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Discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity not only violates universal basic human rights, it also adversely impacts the long-term economic prospects of individuals, businesses and countries. Contact us to become a member or partner of the Forum. This minority expressed the need to discuss their spirituality and have a form of collective prayer. This was one of the main reasons we founded the inclusive mosque, as many in the larger association did not want to participate in religious activities.

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They felt traumatised after the treatment they received in religious spaces throughout their lives. The mosque became the first inclusive mosque in Europe. Today, these sorts of communities exist everywhere in the world: in Western Europe, in the United States, in Indonesia, in South Africa, even in Tunisia. So it spread everywhere, but it started mostly in the US and Canada. The second reason we created this kind of place, where people can meet and talk about all things spiritual, was that people came to find me from a Christian LGBT association.

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They had had a member join, a young transgender Muslim woman, who had nowhere to go and had recently died. No mainstream imam had wanted to do the traditional prayers surrounding death, because she was transgender. They told me: you studied theology, religion and you are an imam.

This was the first time in my life that I had been asked to act as an imam after having left Algeria, where I had studied to become one.

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I had not reconciled with that part of my identity yet, and it was a huge responsibility. At that moment, I knew: we have to do something about this. I am a cisgender man, so when I go into a mosque, nobody bothers me. But transgender people do not have the same privilege. This is why we founded this inclusive mosque.

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We are either too Muslim, or too gay. It feels impossible, but we have hope. What were some of the first obstacles when trying to create this inclusive mosque? The initiative had a very positive reaction. The first people to join were very positive and motivated. We participated in the protests for equal rights and for marriage for all in Paris. Our participants were very engaged politically. It was a very rich period for progressive Islam. We had a lot of encouragement, and some threats but nothing has ever happened. We kept on going. Islam , the word, means "peace" in Arabic, and people are seeing that the representation of Islam has not shown that.

The imam of the progressive Ibn Rushd-Goethe mosque in Berlin was with me. Are more people joining the movement? How has participation changed in the past 10 years? And what are your plans for the future? Most of our participants are young.

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They want to learn how to help make more inclusive societies. For my part, I want to focus on the education of young imams, and on teaching and pushing for a more progressive Islam. I encourage everyone interested in creating these kinds of communities to go forward and to do it. The views expressed in this article are those of the author alone and not the World Economic Forum. The pandemic hasn't paused the global displacement crisis, with Turkey now hosting more than 3. Sign In. I accept.

Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed faced death threats — even from family members — when he came out, but says the world is changing. Learn more. Department of Energy, Office of Science U. Department of the Interior U. Government Publishing Office U. Wisers Information Ltd. Popular Databases. We haven't yet identified any Popular databases. Check back soon! The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription. Black Studies in Video External This link opens in a new window.

This opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database. Black Studies in Video is an award-winning black studies portfolio that brings together seminal documentaries, powerful interviews, and previously unavailable archival footage surveying the black experience. The collection contains hours of film covering African American history, politics, art and culture, family structure, gender relationships, and social and economic issues. Each video features extensive indexing and captioning to enable search, browse, and enhanced discoverability.

Provides detailed information on the occurrence of social conflict in France from the end of the Middle Ages to the 19th century. The website, which was realised with the support of the Digital Cluster at University of Caen-Normandy, currently contains nearly 10, episodes of social conflicts-- such food riots, fiscal riots, religious conflicts, and conflict against state authorities. The objective of the database is to centralise and harmonise existing research on historical social conflicts across Europe and beyond. Work is currently underway to include additional data on English riots collected by John Bohstedt and create new interactive visualisation tools.

The name Library of Latin Texts refers to the expansion of the chronological limits that were originally set, as well as to the broadening of its horizon which now integrates the initial Christian outlook into a general cultural perspective.

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The aim now is to offer a database that continues to expand and aims to comprise not only Latin literature from the patristic and medieval periods but also from Antiquity and the early-modern and modern eras. The Library of Latin Texts gathers Latin texts of all genres and all periods. Great importance is attached to translations, essentially from Greek originals, into Latin. But he wondered why certain immigrants groups in certain occupations, or from certain parts of Ireland seemed to save so much more than other Irish immigrants.

Moving beyond "Rags to Riches" has several goals: 1 to make documents related to the huge Irish emigration to America more easily accessible to students and scholars; 2 to expand the variety of "digital history" projects available to the public, especially in the realms of immigration and economic history; and 3 to help scholars better understand which immigrants managed to save, which did not, and why, and thus to critically asses the "rags to riches" paradigm that is so often used to assess the "success" of immigrants throughout American history.

The website includes access to digitized bank ledgers, interactive maps, supplementary documents, and various other databases and datasets. The National Enquirer began publication in as the New York Enquirer and has been published under its current name since It covers general news with an emphasis on the sensational. In recent years, it has expressed political and social viewpoints reflecting those of a substantial portion of the U.

Because of its longevity, wide circulation, and reflection of aspects of popular culture, it is the leading U. The Library purchases current issues of the magazine, which it holds until the issues are replaced by microfilm. The Library of Congress is one of the few U. There is no known indexing of the National Enquirer. Index entries provide access to article title, author, subject, and names used in articles. Contents of the dataset will be updated semi-annually.

Opportunity Insights External This link opens in a new window. Based at Harvard University, Opportunity Insights makes available publicly available datasets that can be used by other researchers and practitioners to support their own work. These datasets allow users to analyze social mobility and a variety of other outcomes from life expectancy to patent rates by neighborhood, college, parental income level, and racial background. You can search for datasets by geographic level e.