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To this end, nitrous oxide N 2 O , methane CH 4 and carbon dioxide CO 2 concentrations and the stable isotopes of nitrate NO 3 - and sulphate were monitored in 12 aquifers of the Walloon Region Belgium. The concentrations of GHGs range from 0. The highest average concentrations of N 2 O and pCO 2 are found in a chalky aquifer. The coupled use of statistical techniques and stable isotopes is a useful approach to identify the geochemical conditions that control the occurrence of GHGs in the aquifers of the Walloon Region.

The accumulation of N 2 O is most likely due to nitrification high concentrations of dissolved oxygen and NO 3 - and null concentrations of ammonium and, to a lesser extent, initial denitrification in a few sampling locations medium concentrations of dissolved oxygen and NO 3 -.

The oxic character found in groundwater is not prone to the accumulation of CH 4 in Walloon aquifers. Thus, indirect GHG emissions from the aquifers of the Walloon Region are likely to be a minor contributor to atmospheric GHG emissions, but their quantification would help to better constrain the nitrogen and carbon budgets. All rights reserved. Homogenity of geological units with respect to the radon risk in the Walloon region of Belgium.

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In the process of mapping indoor radon risk, an important step is to define geological units well-correlated with indoor radon. The present paper examines this question for the Walloon region of Belgium , using a database of more than 18, indoor radon measurements. A further division according to the geological massif or region is necessary to define units with a reasonable uniformity of the radon risk.

In particular, Paleozoic series from Cambrian to Devonian show strong differences between different massifs. Local hot-spots are also observed in the Brabant massif. Finally, 35 geological units are defined according to their radon risk, 6 of which still present a clear weak homogeneity. In the case of 4 of these units Jurassic, Middle Devonian of Condroz and of Fagne-Famenne, Ordovician of the Stavelot massif homogeneity is moderate, but the data are strongly inhomogeneous for Visean in Condroz and in the Brabant massif.

The 35 geological units are used in an ANOVA analysis, to evaluate the part of indoor radon variability which can be attributed to geology. The result Published by Elsevier Ltd.. Jurado, Anna; Borges, Alberto V. Greenhouse gases GHGs are an environmental problem because their concentrations in the atmosphere have continuously risen since the industrial revolution. They can be indirectly transferred to the atmosphere through groundwater discharge into surface water bodies such as rivers.

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However, their occurrence is poorly evaluated in groundwater. The aim of this work is to identify the hydrogeological contexts e. To this end, carbon dioxide CO2 , methane CH4 and nitrous oxide N2O concentrations, major and minor elements and environmental isotopes were monitored in several groundwater bodies of the Walloon Region Belgium from September to June Overall, groundwater was supersaturated in GHGs with respect to atmospheric equilibrium, suggesting that groundwater contribute to the atmospheric GHGs budget. Prior inspection of the data suggested that N2O in groundwater can be produced by denitrification and nitrification.

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The most suitable conditions for the accumulation of N2O are promoted by intermediate dissolved oxygen concentrations 2. These observations will be compared with the isotopes of NO CH4 was less detected and at lower concentration than N2O, suggesting that groundwater redox conditions are not reducing enough to promoted the production of CH4. The results will be presented and discussed in detail in the presentation. Environmental aspects in plant protection practices of non-agricultural pesticide users: case study of communes and the ministry of public works and transport MET of the Walloon Region Belgium.

In order to gain a better understanding of non-agricultural pesticide use and to prepare the legislative and technical dossiers required under the Water Framework Directive, between October and March , two surveys were conducted of 97 Walloon communes and 65 districts of the Walloon Ministry of Public Works and Transport MET General Directorates for Motorways and Roads and for Waterway Infrastructure. The questionnaire 26 questions on six topics was sent by e-mail or fax, with a response rate of 60 out of 97 communes and 33 out of 65 districts.

This article describes the environmental aspects of the surveys health-related aspects are the subject of separate article. The surveys have brought to light a number of good practices including zero pesticides and a growing awareness of environmental issues among non-agricultural users. However, bad habits, legislation infringements and a failure to follow good plant protection practice are still a problem and pose major environmental risks in the form of water pollution from pesticides. Information, awareness-raising and training therefore remain a priority for non-agricultural users.

Seismotectonic significance of the — Walloon Brabant seismic swarm in the Brabant Massif, Belgium. The geometry depicted by the hypocentral distribution is consistent with a nearly vertical, left-lateral strike-slip fault taking place in a current local WNW—ESE oriented local maximum horizontal stress field.

To determine a relevant tectonic structure, a systematic matched filtering approach of aeromagnetic data, which can approximately locate isolated anomalies associated with hypocentral depths, has been applied. Matched filtering shows that the — seismic swarm occurred along a limited-sized fault which is situated in slaty, low-magnetic rocks of the Mousty Formation. The fault is bordered at both ends with obliquely oriented magnetic gradients. Whereas the NW end of the fault is structurally controlled, its SE end is controlled by a magnetic gradient representing an early-orogenic detachment fault separating the low-magnetic slaty Mousty Formation from the high-magnetic Tubize Formation.

The seismic swarm is therefore interpreted as a sinistral reactivation of an inherited NW—SE oriented isolated fault in a weakened crust within the Cambrian core of. Design of a decision tool for hydromorphological restoration of water bodies in Walloon Region. It began in January for a period of 5 years.

River's biological recovery needs the recovery of river's structure and physical dynamics. Returning to "good ecological status" inevitably involves physical restoration of affected rivers. Physical component of aquatic environment acts as a limiting factor for their functioning. Therefore hydromorphology is needed to implement the WFD. To respond to this legal necessity, we develop a unique, useful and suitable methodology in Walloon Region to determine and schedule river physical quality restoration works.

This methodology has been applied on 3 "risk water bodies". The works are based on two axes : longitudinal continuity and transversal continuity. The two first selected water bodies Bocq river, eastern tributary of the Meuse seem to be convenient for the restoration works which concern the longitudinal continuity due to the presence of dams and other obstacles usually between 1 and 3 m high. These works consist in dam management weir removal or fish passage taking into account hydromorphological bedload transport and biological invertebrate or fish species free movement impacts.

The third water bodies Eau Blanche river, western tributary of the Meuse presents straightened rivers with artificial banks, witch consequently own bad connections between the stream and its floodplain. This water bodies should therefore be appropriated.

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Short communication: Genetic variation of saturated fatty acids in Holsteins in the Walloon region of Belgium. Random regression test-day models using Legendre polynomials are commonly used for the estimation of genetic parameters and genetic evaluation for test-day milk production traits. However, some researchers have reported that these models present some undesirable properties such as the overestimation of variances at the edges of lactation.

Describing genetic variation of saturated fatty acids expressed in milk fat might require the testing of different models. Therefore, 3 different functions were used and compared to take into account the lactation curve: 1 Legendre polynomials with the same order as currently applied for genetic model for production traits; 2 linear splines with 10 knots; and 3 linear splines with the same 10 knots reduced to 3 parameters.

The criteria used were Akaike's information and Bayesian information criteria, percentage square biases, and log-likelihood function.

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These criteria indentified Legendre polynomials and linear splines with 10 knots reduced to 3 parameters models as the most useful. Reducing more complex models using eigenvalues seemed appealing because the resulting models are less time demanding and can reduce convergence difficulties, because convergence properties also seemed to be improved. Finally, the results showed that the reduced spline model was very similar to the Legendre polynomials model. Copyright c American Dairy Science Association.

Published by Elsevier Inc. The Kingdom of Belgium which borders on the nations of France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and the Federal Republic of Germany, is one of the smallest European countries and is a parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarch.

The branches of its government are the executive with a king, a prime minister, and a Council of Ministers , the legislative a bicameral Parliament and various regional and cultural assemblies , and the judicial a Court of Cassation modelled on the French system. During the 80 year period which preceded WWI, Belgium remained neutral in an era of intra-European wars until German troops overran the country during their attack on France in Some of the worst battles of that war were fought in Belgium.

Again in , Belgium was occupied by the Germans. There was a government-in-exile in London; however the King remained in Belgium during the war.

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The course of Belgian politics was determined largely by the division of the Belgian people into 2 major language groups--the Dutch speakers and French speakers. Regional and language rivalries are taken into account in all important national decisions. The 3 major political parties representing the main ideological tendencies are the Socialists, the Socialist Christians, and the Liberals. Belgium is one of the most open economies in the world and is a densely populated, highly industrialized country in the midst of a highly industrialized region.

An economic austerity program was instituted at the beginning of this decade which included devaluation of the Belgian franc, reduction of government expenditures, a partial price freeze, etc. Improvements have been seen as a result of this program. Secondly, RCP simulations are executed at convection-permitting resolutions 3 to 5 km on small domains. The organization of the project will be presented and first results will be shown, demonstrating that convection-permitting models can add extra skill to the mesoscale version of the regional climate models, in particular regarding the extreme value statistics and the diurnal cycle.

Educational inequalities in young-adult mortality between the s and the s: regional differences in Belgium.