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He came to the U. He forwarded Mr. Mergenthaler the cash for his passage with the promise of work upon his arrival. At first he worked on knives and tools in Hahl's shop, and obtained his first patent at the age of He became a naturalized citizen of the U. He excelled here and became foreman within two years.

The firm made many instruments for the new weather bureau. In , Mr. Hahl moved his shop to Baltimore. The partnership ended in and Mr. Merganthaler moved to a small shop on St. Paul Street.

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Here he pursued his great invention. Ottmar Mergenthaler was a German inventor, who has been called a second Gutenberg because of his invention of a machine that could easily and quickly set movable type. This machine revolutionized the art of printing.

Before Mergenthaler's invention of the linotype in , no newspaper in the world had more than eight pages. He invented the linotype machine in , a machine that allowed an operator to automatically set metal type, which revolutionized the printing industry.

This machine could cast an entire line of type at a time from molten metal. He named it the Linotype line o' type and received his first patent. He secured financial backing and formed a company to place the invention on the market. This was one of the largest sums ever paid for an invention, which had not yet produced one dollar of profit. It was located at Clagett and Allen Sts.

Ottmar Mergenthaler married Emma Lachemayer to on September 11, They had four children, Fritz who died as a result of a terrible automobile accident in Cape May in , Eugene , Herman and Pauline Ottmar died of tuberculosis. A Baltimore City High School was named in his honor. There is also the Mergenthaler Hall on the Homewood campus of the Johns Hopkins University, which was built in with funds provided by Eugene and Mrs. Ottmar Mergenthaler, son and widow of Ottmar. He is buried at Loudon Park Cemetery. Munder to , a confectioner and pioneer in the manufacturing of candied fruits, and Priscilla Price.

He was the brother to Charles, Wilmer and sister, Carrie. Norman Thompson Aeisler Munder was a devout Christian and a meticulous Master printer and typographer. Eventually the head of his own Baltimore company - Norman T. He made it a rule that the first work printed off of any of his new machines must be a teaching of Jesus Christ, and he attributes the success of his business to his endeavors to follow the teachings of Jesus. He made his business an avenue of expression of his beliefs, and his work demonstrated the best in art, ideals and his Christian faith. At age 7, Norman and his brothers bought an old printing press on sale and went into the printing business, first making visiting cards, delivered by a toy wagon pulled by a billy goat.

In , they were able to open their first shop the Munder Brothers on Baltimore Street, because their mother took them to buy their first real printing press with modern equipment and it ran faithfully until the Baltimore Fire. But in using the press, Norman lost two fingertips. He was not discouraged for he was drawn by the love of the work.

So overwhelmed were they that the brothers hired four skilled journeymen printers. Meanwhile, Norman attended School No. Norman began to think in terms of beauty in printing and the new Maryland Casualty Co. In , his company won a gold medal in the Panama-Pacific Exposition for the best example of book printing and fine pictures. The business grew and by , they moved to the Candler Bldg.

With the development of the gas engine, their foot-operated presses were replaced. After brother Charles' death, the firm moved to E. Fayette, opposite the Court House. They now had 33 workers and 11 presses. Their specialty was to "do what others could not. Morgan, John D.

Rockefeller and other institutions. In a Printing exhibition, he won a "gold" award - the highest available. In October , "PM" gave a birthday party in his honor.

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Norman was a pioneer in many features of printing. His achievements added new words to printer's vocabulary, new styles of type to printing equipment, new methods of plate work; new varieties of ink, and new combinations of paper. Norman's printed books and books on printing, broadsides, maps, pamphlets, reproduced etchings, and other ephemera is well documented on-line and in the Pratt. The "Baltimore Sun" gave him many tributes including a tribute regarding the decision of who should print L. Wroth's manuscript "A History of Printing in Colonial Maryland" a definitive study of the origins of letterpress craftsmanship , in the finest traditions of years?

After retirement from active business in , the Library of Congress asked him to reproduce the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States using yr. Though he thought it sacrilege to use photos, he restored the beauty of the original printing and the reproductions are stored at the courthouse in Sandusky, Ohio.

Norman was a beloved uncle of the Riefle family. He married Elizabeth Bessie Riefle, and they had two daughters - but Bessie died in delivering the second. Hawley, Munder is buried at Green Mount Cemetery. Raine see profile , in which he was engaged for over twenty years in the capacity of business manager. Pruess was born at Bredstedt, Schleswig-Holstein. He was the youngest son of Johann Peter and Ann Carstensen. As a child he lived and worked with his father on his farm and learned the printing trade and worked for a newspaper founded by his brother, Peter Preuss.

He left and arrived in the U. He sold the farm after two years and wanted to return to printing. He found work with a newspaper in Johnstown, PA. August Trappe resigned and returned to Baltimore and John carried on the paper alone until At that time, he sold the paper and moved to Baltimore. The paper carried on until In Baltimore, Mr. Pruess began to work with the Deutsche Correspondent, first as a police reporter and then as a political reporter. He succeeded Richard Ortmann as editor upon Mr. He held that position until the last of the original paper was published in Edward Raine was born in Minden, Prussia.

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His grandfather, John Philip Wundermann was a publisher and musical composer. Raine came to the U. He traveled west and worked for several papers in Ohio.

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He returned to Baltimore at the request of his brother in the early s. He became general manager of the German Correspondent. When Frederick Raine died, Edward Raine became the sole proprietor and publisher. The paper grew to the point where in he began publishing the Sunday Correspondent , making that the third publication…a daily, weekly and Sunday. Edward Raine and his family are buried at Loudon Park Cemetery. His father came to the U.

He received an education in his native town and his first instruction in journalism from his Uncle Frederick Wundermann. He was apprenticed to the publishing and printing house at the age of fourteen.

The apprenticeship ended in , when Raine joined his father in Baltimore. It was the first German newspaper to make foreign and domestic news its focal point. The publication included in full German language important official documents, municipal, State or national. A masculine versatile TOP with a Hi I'm Ganny, active muscle guy very passionate; here to please you and eas Hello, My Name is Don, I am tall dark salt and pepper hair masculine alpha Serious Only Fun, open, and understanding.