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Belgium , Liege , Luik. I'm 19 years old, living in the Cheratte region. They were fed ad libitum. Approximately 18 kg potatoes were fed daily in Treatments 2 and 3.

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Daily gain was not significantly altered; it decreased from 1. Treatments included were: Exp. Supplementing BP ad libitum did not affect daily gain 0. This practice is criticized on animal welfare grounds. With unassisted natural births, difficulties arise because of disproportion between the sizes of the. Effect of energy restriction and re-alimentation in Belgian Blue double-muscled beef cows on digestibility and metabolites. Four groups of five non-lactating and non-pregnant Belgian Blue double-muscled BBDM cows were used to investigate the effect of energy level E on digestion, and blood and urine metabolites.

Afterwards, animals grazed on the same swards for days re-alimentation period.

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Balance trials were conducted at the end of the restriction period BT1 and at the end of the re-alimentation period BT2. Blood was sampled at the end of these trials. The objective of this study was to investigate the quality of frozen-thawed semen from different bull breeds. After thawing, each semen sample was subjected to thermal resistance test TR for 0. Moreover, directly after thawing, all semen samples were evaluated for morphometry, morphology, viability and DNA fragmentation. Statistical analysis was conducted using a mixed model for repeated measures.

In conclusion, quality characteristics of frozen-thawed bull semen are dependent on the breed. Frozen semen from BB and BA breeds should be handled more carefully after thawing, as it is more sensitive to stress. CERN Multimedia. Industrial sectors ranging from precision machining to electrical engineering and electronics were represented.

And for the first time, companies from the Flemish and Brussels regions of the country joined their Walloon compatriots, who have come to CERN before. The visit was organised by Mr J. Van de Vondel, his opposite number for the Flemish region, and Mrs E. Solowianiuk, economic and commercial counsellor at the Belgian permanent mission for the Brussels-Capital region.

Belgian national report. Status of Belgian nuclear power plants includes licensing, in-service inspection programs, state of electrical equipment and predictive maintenance. In terms of life management of NPPs degradation phenomena affect the design life of each component. Combination of in-service inspection, periodic testing, specific measurements, qualification test and overall experience supports maintenance programs and enable repairs and replacements in due time.

These programs are part of continuous safety assessments performed. Managing NPP life encompasses technical aspects for safe and reliable operation and economical aspects. The approach of Belgian authorities resulted in high availability, competitive cost and reasonable long-term perspectives. Bulls Eye. The techniques are realized in the Bulls Eye computer vision software. We demonstrate experimentally that Bulls Eye provides sub-pixel accuracy down to a tenth of a pixel, which is a significant improvement compared to the commonly used reacTIVision software Bull Moose Tube Company.

Two Belgian University Hospitals. Full Text Available Background.

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Patients and Methods. Data were collected from patients with recurrent HGG who initiated treatment with BEV outside a clinical trial protocol at two Belgian university hospitals. A reduced uptake on PET was documented in 3 out of 4 evaluable patients. Two patients had an ongoing tumor response and remained free from progression after 12 months of BEV treatment.

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The activity and tolerability of BEV were comparable to results from previous prospective phase II trials. Reduced uptake on PET suggests a metabolic response in addition to an antiangiogenic effect in some cases with favorable clinical outcome. However, bulling may be done from the Prediction of bull fertility. Prediction of male fertility is an often sought-after endeavor for many species of domestic animals. This review will primarily focus on providing some examples of dependent and independent variables to stimulate thought about the approach and methodology of identifying the most appropriate of those variables to predict bull bovine fertility.

Although the list of variables will continue to grow with advancements in science, the principles behind making predictions will likely not change significantly. The basic principle of prediction requires identifying a dependent variable that is an estimate of fertility and an independent variable or variables that may be useful in predicting the fertility estimate. Fertility estimates vary in which parts of the process leading to conception that they infer about and the amount of variation that influences the estimate and the uncertainty thereof.

The list of potential independent variables can be divided into competence of sperm based on their performance in bioassays or direct measurement of sperm attributes. A good prediction will use a sample population of bulls that is representative of the population to which an inference will be made.

Both dependent and independent variables should have a dynamic range in their values. Careful selection of independent variables includes reasonable measurement repeatability and minimal correlation among variables. Proper estimation and having an appreciation of the degree of uncertainty of dependent and independent variables are crucial for using predictions to make decisions regarding bull fertility. All rights reserved. The Belgian Blue White BBB, is a beef cattle breed for terminal crossings that have come, through exposition in fairs, trying to convince the national cattleman about its interest.

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We are as it is logical before a marketing effect! This work intends to demonstrate, as contribution, what really happens when we use BBB bulls by artificial insemination, still compared with the bulls of Charolesa breed, in terms of reproductive and productive reply. However, about the artificial insemination, as a livestock instrument, we have to point out the increment of the difficulties of management that can discourage the producers, for the use of the BBB breed. Full Text Available The objective of this study was to evaluate the quantitative histology and testicular biometrics in zebu bulls of different breeds.

The Nelore animals had a higher tubular volumetric proportion The Nelore animals also had a higher volumetric proportion of Leydig cells 5. There was no significant difference for any of these parameters between the Nelore and Polled Nelore breeds. The gonadosomatic index, seminiferous tubule diameter, cross-sectional area of the seminiferous tubule and tubule length total length and length per gram of testicular parenchyma did not vary among the breeds studied.

The morphometric parameters evaluated suggested that the genetic selection applied to the Nelore and Polled Nelore breeds improved the efficiency of spermatogenesis in these breeders. Danish holsteins favor bull offspring. In a previous study from it was found that US Holstein cows that gave birth to heifer calves produced more milk than cows having bull calves. We wanted to assess whether this is also true for Danish cattle.

Data from Danish Holstein herds were analysed with a mixed effect model and contr Data from Danish Holstein herds were analysed with a mixed effect model We found a significantly higher milk production of 0.

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This difference Furthermore, we found that farmer assisted calvings were associated with a higher milk yield. A Belgian Approach to Learning Disabilities. The paper reviews Belgian philosophy toward the education of learning disabled students and cites the differences between American behaviorally-oriented theory and Belgian emphasis on identifying the underlying causes of the disability.

Academic methods observed in Belgium including psychodrama and perceptual motor training are discussed and areā€¦. Estimating internal pelvic sizes using external body measurements in the double-muscled Belgian Bleu beef breed. Coopman, F. As a matter of fact, CS is the only possible way of calving in the breed. High birth weight and a relatively small pelvic area are the main.

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A case of hypertrophic osteoarthropathy in a Belgian blue cow. A year-old cow was presented with chronic respiratory disease and lameness. Chronic pleuritis, pneumonia, and bronchial carcinoma were found as well as periosteal proliferation on limb bones. Ancillary tests and necropsy confirmed a combined pathology of pulmonary inflammation and neoplasm, and hypertrophic pulmonary osteopathy. Optimum growth rate of Belgian Blue double-muscled replacement Forbes, J. Voluntary food intake and diet selection in farm animals.

Greenwood, P. Prenatal and pre-weaning growth and nutrition of cattle: long-term consequences for beef Pemanfaatan kulit kodok bull frog. Full Text Available The objective of this study was to measure the tensile strength and the elongation of finished leather made from Bull Frog skin, so that the utilization of that leather can be specified. The samples used were twenty pieces of wet salted Bull Frog skin from East Java which have been processed to finished leather using chromosal B. Based on those results, it can be concluded that Bull Frog leather was suitable for leather goods such as bag, wallet, etc.

Bulling among yearling feedlot steers.