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Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting

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Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting - Wikipedia

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Specifically, some jurors had to be replaced by alternate jurors for various reasons, such as illness or speaking out of court. In addition, on 29 January , a dossier related to the case was stolen from the office of an attorney for one of the civil parties. The theft did not have an impact on the trial though. After all witnesses were heard, closing arguments were presented by all parties starting from 18 February First the attorneys for the civil parties aggrieved parties seeking compensation, such as the victims' families presented their arguments, and the following week the prosecution and defence did so too.

According to the prosecution, it was clear that Nemmouche was the perpetrator of the attack. Bendrer on the other hand was not aware of what Nemmouche was going to do with the weapons he supplied, according to the prosecution, and should therefor not be found guilty of being a co-author but rather of being an accomplice in the attack i.

Bendrer's help was not indispensable in committing the attack.

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Amongst other things, they mentioned a lack of footage from security cameras other than those of the museum, accused the two French journalists who testified during the trial of lying, and suggested Nemmouche's DNA material was planted at the scene after the attack. According to the defence, Nemmouche was recruited by Iranian and Lebanese security services after being released from prison in , and went to Syria to infiltrate ISIS on their behalf, after which he was sent to Brussels. They claimed that the victims were in fact Mossad operatives who were liquidated by the aforementioned security services, and that Nemmouche was used as a scapegoat.

On 4 March , all parties were given the opportunity to reply to each other's arguments.

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The civil parties and the prosecution decried the defence's claims that Nemmouche was set up as conspiratorial, incoherent and false. They also took offence to the defence trying to shift the blame for the attack to the victims. The defence in turn held on to its arguments. Whilst Nemmouche had remained silent throughout the trial up to that point, he did speak shortly.

He endorsed the plea of his attorneys and stated he was indeed framed. On 7 March , Mehdi Nemmouche was found guilty by the jury of the terrorist murders of the four individuals in the museum attack, and of the illegal possession of the weapons used in the attack. In the reasoning the jury gave for its verdict , required by Belgian law, the main evidence against Nemmouche was summed up. The evidence against Nemmouche that convinced the jury included the fact he was carrying the weapons used in the attack with him when he was arrested in Marseille, together with the clothing the perpetrator worn as seen on the security footage from the museum.