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The emperor adorned the city with many of its signature monuments, Neoclassical almost-follies designed to amplify his majesty: the Arc de Triomphe, Arc du Carrousel and the Madeleine. At the fall of the Empire, in , Paris was saved from destruction by the arch-diplomat Talleyrand, who delivered the city to the Russians with hardly a shot fired. Nationalists grumbled that the occupation continued well into the Restoration regime, as the city once again became the playground of the rich of Europe, the ultimate tourist destination.

He finally completed the Louvre, rebuilding much of the facade in the process, but it was his Prefect of the Seine, Baron Haussmann , who truly transformed the city, smashing through the slums to create wide boulevards that could be easily controlled by rifle-toting troops — not that it succeeded in preventing the Commune , the most determined insurrection since It was down these large boulevards, lined with grey bourgeois residences, that Nazi troops paraded in June , followed by the Allies, led by General Leclerc, in August Although riotous street protests have been a feature of modern Parisian life — most famously in May , when students burst onto the streets of the Quartier Latin — the traditional barricade-builders have long since been booted into the depressing satellite towns, known as la banlieue, alongside the under-served populations of immigrants and their descendants.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January — when seventeen people, including well-known journalists of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, were shot dead by three self-confessed jihadists from the Paris area — the city experienced a renewed sense of unity and solidarity, which prompted the mayor to put the city forward as a candidate to host the Olympic Games in It may seem familiar from afar, but close up the Eiffel Tower is still an excitingly improbable structure; an ascent to the top is an unforgettable experience.

You can skip the line with priority access. Join the joggers and cyclists, have a picnic or just soak up the wonderful views on the Parc Rives de Seine, a scenic riverside loop that takes in both the Right and Left banks. Better still, enjoy a cruise on the river itself. Sainte-Chapelle 's stunning stained-glass windows rank among the greatest achievements of French High Gothic.

A fabulously restored Marais mansion is the setting for this unrivalled collection of Picasso's paintings, sculptures, drawings and ceramics. Book priority entrance to bypass the queues. The Pompidou 's radical "inside-out" architecture looks just as ground-breaking as it did when it first opened in the s, and its modern art museum is a knockout.

Rodin's stirring sculptures are shown off to their best advantage in the sculptor's elegant eighteenth-century mansion and garden. You could easily spend a whole day and more exploring the world-class Louvre 's collections, including famous Italian Renaissance paintings and ancient Greek and Roman sculpture. Frank Gehry's astonishing "cloud of glass" in the Bois de Boulogne holds an inspiring collection of contemporary art.

Premium access will allow you to use a separate entrance and covers entrance to temporary exhibitions. The ultimate French royal palace, awesome in its size and magnificence, and boasting exquisite gardens that are free to visit. Go by train for a stress-free trip. A symbol of revolution since the toppling of the Bastille prison in the , the Bastille quarter was a largely working-class district up until the construction of the new opera house in the s. Since then, it has attracted artists, fashion folk and young people, who have brought with them stylish shops and an energetic nightlife, concentrated on rue de Lappe and rue de la Roquette.

The area around the Centre Pompidou is home to more contemporary art. This squirting waterworks pays homage to Stravinsky — each fountain corresponds to one of his compositions The Firebird , The Rite of Spring and so on — and shows scant respect for passers-by.

The opening of the Centre Pompidou in gave rise to some violent reactions; since then, however, it has won over critics and public alike. Architects Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers freed up maximum space inside by placing all infrastructure outside: utility pipes and escalator tubes, all brightly colour-coded according to their function, climb around the exterior in crazy snakes-and-ladders fashion.

Thanks to an astute acquisitions policy and some generous gifts, the collection is a near-complete visual essay on the history of twentieth-century art and is so large that only a fraction of the 50, works are on display at any one time. On the fifth floor, Fauvism, Cubism, Dada, abstract art, Surrealism and abstract expressionism are all well represented.

The fourth floor is given over to contemporary art , featuring installations, photography and video art, as well as displays of architectural models and contemporary design. On the northern edge of the Pompidou Centre, down some steps off the sloping piazza, in a small separate building, is the Atelier Brancusi , the reconstructed home and studio of Constantin Brancusi. The sculptor bequeathed the contents of his workshop to the state on condition that the rooms be arranged exactly as he left them, and they provide a fascinating insight into how he lived and worked.

Bordering the area to the west is the Bois de Boulogne , with its trees, lakes, cycling trails and the beautiful floral displays of the Parc de Bagatelle. Picnic tables and benches are dotted all along the promenade, and riverside restaurant-bars offer a good selection of food and drink. For more information, see paris.

In terms of climate spring is deservedly the classic and best time to visit Paris, with bright days balanced by rain showers. Paris in high summer is usually hot and can be uncomfortably humid, especially between mid-July and the end of August, when many Parisians flee south, leaving the city to the tourists. In autumn things can be pleasingly mild and gratifyingly uncrowded except during the autumn fashion show and trade-fair season, when hotels fill up early , but on overcast days — all too common — it can feel very melancholy.

Most tourists are keen, rightly, to take a boat trip on the Seine.

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One good option is the Batobus; otherwise Bateaux-Mouches is the best-known operator. Night-time cruises use dazzling lights to illuminate the streetscapes — much more fun for people on board than passing pedestrians.


The pricey lunch and dinner trips are best avoided. Another option, which takes you past less-visited sights, is to take a canal boat trip. Paris Canal is the company to offer cruises that ally the charm of Canal Saint Martin, and its locks, to the majesty of the major monuments on the Seine. Younger designers have colonized the lower reaches of the latter street, between rue Cambon and rue des Pyramides. On the eastern side of the city , around the Marais, Canal St Martin and Bastille, the clothes, like the residents, are younger, cooler and more relaxed.

Chic boutiques cluster on rue Charlot, rue du Poitou and rue Saintonge in the Haut Marais , and young, trendy designers and hippy outfits congregate on Bastille streets rue de Charonne and rue Keller. For more streetwise clothing, the area surrounding the Forum des Halles is a good place to browse; Rue Etienne Marcel and pedestrianized rue Tiquetonne are good for clothes with a young, urban edge. Another park well worth seeing is the fairy-tale-like Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. The cemetery was opened in , after an urgent stop had been put to further burials in the overflowing city cemeteries and churchyards.

Among the most visited graves is that of Chopin Division 11 , often attended by Poles bearing red-and-white wreaths and flowers. In Division 97 are the memorials to the victims of the Nazi concentration camps and executed Resistance fighters.

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Even outside the Michelin-starred temples to high cuisine, of which the city has many, a huge number of Parisian restaurants remain defiantly traditional, offering classic cuisine bourgeoise based on well-sauced meat dishes, or regional French cuisines. You can find a tremendous variety of foods, from Senegalese to Vietnamese, however, while the so-called bistronomy movement sees accomplished chefs rejecting over-fussy concoctions in favour of more experimental cuisine, focusing on fresh flavours — and even, shockingly, giving a starring role to vegetables — usually served in less elaborate settings and at lower prices.

Generally you will only need to do this a day or so in advance, but the most renowned places may require booking up to several weeks or in some cases, months ahead.

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A few of the more classic or unusual markets are recommended below; for a full list, arranged by arrondissement, see the town hall site, paris. Historic street and covered food market in the square; one of the cheapest and most popular in Paris.

Huge, authentic street market, with lots of regional produce. Lively, noisy neighbourhood market selling a good range of fresh ethnic food. Covered food market abounding in eating outlets and produce.

Fabulous and quite pricey produce set around the pretty Monge fountain; organic stalls on Sundays. Market stalls, artisan produce and gourmet food stores spread along this foodie street. Sun 9am—3pm. Lesbians have fewer dedicated addresses, but the community is becoming more energetic and visible. In a interview with Der Spiegel , von der Leyen expressed her preference for "a united states of Europe — run along the lines of the federal states of Switzerland, Germany or the USA" which would capitalize on Europe's size by agreeing on core issues relating to finance, tax and economic politics.

In , von der Leyen argued that a form of EU army should be a long-term goal. She also said that she was convinced about the goal of a combined military force, just as she was convinced that "perhaps not my children, but then my grandchildren will experience a United States of Europe ". She also stated that the EU should extend the Brexit deadline beyond 31 October When the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in favour of tax equality to same-sex couples in , von der Leyen came forward in support of equal adoption rights , arguing that "I know of no study that says that children growing up in same-sex partnerships fare any differently than children who grow up in heterosexual marriages or partnerships.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. President of the European Commission. Her Excellency. Main article: Albrecht family. Ancestors of Ursula von der Leyen George Alexander Albrecht — , Cotton Merchant 8. Friedrich Carl Albrecht — , Cotton Merchant [] Carl Eduard Albrecht — , Psychologist [] Edward Twells Robertson — [] 9. Carl Franz Heinrich Berg — [] Ernst Carl Julius Berg — , Pharmacist [] Julius Rudolph Krause, Engineer [] Philipp August Adolph Stromeyer — [] Karl Wilhelm Gustav Stromeyer — , Doctor [] Therese Henriette Jacobine Schuster — [] 6.

Gustav Julius Wilhelm Stromeyer born , Pharmacist [] Heinrich Runge — [] Richard Ohlrogge — , Businessman in the nautical sector [] 7. Accepting those that come from far away is part of the European way of life. Von der Leyen must present a better proposal".

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Retrieved 2 July BBC News. Official Journal of the European Union. Retrieved 8 July Retrieved 23 September Financial Times.

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