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Biocatalytic, Biomimetic and Suprabiotic Oxidation of Alkanes. Roy A. Periana, Douglas J. Alkane Activation by Pseudo-Metals.

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Molecular Chemistry of Alkane Activation. Shischak, M. Kazi, I. Dzikh, S. Abadjev, V. ZRO 2. Parvulescu, S. Coman, P. Grange, V. Matthijs Ruitenbeek, R. Overbeek, D. Koningsberger, J. Sajip, C. Rhodes, J. Bartley, A. Burrows, C. Kiely, G. Goupil, G. Clet, F. Hemming-Maire, D. Cornet, G. Szabo, P. Nascimento et al.

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Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Light alkanes tend to be resistant to many forms of activation. Front Matter Pages Platinum Anticancer Drugs.

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Cheng, Gregory A. Neyhart, Thomas W. Welch, James G. Goll, H. Holden Thorp. Dieckmann, S. Heilman, D. McRorie, W. DeGrado, V. Vincent L. Pecoraro, Andrew Gelasco, Michael J. Artificial Batteries with Lanthanide Porphyrins? Molybdenum — Copper Antagonism.

Back Matter Pages About this book Introduction Bioinorganic chemistry is primarily concerned with the role of metal atoms in biology and is a very active research field. However, even though such important structures of metalloenzymes are known, as the MoFeCo of nitrogenase, Cu or Mn superoxide dismutase and plastocyanin, the synthetic routes to the modelling of such centers remains a matter of acute scientific interest.

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Other metalloenzymes, such as the Mn center of the oxygen evolving complex of PSII, are still the focus of in-depth examination, both spectroscopic and structural. Another area of concern is the interaction between drugs and metals and metal ion antagonism.

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  • An Inorganic Perspective of Life?
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  • Understanding the chemistry of metal ions in biological systems will bring benefits in terms of understanding such problems as biomineralization and the production of advanced materials by micro-organisms. The 29 contributions to Bioinorganic Chemistry: An Inorganic Perspective of Life give an excellent summary of the state of the art in this field, covering areas from the NMR of paramagnetic molecules to the use of lanthanide porphyrins in artificial batteries.

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