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Plugins: ExhibitBuilder 3. Building History is an interactive map and campus history resource showcasing the history of the Illinois Institute of Technology campus. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology. Collection of Cannabis Artifacts. Rodney Lewis, Don Wirtshafter.

Digital archive of over 6, cartoons by Billy Borne, newspaper cartoonist for the Asheville Citizen from An online companion to the permanent exhibition that celebrates the life of pioneering African-American educator, Lucy F. Simms, and the school named in her honor. Raymond, designer; Jeremy Boggs, developer. The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition is a freely-accessible online collection of historical documents associated with the chief executives of the state, Organization: Kentucky Historical Society.

Augustine is a repository for manuscript letters, journals, reports and other materials created by Union soldiers, Confederate soldiers, and civilians that wrote about the conflict and key events in St. Augustine, FL. Chad Germany. Presents sources that address how the state diverged from and converged on regional and national patterns. Project Director: Lee T. William J. Chef de projet : Caroline Derauw. Collection of medieval and 16th century Finnish manuscripts.

A searchable image database and exhibition platform dedicated to celebrating and communicating the history of medicine. Exhibition of advertising signs from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, representing a small portion of the historical paint research collection at The Athenaeum of Philadelphia. Curated by Denise R. Fox, Athenaeum of Philadelphia. A collaborative DH project that features the hundreds of collected documents of the Colored Conventions movement, spanning from the s through the s.

Our definition of local studies encompasses all aspects of life in County Cork, past and present. Our collection of books, journals, newspapers and other resources reflects that broad definition. Orla Egan. Plugins: CSV Import. An exhibit space intended to highlight and provide context for some of the rich and varied content held by the Dalhousie University Libraries. This site memorializes him by collecting his works in digital archives.

Cook, An authoritative resource and comprehensive catalog of postage stamps, first day covers, cancellations, and other philatelic items depicting the medieval Italian poet Dante Alighieri. Indigenous Writing from New England. The database consists of digital photographs, letters, posters and programmes from the North Karelia part of Eastern Finland. The oldest documents are from the s. The microhistorical collection is locally significant. For example, genealogists and others interested in the local history are an important target audience.

Large part of the collection is previously unpublished. The database is maintained regularly. We also implemented our own technical solutions. Digital Amherst , Jones Library, Inc. Amherst, Massachusetts Digital Archiving Resources , an educational tool dedicated to making archive resources easily and conveniently accessible to the users of the Internet.

Created by faculty and students at Lake Forest College. Arthur Lovisolo.

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Digital Initiatives. Digital materials focused of regional Lowell history. University of Massachusetts Lowell Libraries.

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Regional items, old photography, books related to Mazovian region, old newspapers, maps and etc. Helping make Maine History more accessible. Plugins: BookReader 2. Ellis - Guitar. Educator in Lakewood, CO. Students and Teachers! Find songs and resources for learning. Here are guitar recordings, music notation, and instructional materials.

Using primary sources, teachers can make history relevant to students while helping them learn and understand state standards.

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The Library of Virginia Documenting Ferguson. Documenting Ferguson is a freely available resource that seeks to preserve and make accessible the digital media captured and created by community members following the shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, on August 9, Washington University in St. Access to criticism and reception of her performances, as well as other primary source documents, will be provided in original format when available or through transcription. A celebration of prominent poets, authors, and historians.

It comprises one hundred monographs, organized topically into eight collections. Included are gifts generously donated to the university as well as objects purchased over its long history. Drury University F. Columbia University Center for Digital Research and Scholarship and multiple archive and community organization partners. Raul G. This newly established digital archive is a display of photographs taken by Australian soldier John Allen Entwistle during his time in Occupied Japan from to These are books, magazines, articles and illustrations.

A timeline-based digital exhibit documenting the environmental studies curriculum at Middlebury College. Dedicated to the new genre of folk horror, in print and on the screen. That collection is composed of documents: school textbooks published since early 19th century, official writings, journals and books related to teaching and didactics of subjects, as well as educational tools which were used in schools in the past. An important digitization work has been conducted since to make several hundreds of school notebooks pupils and teachers accessible through the internet.

Those image files will be gradually added to the website as the scientific and technical work will progress. Beta version of a primary source discovery tool for Franco American collections held in the US and Canada. This exhibition explores the contributions of those who labored in translating and printing works in the Algonquian family of native languages.

The people, organizations, and publications presented here offer an opportunity to reexamine the historical narrative surrounding the creation of the few surviving seventeenth-century documents that capture the language of an entire cultural group.

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Current language reclamation projects illuminate the importance of these translations and of the English and Algonquian people who worked together to produce them. The site is from the American Antiquarian Society. It was curated by Kimberly Pelkey. The Library also kindly funded the digitisation of the existing audio cassette recordings, undertaken by DAMsmart in Canberra. Deakin University.

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Woodruff Library project funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The initiative provides faculty training in object-based pedagogy as well as virtual access to the culturally rich holdings of the AUC collections through the GLAM Digital Portal. Features photographs, textual documents, video, and audio. A digital repository of archival material relating to Georgetown University, the Society of Jesus, and slavery.

A project to create a digital collection of German-language correspondence currently held in private hands, by archives, by special collection libraries, museums, and other institutions. The project team works in close cooperation with the Max Kade Institute of the University of Wisconsin and the Horner Library of the German Society of Pennsylvania, which serve as repositories for physical letters donated to the collection, the Leo Baeck Institute, and the Auswandererbriefe aus Nordamerika project in Germany.

Funding for the project is sponsored by the Year of German-American Friendship initiative. Gesualdo Online. Today, sports at the University of Michigan are big business and sometimes big controversy. Inspired by these developments, the researchers of Michigan in the World have taken a critical look at the history of sports at U-M.

An online resource and guide to recognizing symbols and attributes of important figures from mythology, religion, and literature in Western art.