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Immanuel, it transpired, has a history of outlandish statements, including claims that DNA from space aliens is used in modern medicine and gynaecological problems are caused by people having sex with demons in their dreams.

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Instead, hundreds ran down the front and crowded near the stage in an impromptu moshpit, with few of them wearing masks. Organisers could now face civil fines and criminal liability. Sources have also claimed there was a wild aftershow party at a nearby private residence, attended by guests with dozens more queuing outside. His daughter Alicia proudly posted online snaps of the occasion, where nobody was distancing or wearing masks.

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The party reportedly raved on until 2. It ignored all the rules. What about all the people who haven't been able to attend funerals or get married?

Loads of people have cancelled functions. Why is Paul Scholes' son different? Greater Manchester Police have since attended Casa Scholes for a stern word. They should send his old boss Sir Alex Ferguson around too.

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The midfield trio bolted for the Balearic isle soon after the domestic season came to an end. They were spotted among a group of around 10 ray-catching numpties huddled together on a beach. Our sides are aching just imagining it. Tottenham favourite Alli also came under fire when he was filmed mocking an Asian man over Covid They will now have to quarantine for two weeks when they fly back to Blighty.

Now unconfirmed reports on social media allege that she may have tested positive for the virus. If you attended, get tested. Finally, just time for a pair of mask muppets. The year-old property expert boarded a train to Paddington last week and documented his trip for his doubtless fascinated 24, Twitter followers.

However, it was the way he was wearing his mask which left followers concerned. Why do most men do this? Surprisingly, Roberts might just have a point. The otherwise cute snap showed Williams holding hands with seven-year-old Teddy and five-year-old Charlie, while wearing a mask over his mouth but not his nose. In pole position on our covidiotic grid this week is reigning Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton. The Stevenage speedster has been criticised for sharing anti-vaxxer propaganda which accuses Bill Gates of lying about coronavirus trials.

Oh, Lewis — as Inspector Morse used to sigh. Hamilton twice shared a video with his In the footage, Gates rejects claims that vaccine tests have caused side-effects, and rubbishes the baseless theory that he plans to embed tracking microchips into the jab. A pair of phrases straight out of the non-apology playbook. Either way, the posts were left online for 13 hours. Fiddly-dee s folk-poppers The Corrs are enjoying a moment in the sun, thanks to recent endorsements by Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran.

Unfortunately, Jim Corr — the one who was often cruelly cropped out of band pics — has chosen this time to go viral with a sustained anti-mask Twitter rant. On the very day that compulsory face-masking in shops became law in England, the year-old Irish musician railed against the restrictions. No wonder his three sisters edge away from him at Corrs photoshoots. Wave your spatulas with sheer delight: serial covidiot Gordon Ramsay has been at it yet again. On a trip to Portugal, the TV chef posed with restaurant staff for a picture — wilfully neglecting both social distancing rules and the requirement for face masks.

Indeed, several of the 10 people pictured with the splenetic chervil-chopper at Restaurante Furnas in Ericeira can be seen holding their masks in their hands. After repeatedly angering Cornwall locals during lockdown, it seems the Michelin-starred numpty is now exporting his covidiocy abroad.

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Which we somehow doubt. Molly-Mae and her villa beau, boxer Tommy Fury, were accused of flouting lockdown rules back in April by relocating from Hertfordshire to Manchester. More recently, the couple narrowly escaped being struck by a car while taking selfies. She and five grinning, glossy-haired pals stood shoulder-to-shoulder for multiple photos, despite guidelines ordering people to remain 1m apart. She posted a pic on Instagram, followers pointed out her error and Rooney swiftly took it down again. Finally, just time to pay tribute to TV petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson and his uncanny knack of alienating entire geographical regions.

What crisis? They look genuinely perplexed when I ask them politely to back up a bit. And on that bombshell… goodnight!

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Nowadays, it seems to work a treat on public health officials too. The couple were granted special permission by the New South Wales government to self-isolate at home, instead of staying at a quarantine hotel for a fortnight, as any other international arrivals would.

When news of the exemption hit local media, their fans complained that Covid restrictions only seem to affect ordinary people. The outrage came after the state of Victoria recorded new coronavirus cases overnight, and pressure grew on New South Wales to enforce similar lockdown rules to prevent a deadly second wave. Flying in from America, a Covid hotspot where there have been 4 million confirmed cases, only heightens the risk.

Their country estate is certainly comfier than the average state-approved accommodation. It boasts traditional sandstone verandahs, pressed metal ceilings, a grand carved cedar staircase, 10 original marble fireplaces, a swimming pool, a gym and a full-sized tennis court. Which sounds a smidge nicer than an airport Travelodge. We look forward to seeing which Aussie celebrity is next to receive special treatment.

Crocodile Dundee? Skippy the kangaroo? Mrs Mangel from Neighbours? Last month, the year-old prankster brother of the equally insufferable Logan Paul was charged with criminal trespass and unlawful assembly after allegedly disregarding police orders to film looting at an Arizona mall during the George Floyd protests. Paul has previously attracted controversy for being a public nuisance, advertising gambling to his young audience and using the N-word while rapping.

Paul, it should be noted, is a white multi-millionaire who hails from suburban Cleveland. Instagram footage from the raucous affair shows dozens of mask-free guests crammed into his Calabasas home. The Mayor said she is now working with sheriffs to ensure a zero-tolerance policy on house parties in violation of health orders.

If they could roll it out to a zero-tolerance policy on YouTubers, this could just be a vote-winner. Welcome to Watford!

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  5. We are uniting our community, sparking discussions about economic change and education! Hence we can report that unified heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua has put his size foot in it on a night out in Marbella, by appearing to ignore local Covid measures — and even hugging a potentially vulnerable year-old fan.

    With his boxing career temporarily on hold due to a knee injury and some pesky pandemic or other, the year-old pugilist flew out for a holiday soon after the government removed the UK quarantine restrictions for Spain. Out partying at showbiz haunt La Sala Puerto Banus with a posse of pals this weekend, AJ was introduced to great-grandmother Doreen Miller, who gushed that she was his biggest fan. He duly sat down next to the elderly well-wisher, held her hand, posed for cheek-to-cheek pics and embraced her. All very heartwarming, but this was in clear contravention of rules over social distancing and face masks — which were made compulsory in the Costa del Sol a week ago.

    Last month, the jab merchant joined a Black Lives Matter protest march in his home town of Watford, where social-distancing measures also appeared to be widely ignored. Are you going to tell him off or am I? Finally this week, just time for model Kendall Jenner to totter into our covidiocy cross-hairs.

    The state is advising citizens to remain masked and two metres apart when socialising with members of other households — tricky to do when dining out with friends. Like her little sister Kylie, Kendall has ignored guidelines multiple times in recent months, including the state's non-essential travel ban. Jenner lives in a 6, sq ft Beverly Hills estate. It's an age-old dilemma. No wonder he did those Warburtons ads. She also said that she and their two children had been banned from the three-house upstate compound where De Niro is staying during lockdown.

    One rule for them and another for us, you say? Australian officials have bent their quarantine rules for a certain celebrity flying back into the country from a Covid hotspot. Who is this A-lister, I hear you cry? It must be a heavyweight household name to get such special treatment, right? Um, not really.

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    The luminary in question is wait for it Dannii Minogue. The year-old singer and her year-old son were granted an exemption on unspecified medical grounds. All other inbound travellers are being made to quarantine in hotels at their own expense to limit the spread of the virus, as the country faces the threat of a second wave after cases spiked in the state of Victoria. Reeks of privilege and favouritism. Vital to national morale, even. A post shared by danniiminogue danniiminogue on Jul 11, at am PDT. Is the perma-furious fish-filleter remorseful, repentant, perhaps even a little chastened? The year-old father-of-five posted smug pics of his cycling, swimming and fishing excursions on Instagram, which only served to infuriate locals even more.

    Los Angeles might have issued an order requiring citizens to wear a face mask whenever they step outside their homes but hey, they never specified that it needs to be an effective one. This is the technicality being taken advantage of by Paris Hilton as she swans around town in a mask that prioritises chic over virus-preventative practicality. The hotel heiress, socialite and renowned intellect has been sporting an eye-catching, rhinestone-encrusted mesh mask. Indeed, she seems to own the porous piece of bejewelled fabric in several colourways.