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Certain people in society only do so when gay people wear their lifestyle choice on their sleeve and start behaving like that entitles them to special treatment.

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There are laws that enable gay people who are subjected to abusive treatment from people who are hostile to them to report it to the police. Gay people are allowed to get married. And so I find myself thinking what more do gay people want? To demand more is unreasonable in my opinion. There is no need to be proud about being gay.

And there is no need to force the wider public to know about the lifestyle gay people choose. They should just keep their lifestyle choice to themselves and just get on with their lives and try to stop complaining and demanding more rights. Being gay should not be viewed as a sort of free pass to things which society on whole is denied. We only have one life and it is up to us to make the best of it in the best way we can. If one chooses to being gay Fine.

That is your choice. Gay or straight we are always human first and everything else is secondary. If I like to eat mince pies is it necessary for me to tell everyone or force everyone to accept my preference? Of course not. Click here to cancel reply. Piot was president of the International AIDS Society —94 and a board member for various global health initiatives. Piot was an elected fellow of multiple academies, including the Royal College of Physicians and the U. AIDS Between Science and Politics , an updated English translation of Le Sida dans le monde: entre science et politique , which explores the interplay of science , politics, and economics in the AIDS pandemic, was released in Peter Piot Article Additional Info.

Article Contents. Print print Print. Table Of Contents. Facebook Twitter. Give Feedback External Websites. Let us know if you have suggestions to improve this article requires login. External Websites. United Nations - Biography of Dr. She joined Britannica in and See Article History. Youth and early education Piot was raised in the small farming village of Keerbergen, Belgium.

Research on Ebola After completing his medical studies, Piot worked as a research assistant at the Institute of Tropical Medicine in Antwerp , where in he was part of the Belgian team that was among the first to isolate Ebola virus. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription.

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Walking into the main studio pictured in this 15th-century house is like stepping into a Renaissance painting: lit by a row of windows, its walls and archways are covered in decorative frescos and hung with paintings, musical instruments and even a suit of armour. At its heart is a laid-back mix of parks and attractive streets liberally sprinkled with medieval buildings.

One of these is the very castle whose walls were used in the 16th century by Nicolaus Copernicus to make the calculations that resulted in the switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. On our visit at Easter we followed the path from a layby on the A82 up across the valley floor, edged along a narrow gorge, clambered over boulders; and after about an hour were above the Lost valley — a hidden spot where the Macdonald clan used to hide their cattl, where wild campers now pitch tents. Plus in a week when we had almost every type of weather, we were lucky to walk under spring sunshine.

My base was the newly opened Max Brown hotel , a converted mansion with rooms in Neubau, the hip 7th district. The hotel has a cocktail bar, cinema and pool tables and rooms all have Crosley record players, a basketball net and ball , bright colour schemes, chic mid-century furniture, potted plants and bathrooms with Desea Spa products. The most fun I had all year was taking a dog for a walk. Maybe I need to get out more? Before the snows come and the sleigh rides begin, visitors can help exercise the dogs on foot.

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Our guide selected a pack of eight out of hundreds of baying hounds, humans and dogs were paired up and put into harness, and we all hurtled off at high speed. After the barking and screaming subsided, my dog, Kuiska Whisper and I settled into a steady jog through trees. It was ruska , the two-week period in Lapland when the autumn colours are most vivid.

The peace was broken only when the huskies scented water and dashed en masse into a ditch, dragging us handlers face-first behind them. There are over 2, nature reserves in Britain, some managed by government bodies, some by Wildlife Trusts and some privately. There are more than 30 run by Butterfly Conservation. They may not have prides of lions, but they can be just as dramatic.

Take Gilfach in mid-Wales, where the salmon spend November chucking themselves headlong up waterfalls right past the viewing platform that only occasionally hosts a visitor.

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Or Skipwith near York, where grass snakes snooze on the warm bricks of first world war bunkers, with not a single minivan of camera-toting tourists in sight. These places are disgracefully under-resourced by government, often reliant on volunteers, and there will be a gem near you. Give it some love. The Hamburg to Copenhagen train will now be rerouted via Odense. It is the latest in a long list of lost boat trains from the golden age of rail, including the overnight London-Paris ferry.

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In May, my partner and I took the train from Naples to the toe of Italy, where the train is loaded on to the ferry to cross the Straits of Messina the boat has tracks and the train is driven right on. Once on the ferry, we watched from the deck as Sicily neared.

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Next time, I might extend it by starting in Rome, Milan or even London, and go all the way to Palermo. It still feels open to artistic expression and lo-fi creativity, amid all the European capital oomph. A bastide is a fortified town, and this one sits high above the fertile plains of the Gers river in rural south-west France.

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  6. Its houses and shops are built of limestone and radiate a warm honey glow in summer, their shutters painted a distinctive pastel shade known as Lectoure blue , made using local woad. Sitting on a terrace overlooking the Gers countryside is the most beautiful outdoor swimming pool.