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Oh, and the constant obsession with painting black people as more homophobic even though most all anti-gay policies and laws have been led by white men. So this idea — that LGBT minorities may be more comfortable being in relationships with white people than straight ones, even though the greater gay community has long been exclusionary — is bizarre and deserves some meditation.

We as gay men, as people who have been fighting for so long to be seen as deserving of equality, have decided that we were willing to bring racism forward as long as what we imagined to be homophobia lessened. And I am starting to think that this self-reinforcing racism could be part of the higher rates of interracial coupling in our community.

And our love should actually be used to fight battles that make things better for people like the fight for same-sex marriage just did. And if things much bigger than love have tainted love itself. Topics Same-sex marriage US Opinion. Race LGBT rights comment. The sails show recent advertisements from companies capitalizing on the new market of positivity surrounding sexual diversity. The ship appears to be headed to an uncertain future. In this work, Simon Fujiwara makes sly references to the current condition of political and moral world leaders.

The black, gay community may be out – but it's not proud

Pink panther — a subversive figure sometimes associated with the gay community — appears to have infiltrated the catholic holy inner sanctum, the Vatican. He plays havoc, popping in and out of windows, hanging from the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. A cartoon figure, a puppet with no voice and a desire to only satisfy itself seems to be running the show now.

The use of their own masterpieces within the framing of their bodies presents them as a series of mad clowns, ready to be consumed for our entertainment relating to the personal fears of Fujiwara associated with producing work in the age of social media and entertainment. Together they form the sails of a ravaged black ship, decorated with skeletons and symbols of the syphilis virus.

The artist made this work after contracting the disease, as a playful exorcism of the images of abjection and sexual deviance that often cast shame on those suffering from STDs. Here Fujiwara over exploits their potential to shock or disturb, by turning the imagery into a fantastical dark pirate ship and pushing a hyper confirmation of our desire to cast our hidden sexual lives in the dark.

This fantastical lamp converted into a treasure chest was conceived by the artist during the fevers he suffered from while being treated for syphilis. His battle with the disease became a fairy tale told with imagery related to the historic nature of the disease. At the end of a fairy tale there is often a moral, a goal or a treasure chest. The artist reimagines the underground life of Berlin as a fun miniature theme park, with an almost childlike pleasure and innocence usually not associated with places designed for anonymous sex.

Inspired by the history of syphilis and its origins in the conquest of the Americas by Christopher Columbus who brought the disease to Europe in the late XV century, Fujiwara fuses his own infection by the disease with a deep connection to the history of modern Europe. The cold yet fantastical materiality of the work forms a deeply personal self portrait of the artist in conflict between the worlds of imagination and pragmatism, capitalism and ecology, the self-celebration and objectification.

Questions that run deeply through his practice. The ark or treasure chest is often the end point of an adventure story, containing the treasure, a code or an answer to a question or at least some crucial information. This meant the civil part of the proceedings before the court of assizes without the jury with regards to damages had to be postponed.

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On 18 September , the Court of Cassation rejected the appeal, which established the criminal sentence as final. Subsequently, on 22 October the court of assizes awarded , euro in damages to the victims' next of kin and the Jewish Museum, to be paid by both convicts. Joel Rubinfeld of the Belgian League Against Antisemitism described the act as "the inevitable result of a climate that distills hatred Rise Up, Belgians , on the eve of the Belgian federal elections.

In a statement the league said, "These crimes with racist and anti-Semitic accents are unfortunately likely to reverse in our country the efforts of all those who, on a daily basis, are working for a society where everyone, regardless of his religious and philosophical beliefs, can live in dignity and respect.

Italian President Giorgio Napolitano recalled "the needing to keep in guard and be ready to wear out every regurgitation of antisemitism" and declared "I am always close to the world of Jewish communities yet again harshly hit". Ministry of Interior Angelino Alfano declared "Dead and injured from the Bruxelles' attack are also our dead and injured" and stressed that "there are no motives in the world that can allow all of this". The Dutch minister of Foreign affairs, Frans Timmermans , expressed his solidarity to his Belgian colleague.

He said that he was shocked by the cowardly attack. An affront against the values our modern Europe represents.

In written statement, "Turkey hopes the attack was not related to "racist or anti-Semitic " motives. Or else we will be very concerned over the result of the latest EU Parliament elections , which was very disappointing. There is a need to establish a pan-European taskforce in order to annihilate anti-Semitism.

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The governments of Europe have to take steps, words aren't enough. Lauder reacted with shock, saying "Two years after Toulouse, and on the eve of the European elections, this despicable attack is yet another terrible reminder of the kind of threats Europe's Jews are currently facing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jewish Museum of Belgium shooting

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