ; Training ship sunk, repaired , Chao Wu , Kang Chi ;startet as sloop, finished as passenger ship, then training ship. Chien Wei class built on base of Fei Ying, finished , other source say based on French d'Iberville-class torpedo boats. Sunk as block ships Chien Wei Takou Lieutnant Burakov Taku by Kombrig. Build Decom from 1 , some in service.

The latter two also featured improved radar. Sovremenny class ; Hangzhou ex. Waschny , Fuzhou ex. Wdumtschiwy , Taizhou , Ningbo Sovremenny by Zvezda. Intermediate step to C. Luzhou class C Shenyang , Shijiazhuang Type Renhai t class named destroyer US-rated as cruiser.

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NATO:Renhai, 1st launched Lei class Schichau 26m, 26t, Nr. Hu Peng class Nr. Chen Wei class ts improved Foo Hsing class. Yungpao, Haiching, Chenhang und Taya.

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Kow Ching S. Tsao-kiang China gunboat and governor yacht Tsao-kiang Tsao Chang. War prize to Japan as Patrol boat Soko. Development of Chen Sheng which? All as Minelayer. Hsien Ning Hsien Ning by Oceanmoon. Yung Sui Yung Sui by Oceanmoon. Ming Chuen Hsien Ning Base type Flower Class.

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Deleted ! Uji by Aoshima. Castle class corvette unknown Kuang Chou? Ruijin class ex US Freighter class of , bought by China early 50s, converted as coastal gunboats. Discarded 60s. Other src says Number reused see destroyers. Export version P Toba class ex jap.

Toba; Yung Chi Seta class ex jap. Macau class Portug. Sokuten class Minenleger Sokuten class Aux Mine Sweeper No. PLA S-Boot Yue 22 dt. C1 S-Boot Kuai 3 Houbei class Type 22 FAC Asian Wooden Sailing Vessels I. Zwartezee Svir , Tsukumo Kan Lu Survey ship. Klasse U-Boot Klasse Pasman was never fully commissioned by German or Croatian navies. Ca 12 boats ,? Ham class Minesweeper? Ex jugosl. Iz, ex am. Foxtrot class Pj Foxtrot class Pj Somedono Maru Class Legie Peder Skram class On base of Herluf Trolle class.

Some assign it as same class. Geschichte und Modellbilder siehe Niels Juel auf Modellmarine. Havornen class teils auch als Teil der Hajen class bezeichnet. She was returned in May, and used as minesweeper depot ship till To this moment ship laid some months in a reserve crewless. II He 8. She was retroceded in May, , commissioned again, served till as patrol and since as logistic vessel. She was retroceded in May, and commissioned again. The unfinished hulls were laid up at Holmen in Copenhagen after August 29, , and were not finished by the Germans.

HMS P. Tumleren Type ex norweg. Some captured by Germany. FM class ehemals dt.

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F "Tobago", ex "Hong Kong", ex "Holmes", ex am. F "Papua", ex "Howett", ex am. Petya class Project 4 ships acquired between and , 1 sunk in combat in , 1 still in service Petya class Frigate by Shapeways.

Koni class P 2 frigates Delfin Pr. Gearing class 2 geplant, gingen dann aber an Pakistan Base type Gearing class. Descubierta class corvette Spanish project. Konvoir class Laine ;; Former SU escort of submarines. Since on Black Sea as dispatch vessel Rioni, since as survey vessel Moskovskiy Universitet. Stricken Wambola was commissioned by Estonian Navy in December Valerian Kuibyshev ex Kapitan Kern by Kombrig.

Dokkum class Dokkum. Wrack Segelschiff.

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Kogge XIV Jhdt. Karracke Wrack. Lugger Aura II aux corvette ex Yacht. Sunk by own depth charges in battle with SU ShCh Tuuli class Hovercraft attack boat. Was planned as a class of 4. Pohjanmaa class 4 planned, corvette project squadron Pohjanmaa by Ship Write Shapeways. Teplokhod class ex russ small Minelayers, captured Riilahti class multi-purpose ships. BVA Palash class ex Russian river armoured motor gunboats "dispatch vessels" , captured by Finnish in and used later as minesweepers Palash, Pistolet, Pulya, Stashka.

Ahven class Ahven Pukkio class Minesweeper in tug hull. Viipuri class build on russ order, taken by Finnland, to SU. Ajonpaa class Built in Denmark.

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Narvi class converted river tugs. Ab Museumsschiff in Turku. Pohjanlahti ex dt. Jhdt Lugger Jhdt by Mikrostocznia. Bayard Bayard by Doggy Industries. Souverain screw ship of the line L'Orient by Warlord games.