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Zedelgem is a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders. Zele is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders.

Zelzate is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Zemst is a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. Zingem is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Zoersel is a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp. Zomergem is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Zonhoven is a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg. Zonnebeke is a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders.

Zottegem is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Zoutleeuw is a municipality in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant. Zuienkerke is a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders. Zulte is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders. Zutendaal is a municipality in the Belgian province of Limburg. Zwalm is a municipality in the Belgian province of East Flanders.

Zwevegem is a municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders. Zwijndrecht is a municipality in the Belgian province of Antwerp. Sai Baba of Shirdi was a spiritual master who lived in India His followers believed that he was a saint or satguru He lived the longest part of his life in a village in India called Shirdi. Although Sai Baba died almost years ago still today large numbers of people follow him or have great respect for him He is very well respected in India both by Hindus and Muslims There are many temples built all over India to honor Sai Baba of Shirdi.

Sai Baba can be realized only through faithhe will be with you alwayswhen you need someone hand to hold think of Sai Baba sayings Why fear when im here. A Mast Allah is a kind of spiritual person in the part of the Muslim religion called Sufism Masts sometimes seem strange or crazy to people who dont know about them but Sufis of Iran Pakistan and India believe they are not really crazy but are saints.

The Indian teacher Meher Baba asked a doctor named William Donkin to write a book about masts called The Wayfarers Wayfarer means wanderer and the books title implied that masts are on a spiritual journey Meher Baba wrote the introduction of the book In his introduction Meher Baba explained that masts are traveling along an internal path and are lost because they are so dazzled by the sights they see They are so amazed and dazzled by these sights they see that they forget how to act normally So Meher Baba says they are like people who are drunk only the masts are not drunk on alcohol but on God and are very close to God.

Our username policy says how you should choose your username Put simply you should not have a username that people find offensive advertises a real world group or company or is confusing. If you have already made changes and wish to keep your changes under a new name you may ask for us to rename your account If you want to please follow these directions.

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Please note that the software Wikipedia uses may automatically block you from creating a new account this is a mistake and shouldnt have happened If this has happened attract attention using the unblock template like above and an admin will fix it for you. If you have already made changes and wish to keep your changes under a new name you may ask for us to rename your account If you want to please go here and ask for a new name It will be changed by someone once they recieve the request.

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You may soon be or already be blocked from editing Wikipedia due to your username. Otherwise you can simply log out and create a new account. If you think you shouldnt have been blocked add unblockreason. Salarzais along with the Kakazai and Wur are one of the four clans of Tarkanis There are around members in the Babukarrah and Charmung valleys in Bajaur and members in Bara Banda of Nowshera District in Pakistan. The Khans of Pashat and Khar have some control over the tribe. The Utman Khel or Utmankhel are a Pashtun tribe who live in the hills to the north of Peshawar in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan Their land lies between the Mohmands and the Ranizais of Swat to the west and south west of the junction of the Swat and Panjkora rivers They claim to be descendants of Baba Utman Shamraiz who accompanied Mahmud of Ghazni in his expedition into India in The Utman Khel are a tall stout and fair race but their dress and general customs have been assimilated by the neighbouring peoples of Bajour Their land is very hilly and difficult but has well cultivated in terraces.

The British conducted military campaigns against them in and They numbered some and their fighting strength was about men. In the s Bara achieved some mention in worldwide media with the founding of Lashkar e Islam founded in the area by Mufti Munir Shakir and later passed to Mangal Bagh a local driver. Jamrud lying in proximity to the Khyber pass has remained a location on the trade route between central Asia and the South Asia and a strategic military location.

Jamrud is at an altitude of ft above sea level and is miles west from the city of Peshawar Jamrud Fort is at NE. Some of main areas of Upper Orakzai include. Mir Ali is a town in Pakistan In October a battle killed near the town. Razmak is one of the three sub divisions of North Waziristan Agency the other two being Miranshah and Mirali Inhabitants are Uthmanzai Wazirs Razmak is further sub divided in three Tehsils Tehsil being the lowest administrative unit in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan The three tehsils of Razmak are Razmak Datta Khel and Garhyom Datta Khel and Garyom are low lying areas with a permanent population and a hot and dry climate Tehsil Razmak is hilly and colder It is pleasant in summers but snow clad in the winters.

Sofiensaal is the name of a former public bath and concert venue in Vienna It was built as a public bath in the years by Eduard van der Nll and August Sicard von Sicardsburg It was used as a bath in winter During the summer the swimming pool was covered with wooden planks The venue could then be used for concerts and as a dance venue In March Karl May gave his last public speech there He had an audience of about people In September the first films that had sound were shown in the building This was later stopped however as there were problems with making sure the sound was at the right time in the film.

In the s it was used as a clubbing venue. It burned down completely in a fire in Today 3 walls of the bigger room are left as well as some remains of the outer walls and faade The latest plans are to rebuild it as a hotel. Ordinary language philosophy is a way of doing philosophy that uses ordinary everyday words It came out of analytic philosophy the most common way of doing philosophy in English speaking countries in the 20th century.

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Analytic philosophers like Bertrand Russell thought that ordinary language was confused and tried to use the ideal or most accurate words to describe ideas Ordinary language philosophers thought that analytic philosophers had a problem with forgetting what words really mean They thought that using ordinary words would make their ideas clearer and their mistakes easier to spot. Ordinary language philosophy came out of followers of the later work of Ludwig Wittgenstein at the University of Oxford and was most popular between and Attock Tehsil is one of the six tehsils of Attock District in the Punjab province of Pakistan It is between and N and and E with an area of square miles The Indus bounds it on the northwest dividing it from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa while the Haro flows through from east to west The northwest corner is occupied by the fertile Chach plain South of this is a dry sandy plain beyond which rises the Kala Chitta range The eastern half consists of the tract known as the Nala which includes along with a number of low hills and much broken country a considerable area of fairly good level land portions of which are irrigated from wells and by cuts from the Haro and other smaller streams.

The tehsil is administratively subdivided into 12 Union Councils these are. Village of Thatta has been one of the most important villages of the District It is believed to have been founded by Sher Shah Suri while some believe that it was founded much earlier in the time of Alexanders invasion The Khattar family of this village has played a very important role in the progress of the country and the region. Prominent personalities of this village include.

Current important personalities include. Jhal Jhao is a small town in the southern part of Balochistan Pakistan in Awaran District It lies at N E and is m above sea level The towns population is about The town is made up mainly of mud houses and small canals that give water It is surrounded by tall dry mountains and deserts The only way get in and out of Jhal Jhao is by the Bela Awaran Road. The town does not have a lot of money as there is no industry nearby It is also impossible to grow anything near Jhal Jhao as it is too dry and hot It only rains 2 3 times a year never more than 20 mm Most of the money earned comes from shoe making.

In US aid developed a small road which would join Jhal Jhao with the Bela Awaran Road Before that the only way to enter Jhal Jhao was by helicopter or animals such as horses and donkeys At the moment there are no construction projects happening in Jhal Jhao. Korak is town and Union Council of Awaran District in the Balochistan province of Pakistan It is located at N E and has an altitude of metres During the floods of Korak was affected households were impacted.

Fortabbas is a historic city of Bahawalnagar District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan This city is on the border and the language is Punjabi Fort Abbas is a largest tehsil by land area It is one of the five tehsils of Bahawal Nagar district It is connected with other parts of the country through road and railway track One side is connected with the PakistanIndia border Internet telephone and mobile are available. Fort Abbas has forest desert and agricultural land Major crops are wheat cotton and sugar cane.

Historically its part of Abbasi state Bahawal Pur Once River Ghagra passed through and the city was on the bank of the river Now nothing is there even the city fort is demolished. Bahawalpur Tehsil is a city of located in Bahawalpur District Punjab Pakistan Seraiki is the local language of the area Urdu and English are also spoken by the people Bahawalpur is located south of the Sutlej River and it lies in the Cholistan region It is situated 90 km from Multan km from Lahore and about km from the national capital Islamabad It was the capital of the former princely state of Bahawalpur.

Hasilpur is a city of Bahawalpur District in east central Punjab Pakistan The city is located between the Satluj River and the Indian border It is convert96kmmi east of the district capital Bahawalpur. Christopher Smart was a famous poet He worked for his father in law John Newbery He was locked away in a mental asylum for many years In there he wrote famous poems They are A Song to David and Jubilate Agno Jubilate Agno was not published until Sometimes he was called Kit or Kitty by his friends He was friends with Samuel Johnson and Henry Fielding He went to college at the University of Cambridge After college he wrote for newspapers and acted.

Bhakkar Tehsil is an administrative subdivision of Bhakkar District in the Punjab province of Pakistan The town of Bhakkar is the headquarters of the tehsil. The tehsil of Bhakkar is subdivided into 17 Union Councils. During British rule Bhakkar was a tehsil of Mianwali District The population according to the census was compared with in The census revealed that the tehsil contained the town of Bhakkar and villages The land revenue and cesses amounted in 4 to 17 lakhs.

In the tehsil of Bhakkar was split from Mianwali and became the current district of Bhakkar this district has been subdivided into four tehsils one of which is the current tehsil of Bhakkar.

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  • Bhaderwah is a town and a notified area committee in Doda District in the Indian occupied state of Maqbuza Kashmir Kashmir region Bhaderwah valley is predominantly a mountainous town situated 80 km from Batote. Andrew Andy Roddick is a American professional tennis player He was once ranked best in the world He is known for his powerful serves and holds the world record for fastest serve at mph Andy became pro in He was born in Omaha Nebraska His height is convert6ft2in and he weighs around lbs.

    Kishtwar is a town and a notified area committee in Doda District in Maqbuza Kashmir the Kashmir region. Ramban is a newly created district in Maqbuza Kashmir.

    La Clemenza di Tito is a libretto written by Pietro Metastasio in It has been used by nearly 40 different composers FactdateMarch The most famous version is by Mozart. Vitellia is the daughter of Vitellius who has lost his position of emperor Vitellius wants revenge against Titus Vitellia asks Tituss friend Sextus who is in love with her to act against him But when she hears that Titus has sent Berenice of Cilicia of whom she was jealous back to Jerusalem Vitellia tells Sextus to wait a while before doing what she had asked hoping Titus will choose her as his empress.


    Titus however decides to choose Sextuss sister Servilia to be his empress and tells Annius to take the message to Servilia Annius and Servilia are in love although Titus does not know this so neither of them like this news Servilia decides to tell Titus the truth but also says that if Titus still insists on marrying her she will obey Titus thanks the gods for Servilias truthfulness and immediately promises to give up the idea of coming between her and Annius.

    In the meantime however Vitellia has heard the news about Tituss interest in Servilia and is again very jealous She urges Sextus to kill Titus He agrees singing one of the operas most famous arias Parto parto Almost as soon as he leaves Annius and the guard Publius arrive to take Vitellia to Titus who has now chosen her as his empress She is torn with feelings of guilt and worry over what she has sent Sextus to do. Sextus meanwhile is at the Capitol which he and his friends are going to burn down Sextus cannot think what is the right thing to do The other characters enter and are horrified to see the burning Capitol Sextus comes in again and says that he saw Titus being killed but Vitellia stops him giving away the fact that he was the killer The others lament Titus in a slow sad end to Act I.

    Begins with Annius telling Sextus that Emperor Titus is in fact alive and has just been seen In the smoke and chaos Sextus thought he has seen Titus but it was someone else Soon Publius arrives to arrest Sextus bringing the news that it was one of Sextus friends who dressed himself in Tituss robes and was stabbed by Sextus but he did not die The Senate take a court case against Sextus as Titus waits impatiently sure that his friend will be found not guilty but the Senate finds him guilty and a terribly sad Titus must sign Sextus death papers.

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    He decides to send for Sextus first trying to get further details about the plot Sextus takes all the guilt on himself and says he deserves death so Titus tells him he shall have death and sends him away But after a lot of painful thinking Titus tears up the execution papers for Sextus and decides that if the world wants to accuse him of anything then people can say that he allowed too much mercy insteady of saying that he always wanted revenge. Vitellia feels terrible about what has happened and decides to tell all the truth to Titus giving up her hopes of empire In the amphitheater the condemned are waiting to be thrown to the wild animals Titus is about to show mercy when Vitellia explains that she started Sextuss plot Though shocked the emperor includes her in the general clemency he offers The opera finishes with all the people praising the kindness of Titus while he himself asks the gods to end his life if he ever stops caring for the good of Rome.

    In July Mozart was asked to write an opera seria He had been asked by Domenico Guardasoni who lived in Prague and who had the job of finding someone to compose an opera for the celebrations of the coronation of Leopold II Holy Roman Emperor as King of Bohemia The ceremony would take place on September 6 so Mozart had to work quickly. Guardasoni had asked Antonio Salieri to write the opera but Salieri was too busy so he then asked Mozart Mozart was glad to accept because he was paid twice as much as when he wrote an opera for Vienna. Kamoke is a Tehsil of Gujranwala District located on the Grand Trunk Road now national highway it is headquartered at Kmoke which is approximately 22 km from Gujranwala the district capital It is famous for its market of Basmati rice It is administratively subdivided into twenty four Union Councils of Pakistan Kamoke is a bussling town loctacted on the GT road most inhabitabts here Rajputs and Jats and arian and depend on the Agriculture it si famous for its burfy and Rice Moreover it is the city with most mosques in PakistanThere are two degree colleges one for men and other for women in the city The city is divided into three reigons viz Line par sarak paraccros th now national highway and main bazar sandwiched between line par and sarar par There are four police stations in the tehsil namely PS Sadar Kamoki PSCity Kamoke PS Eminabad and PS Wahndo.

    Nowshera Virkan is a big town west of the industrial city of Gujranwala Pakistan. Nowshera Virkan lies in the Gujranwala District it is a hub of rice growing villages It is also known as Nowshera mandi. Wazirabad is an industrial city in Gujranwala District Punjab Pakistan Wazirabad is on the banks of the Chenab River nearly kilometres north of Lahore on the Grand Trunk Road It is 45 kilometres from Sialkot 30 kilometres from the district capital Gujranwala and about 12 kilometres from Gujrat.