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We don't save any private information about you. All the described abuses have been approved by Chechen local government, with Moscow turning a blind eye to them. In many cases, violations were directly committed by Chechen security forces. Sub-paragraph k of Article 7. In Chechnya, over a hundred gay men or men suspected of being gay have been arrested since early April.

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They are being detained in secret locations and subjected to torture. Such methods of persecution serve a purpose beyond the physical extermination. More importantly, for perpetrators, the killings and ill treatment, coupled with the abusive laws, serve a symbolic function that inhumanly deters gay men from presenting themselves or living as gay in society.

Looking at the totality of the circumstances, conditions of life have been created through discriminatory and destructive polices in Chechen society, specifically imposed upon gay men because of their homosexuality. It is sufficient to establish the crime has been committed when either requirement is met.

Isolated incidents of violent acts are deemed insufficient to meet this requirement. However, particular numerical threshold on the numbers of attacks or victims is not required. Instead, it should be assessed on a case-by-case basis, including the social context, the variety of geographical locations, and so on. Documented and confirmed by multiple rights groups and journalists, over a hundred gay men or men suspected of being gay have been abducted and detained, subject to abuses. These victims are from all around the Chechen Republic region, and Chechen authorities managed to hunt down over gay men within one month.

Considering hat most gay men in Chechnya tend to hide their homosexual identity, it is difficult to see such outcome as a narrow-scale or random action. Victims were selected because of, and only because of, their homosexuality. According to the interviews with some victims conducted by the New York Times and BBC , the security forces interrogate and torture detained gay men to obtain more information on the identities of other gay men they know. The repetition and similarity of these acts against a population with one specific identity, namely their homosexuality, also excludes the probability of random occurrence.

In early April, only repetitive and organized abuses targeting gay men by unknown groups were documented. Later, credible sources and interviews with victims showed that Chechen security forces have been actively involved. The Chechen government has long discriminated against and stigmatised homosexuality. While LGBT rights opposition is seen worldwide, violent anti-gay movements in many countries today are led by religious extremism or fundamentalism groups, such as the KKK groups in the United States, neo-Nazi groups in some European countries, groups and individuals that pledged allegiance to Islamic extremism , and so on.

Recall the repetitive and similar patterns of abuses discussed above. Also recall that victims were tortured by security forces for identities of more gay men the government can track down.

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The aggregation of the circumstances of this campaign has presented intentional and organizational features, with direct or indirect links to government authorities.