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If one rower is a fraction of a second too early or late with any part of the stroke, it can be devastating to the trajectory of the boat. As a result, communication, trust, and incredible teamwork are required. From my experience, modern, meaningful scientific research is a similarly complex team sport.

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It takes many hands on deck to transform an idea into a successful therapeutic. Although I had just started, my boss happily allowed vacation time for the big event and a short honeymoon to Iceland post-wedding. In addition, even though we had essentially just met, my boss also gifted me a beautiful card and a photo album to capture all the special moments from our wedding.

Right off the bat, the bar was set extremely high for a positive, welcoming, inclusive experience at the company.

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  • Visibility as an openly gay woman in the LGBTQ community is important to me both personally and professionally. Having had the support of LGBTQ friends and allies when I was first coming out; having been loved and accepted for exactly who I am by my friends and family; and having the ability to live my life openly without fear of losing my job, I consider being visible in my career and elsewhere as a privilege and responsibility. For instance, when my wife and I first started dating, gay marriage was not legal at the federal level in the United States. My abilities to be married and use names and pronouns when talking about the people that I love are freedoms that I cherish dearly, every day.

    As my co-workers can attest, I will take any opportunity to gush about my amazing, brilliant wife. More altruistically, I think that being open about my identity and accomplishments as a proud, visible, outspoken lesbian woman is my very small way of helping to enable those around me to bring their whole selves to the fore, too.

    Never stop asking questions! If you are considering a career in science, you are already most likely curious by nature. As a kid, I remember flipping over rocks to discover creatures and borrowing books from the local library. Although I hope kids still perform these old-school rituals, I would also suggest scouring the internet for answers.

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    There is so much information available at the click of your fingertips! I still regularly stop what I am doing — sometimes mid-conversation — to look up the etymology of a word, or whether teeth are technically bones, or whether whales have hip bones spoiler alert, they do! But I think the practice of going from asking a question to learning something is at the core of what it is to be a scientist.

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    • Two years ago, while sick in bed with the flu, my childhood obsession with Australian Blue-Tongued Skink BTS lizards was suddenly rekindled. Realizing my wife was going to be rightfully skeptical, I spent the next 48 hours performing extensive research to help plead my case: compiling a detailed spreadsheet of all of the materials I would need to provide for housing and care; calculating upfront costs with different price points, as well as annual maintenance costs.

      I also selected the subspecies that would be best suited for our climate and relative humidity and identified several local BTS offspring for purchase. My wife, unprepared for this rapid onslaught of information, quickly yielded and we brought home the little monster a few weeks later. I have never had a cat, but I believe he is very cat-like in nature. He thrives on a diet of supplemented cat food, hisses when disturbed and generally stomps around giving judgmental looks from his perch, when not busy sunbathing.

      Appropriately, we decided to name him Scaleycat. Encouraging, generous and supportive of any of our endeavors, my amazing and extremely patient parents provided my three siblings and me with a lot of latitude when it came to exploring our interests, indulging our creativity and embracing our yen for experimentation. I am fairly certain that many in our small community thought my siblings and I were a bit odd. Needless to say, I think we all turned out just fine and we are extremely grateful that our parents enabled us to be the somewhat-weird, yet interesting people we are today.

      I am in total awe of my year old self and would like to call on her for advice! At the young age of 10, I was obsessed with experimentation. At that age, I built a working incubator with a gallon glass aquarium, a humidifier, and a desk lamp. I want so badly to excel at everything that even still I sometimes struggle to give myself permission to take a first pass that is just okay, or less than great, and then make progress from there.

      I think maturity is accepting that you will never have all the answers and learning to make the best decision you can with the information in hand. Similarly, the second mantra reminds me that my successes, including my careers as an elite rower and a scientist, were not the product of a linear master plan, but of exploring the opportunities available to me at the time.

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      I once attended a lecture where a visiting scientist demonstrated that the most skilled walkers, including ultra-marathon runners and bushmen, regardless of the speed or terrain difficulty, optimally look to plan their footfalls only two steps ahead of time. Thinking only one or two steps ahead helps me get to achievable goals at the bench and elsewhere, but still gives me the flexibility to adjust the path or destination in response to unexpected twists and turns in the road. I think that these lessons, letting the younger me know that her curiosity and yearning for adventure are her strengths, and encouraging her to be more brave and less perfect, would be the best wisdom that I could offer her, in terms of her future career and beyond.

      Science rocks because it gives you the tools to learn everything about our physical world. Take the simple task of eating your favorite food; now think about how incredible it is that hundreds and thousands of years of cultivation led to the creation and discovery of the delicious produce and spices in our grocery stores.

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      Have you caught yourself smiling at a family resemblance; how cool it is that our DNA is essentially a protein cookbook written with a four-letter alphabet, and is responsible for all the diversity of life here on earth? Science provides an opportunity to create new knowledge -- with very direct applications -- and to shape the future in different ways. On a more personal level, it provides me with the tools to translate my natural abilities and talents into work that can potentially help other people, by leading to new medicines that may benefit human beings around the world.

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      As a result, the site may contain information on pharmaceuticals that are not approved in other countries or region. If you are a resident of a country other than those to which the site is directed, please return to AbbVie. In there are so many different options for every type of relationship and every type of preference. Which is great news for people who like lots of options, but it can be a tad overwhelming when you just want to find a date. We take a look at the best gay and lesbian dating apps and review their features, user base and their chances of success.

      For a long time, online dating tended to only gear towards straight people, then eventually men seeking men options were featured and finally there came lesbian dating sites.

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      Her is one of the best first popular lesbian dating apps on the market. Hinge, unlike most dating apps, sets up people through their mutual friends on Facebook. Tinder is one of the most well-known and popular dating apps. You know the drill, you fill out a bio funny or serious and then swipe to see people near you and their info. It has a huge database of users thanks to this and its niche is that it gives users a percentage of how much you have in common with someone based on your answers to a questionnaire. EliteSingles is a dating app and website for gay, straight and lesbian singles looking for long-lasting relationships but struggle with a busy work-life balance.

      The EliteSingles app is a great way to date on the go and it employs the same matchmaking function that is available on the website. Interested in EliteSingles? Download our app or sign up to our website and try it for free today. Want to know more about the dating apps out there? Read our review of the best dating apps in Gay dating apps have typically had a bit more choice comparatively to lesbian dating apps. Gay chat apps and websites have been a bit ahead of the curve digitally, possibly due to gay dating culture being centred around bars.

      So, there are plenty of excellent dating apps to find your special someone. While it has a match function based on location, Scruff is also known for being a relaxed dating app. Hornet is easy to navigate, with little advertising and more useful articles and videos for users. Hornet also positions itself as more of a community platform for the gay men, giving you the option to see events and stories from other users.

      Grindr has become very well known over the past few years.