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However, the detailed psychological nature of the inhibitory functions and the precise location of their critical foci within the frontal lobe remain to be investigated. Functional magnetic resonance imaging provides spatial and temporal resolution that allowed us to illuminate at least 4 frontal regions involved in inhibitory functions: the dorsolateral, ventrolateral, and rostral parts of the frontal lobe and the presupplementary motor area preSMA.

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The ventrolateral part of the frontal lobe in the right hemisphere was activated during response inhibition. The preSMA in the left hemisphere was activated during inhibition of proactive interference immediately after the dimension changes of the WCST. The rostral part of the frontal lobe in the left hemisphere was activated during inhibition long after the dimension changes. The dorsolateral part of the frontal lobe in the left hemisphere was activated at the dimension changes in the first time, but not in the second time.

These findings provide clues to our understanding of functional differentiation of inhibitory functions and their localization in the frontal lobe. Transgenic cassava lines carrying heterologous alternative oxidase Jul 3, Organized embryogenic callus development: In our experiment, somatic embryos were developed from leaf lobes collected from transgenic cassava lines carrying the AtAOX1a gene. Immature leaf lobes measuring about 1 to 6 mm obtained from about six weeks old in vitro derived plants were used.

Emphysema lung lobe volume reduction: effects on the ipsilateral and contralateral lobes. Brown, Matthew S. To investigate volumetric and density changes in the ipsilateral and contralateral lobes following volume reduction of an emphysematous target lobe. The study included subjects with heterogeneous emphysema, who underwent bronchoscopic volume reduction of the most diseased lobe with endobronchial valves and untreated controls. Sitemap

Lobar volume and low-attenuation relative area RA changes post-procedure were measured from computed tomography images. Regression analysis Spearman's rho was performed to test the association between change in the target lobe volume and changes in volume and density variables in the other lobes. The target lobe volume at full inspiration in the treatment group had a mean reduction of Image-based changes in lobar volumes and densities indicate that target lobe volume reduction is associated with statistically significant overall reductions in air trapping, consistent with expansion of the healthier lung.

Alterations of the occipital lobe in schizophrenia. The relationship of the occipital lobe of the brain with schizophrenia is not commonly studied; however, this topic is considered an essential subject matter among clinicians and scientists. We conducted this systematic review to elaborate the relationship in depth. We found that most schizophrenic patients show normal occipital anatomy and physiology, a minority showed dwindled values, and some demonstrated augmented function and structure. The findings are laborious to incorporate within single disease models that present the involvement of the occipital lobe in schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia progresses clinically in the mid-twenties and thirties and its prognosis is inadequate.

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Changes in the volume, the gray matter, and the white matter in the occipital lobe are quite evident; however, the mechanism behind this involvement is not yet fully understood. Therefore, we recommend further research to explore the occipital lobe functions and volumes across the different stages of schizophrenia.

Pressure balance between lobe and plasma sheet. About , measurements obtained in the plasma sheet and the lobe were compared for different levels of magnetic activity as well as different distances from the Earth. The data show that lobe and plasma sheet pressure balance very well. Even in the worst case they do not deviate by more than half of the variance in the data itself.

Approximately constant total pressure was also seen during a quiet time pass when IRM traversed nearly the whole magnetotail in the vertical direction, from the southern hemisphere lobe through the neutral sheet and into the northern plasma sheet boundary layer. Microsurgical techniques in temporal lobe epilepsy. Temporal lobe resection is the most prevalent epilepsy surgery procedure. However, there is no consensus on the best surgical approach to treat temporal lobe epilepsy.

Complication rates are low and efficacy is very high regarding seizures after such procedures. However, there is still ample controversy regarding the best surgical approach to warrant maximum seizure control with minimal functional deficits. We describe the most frequently used microsurgical techniques for removal of both the lateral and mesial temporal lobe structures in the treatment of medically intractable temporal lobe epilepsy TLE due to mesial temporal sclerosis corticoamygdalohippocampectomy and selective amygdalohippocampectomy. The choice of surgical technique appears to remain a surgeon's preference for the near future.

Meticulous surgical technique and thorough three-dimensional microsurgical knowledge are essentials for obtaining the best results. Wiley Periodicals, Inc. Deployment Instabilities of Lobed -Pumpkin Balloon. Recent ground and flight experiments, however, have revealed that the balloon has deployment instabilities under certain conditions. In order to overcome the instability problems, a next generation SPB called 'tawara' type balloon has been proposed, in which an additional cylindrical part is appended to the standard lobed -pumpkin balloon. The present study investigates the deployment stability of tawara type SPB in comparison to that of standard lobed -pumpkin SPB through eigenvalue analysis on the basis of finite element methods.

Our numerical results show that tawara type SPB enjoys excellent deployment performance over the standard lobed -pumpkin SPBs. Related content. Call for proposals for three Asian market-entry studies. This action research study evaluates a classroom approach incorporating a reflective, metacognitive component within a second language process-oriented writing environment. Inspired by the literature and developed by the first author, this approach seeks to provide English language learners ELLs with a command of metalinguistic principles….

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Although explicit grammar instruction has been a source of considerable debate in second-language teaching, increasingly educational linguists assert instruction in academic language is critical, given the current assessment reform in K contexts. The process of learning to read is difficult for many children, and this is especially true for students with learning disabilities LD. Reading in English becomes even more difficult when a student's home language is not English. Web 2. This study explores how ELL students' parents participated in a blog-mediated English language arts curriculum in a second grade classroom at a U.

Adopting ecological perspectives on technological affordances, this study views digital literacy as discursive…. Measurements of the ZZ production cross sections in proton-proton collisions at center-of-mass energies of 7 and 8 TeV are presented. Manual for the ELL 2 - parser generator and tree generator generator.

Regular right part grammars extended by tree generator specifications are interpreted by a combined parser generator and tree generator that produces an ELL 2 parser. This parser is able to translate programs of the specified language into abstract syntax trees according to the tree specifications in the generator input. Through a qualitative research design, this article investigates the impacts of differentiated laboratory instructional materials on English language learners' ELLs laboratory task comprehension.

The factors affecting ELLs ' science learning experiences are further explored. Data analysis reveals a greater degree of laboratory task comprehension…. Thus, our study identifies a novel mechanism of ELL -dependent transactivation of immediate early genes by Tax and provides the rational for further defining the genome-wide targets of Tax and ELL. Published by Elsevier Inc. MRI findings of temporal lobe ganglioglioma. Ganglioglioma is a rare primary brain tumor usually found in the temporal lobe. The purpose of this study is to describe the characteristic MR findings of temporal lobe ganglioglioma.

Over a seven-year period, ten patients with cerebral ganglioglioma were evaluated at our institution.


Seven cases of temporal lobe ganglioma were found ; six of these involved men, and one, a woman ; their mean age was We retrospectively analysed the MRI findings with respect to location, size, cortical involvement, margin, cystic change, degree of enhancement, MR signal intensity, calcification and peritumoral change. In five cases, tumors were located within the temporal lobe.

In one, a tumor extended from the temporal lobe to the thalamus, and in one from the temporal lobe to the thalamus and cerebral peduncle. All temporal gangliogliomas measured 1.

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In all cases, the cortices were involved with the maintenance of gyriform. The tumor margin was ill defined in five cases and well defined in two. Tumors showed multiple small cystic changes in four cases, a large cyst in two, and a solid nodule in one. In three cases in which contrast media was administered, no lesions were enhanced. On T1-weighted images, iso-signal intensities were seen in five cases and high signal intensities in two. On T2-weighted images, the corresponding figures were five and two.

On MRI, tumor calcification and calvarial erosion were each detected in two cases. In patients with temporal lobe epilepsy in whom cortical solid or cystic and poorly enhanced lesions were seen on brain MRI, and in whom associated findings such as calcification and or adjacent bony erosion were noted, ganglioglioma must be considered.

Observations of significant flux closure by dual lobe reconnection. Full Text Available We present an interval of dual lobe reconnection during which interplanetary magnetic field lines are captured by the magnetosphere by reconnecting at high latitudes in both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. A cusp spot, characteristic of northward IMF, is clearly visible for a 30 min period enabling the ionospheric footprint of the Northern Hemisphere merging gap to be accurately determined. Noon-midnight and dawn-dusk keograms of the aurora show that the polar cap shrinks during the interval indicating that a large amount of flux was closed by the reconnection.

Using the SuperDARN potential maps it is possible to calculate that the amount of flux closed during the interval is 0. That a dense plasma sheet was not subsequently observed is discussed in terms of subsequent changes in the IMF. The occipital lobe convexity sulci and gyri. The anatomy of the occipital lobe convexity is so intricate and variable that its precise description is not found in the classic anatomy textbooks, and the occipital sulci and gyri are described with different nomenclatures according to different authors.