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A number of contributions to this volume will comment on the literary reflection of these issues in the texts. The goal of the volume is to make available to English-speaking audiences, to students, teachers and to a wider circle of interested readers, a series of articles on genres, topics, authors, and texts that will help them understand the scope and depth of German crime fiction, its ties to international traditions and also the specificity of the German context, its historical development and contemporary situation. Open Access. About Us. English Deutsch. Sign In Create Profile. Advanced Search Help.

Subject Areas Subject Areas. Series: Companions to Contemporary German Culture, 7. Edited by: Thomas W. Overview Contents A companion to contemporary German crime fiction for English-speaking audiences is overdue. Kelley, General William H. WordStar word processors, jets] I didn't have a choice -- or did I? Messerschmitt Michelson, charge on an electron, Planck's constant, League of Nations, Nobel Prize in physics] The screwdriver: archetype of subtle obviousness [screwdriver, obvious, screwheads, invention] Reflections upon the tyranny of twentieth-century time [time, clocks, rhythm of life, American industry, industrialization, Mick Jagger] Alexander W.

Brandon's, and my father's, old surveying book [Civil War, Alexander W. Thomas Aquinas, St. Albert the Great, economics, St. The last word in AD Wells, Ray Bradbury, The Lake House , The Time Traveler's Wife , determinism, free will, time paradoxes, the butterfly effect] Are we really happy when we're young and sad when we're old?

Arts and Crafts: The perfect marriage of opposite [industrial arts, arts and crafts movement, crastsmanship, education, manufacturing] Revolution: rewriting all things, rewriting time itself [Fabre d'Eglantine, French Revolution, Saint Just, St. Cooper, Fred Noonan conspiracy theories] Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, and the many faces of yesterday's engineer [Henry Selby Hele-Shaw, engineer, Tay Bridge disaster, engineering education, fluid mechanics, Hele-Shaw flow, viscosity, potential flow, boundary layer, clutch, early automobiles, Benz, clutch design, drag reduction, shark porpoise skin] Trucks, the important quiet cousins of our fancy automobiles [GMC CCKW ton truck, Carl Benz, Cugnot's steam dray, hauling goods, John Mack, Komatsu dump truck, wheelers] John Fitch, a steamboat builder surrunded by the early makers of America [John Fitch, early America, Thomas Paine, steamboat, jet propolusion, Benjamin Franklin, John Hall, James Rumsey, George Washington, iron bridges, 18th-century revolution] Proof and Belief: Are they related?

Augustine [Liszt, Petrarch, St. Miller, Aerostat, airplane, aeroplane] Who were the Irish long ago? Tambora killed 70, people and gave rise to the novel Frankenstein [volcanoes, Mt. Ruiz, Mt. Helens, Vesuvius, Joseph Smith, Mt. Thomson, electron, neutron, proton, orbitals, Neils Bohr, teaching] Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin and the Golden Apples of the Sun [Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, Ray Bradbury, Golden Apples of the Sun, spectroscopy, composition of the sun, iron, hydrogen, helium, Harlow Shapely, Arthur Eddington, astrophysics, Harvard, women] Last places on Earth -- a new way to look at things [last places on Earth, Niger, quality of life, Dongba language, pictographs, Aral Sea, environment, ecology, land management, dinosaur extinctions, meteor, Ludlow, CO, Swains Island, ham radio, Tofa language] Fighting the home-vido format wars: Who will win?

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Coade's remarkable stones [Margaret Culbertson, artificial stone, Mrs. Ferry and the persistence of illumination [Ervin S. Ferry, Ferry-Porter Law of critical fusion, optics, ophthalmology, optometry, vision, persistence of sight, intrumentation, measurement, laboratory, Purdue University, Uppsala, engineering, automobile torpedo, Gyrodynamics, gyroscopic control, gyroscope, quantum mechanics] Revisiting the Commons in a rapidly changing world [ The Tragedy of the Commons, Crediton, Garrett Hardin, socialism, ownership, jefferson, Morrill Act, public education lending libraries, copyleft, copyright, Internet, Wikipedia] Prussian Blue and the House of Berger [Prussian Blue green, Thomas Lewis Berger, Louis Steinberger, lapis lazuli, Dippel, M.

Woodward, J. Hume and history being forgotten [The Mary D. Hume, Gold Beach, Oregon coast, ships, cargo boats, steamers, feral cat rescue, Rogue River jet boats, sea lions, fishing, seagulls, preservation and decay] Timbuktu: The romance and reality of a Renaissance intellectual center [Africa, Black, books, manuscripts, science, caravans, commerce, education] In which the Cairo's ghost rises from the Yazoo mud [Civil War, ship, steamboat, gunboat, war, anthropology, archaeology, war, army, navy, Union, Confederate, domestic technology, James Eads, St.

Vickers Vimy, flying the Atlantic, Turnabout, movie scripts, WW-I, torpedo boats, literature] The rise and demolition of New York's first skyscraper [Ditherington Flax Mill, Tower Building, Montgomery Schuyler, skyscrapers, Chicago, New York City, Flatiron Building, Monadnock Building, Bradford Gilbert, Daniel Burnham, architecture, Home Insurance Building, demolition, preservation] The Platonic "regular" solids: mathematics and divinty [Solid geometry, Platonic regular solids, Euclidean geometry, Johannas Kepler, cosmology, solar system, religion] It's moving day for a hundred thousand bees [honey bees, University of Houston campus, apiary, beekeeprs, environment, pollination, ecology, agriculture, insects, entymology] Music, creativity, and anarchy: accomplishment arising from the ground up [chamber music anarchy creativity invention organization leadership jazz St.

Cecilia Chamber Music Society jazzhouston. Andree aeronaut balloonist] Tracing recent history: computer memory over three decades [computer memory RAM storage flash drives floppy discs CD-ROM bytes information technology secondary storage technological evolution] In which we were saved from war because Kennedy remembered the past. Well, what can really be called recording? Wells Plato] On being reminded of the forgotten foundations, right under our feet [architecture Frank Tavares archaeology archaeologists anthropology Jerusalem Winchester Repeating Arms factory layers of history] Making ethanol from cellulose [moonshine, grain alcohol, ethanol, corn, cellulose, fiber, Energy, Independence and Security Act, cellulosic ethanol] A photo, older than we thought, rewrites history [Henry Bright Josiah Wedgwood James Watt Sir Humphrey Davy photography Henry Fox Talbot solar prints Southeby's camera obscuras photogenic drawings the Lunar Society] Gettysburg, a political turning point..

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Bell and Men of Mathematics [E. Simplot [J. Ball Hughes speaks from an old book on perspective [artists sculptors sculpture E. Auburn Cemetery pyrographics woodburning bas relief book printing steel plate engraving perspective] Swaying wooden roller coasters [roller coaster, Rattler, sway, skyscraper, airplane wing, danger, serenity, amusement parks] When cotton was king in Texas [textiles fabric fibers commerce Texas worldwide markets boll weevil pesticides fire ants agriculture Civil War slavery sharecroppers sea island cotton] Things we know are false, but one of them is true.

Which one? Evans] Was cave art too good to have been made 30, years ago? Isabella Beeton Samuel household management Victorian England upper classes food prepartion cooking domestic arts] A Visit to the Container Port of Houston [shipping container, stevedore, Port of Houston, container ships, cargo ships, longshoremen] St. Will it? Why, it's as easy as riding a bike!

Daniels, Willie S. Dough, Adam D. Etheridge, William C. Brinkley, John T. Plans Reserved for a Few Employees and. Corporate Officers. Preparation Time for Employee. Chairman Age Limit. ENI S. Against Directors if Presented by. Performance Rights Plan. Million Performance Rights to Neville. Power and 3. Rights to Peter Meurs. Representative s of Minutes of Meeting. Attendance Fees for Board and.

Committee Work. Ignatius Vice Chair , Minoo. Akhtarzand, Heinz-Werner Binzel, Eva. Hamilton, Tapio Kuula, Jyrki Talvitie. Reinikkala as New Director. Shares without Preemptive Rights. Article 3 of Bylaws Accordingly. Auditor in Published Copies of the. Auditors' Reports. Meeting with 14 Working Days' Notice.

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Imperial Brands plc. Grant of Share Rights to Michael. Wilkins, Chief Executive Officer of. Million Shares to National Indemnity. Options to National Indemnity Company. Directors' and Auditors' Reports. Equity-Linked Securities with or. Two Weeks' Notice. Rights to Andrew Thorburn, Group Chief. Executive Officer of the Company.

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Limited and Its Ordinary Shareholders. Australia Bank Limited's Share Capital. Dividends of CHF 2. Share Capital via Cancellation of. Repurchased Shares. Billion in Issued Share Capital. Executive Committee in the Amount of. CHF 93 Million. Compensation Committee. Independent Proxy. Statutory Reports; Approve Allocation. Per Share. Policy and Other Terms of Employment.

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Terms of Employment For Executive. Compensation for Executive Management. Observer on the Board Of Directors. Cancellation of Repurchased Shares. Nominating Committee. Chairman of the Nomination Committee. Business Strategy Review of the Company. Gonzalo Gortazar Rotaeche as Director. CEO's Bonus Metric. Reports of the Directors and Auditor. UK Law Purposes.

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Auditor of the Company. Remuneration of the Auditors. On-Market Share Buyback Authorities. BG Group plc. Renewable Energy Company by Investing. Renewable Energy. Equity Award Plan of the Company. Weinberg, Chairman. Olivier Brandicourt, CEO. Capital for Use in Stock Option Plans. Structure with Audit Committee -. Clarify Director Authority on. Shareholder Meetings - Amend. Provisions on Number of Directors -. Indemnify Directors - Authorize Board. Member Yamanaka, Yasuhiko. Member Kuniya, Shiro. Member Hatsukawa, Koji.