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Results Hospital pharmacists spent a median of minutes a week on drug supply problems, with a minimum of 40 minutes per week and a maximum of minutes per week. Conclusion These exploratory results on time spent by hospital pharmacists on drug supply problems in Belgium highlight the economic impact of drug supply problems for hospital pharmacies.

We examined the clinical utility of MSmetrix and investigated if automated MRI volumes could discriminate between groups covering the AD continuum and could be used as a predictor for clinical progression.

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Baseline WB and GM volumes could accurately discriminate between clinical diagnostic groups and were significantly decreased with increasing cognitive impairment. Therefore, MSmetrix can support clinicians in their diagnostic decisions, is able to detect clinical disease progression, and is of help to stratify populations for clinical trials. Parabens, benzophenone-3 BP3 , and phthalates are commonly used as antimicrobial conservator, UV-filter, and plasticizer, respectively, and are thought to exhibit endocrine disrupting properties.

These endocrine disrupting activities have been recently assumed to lead to cutaneous malignant melanoma. Humans are exposed to these chemicals through different sources such as food, personal care products, or cosmetics. In this study , we measured urinary levels of 4 parabens, BP3, and 7 metabolites of phthalates in samples collected from participants living in and around Liege Belgium. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that the urinary levels of these 3 classes of chemicals are reported for the same general population in Belgium.

Most of the parabens, the BP3, and all the phthalate metabolites were detected in For most of these chemicals, the exposure patterns significantly differ not only between children and adults, but also between males and females, especially with higher concentrations of parabens and phthalate metabolites in female and children subjects, respectively. The present study aimed to evaluate current treatment patterns and achievement of treatment goals in Belgian patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. Treatment success was defined according to the current European consensus treatment goal algorithm.

Of the patients included in the study , Methotrexate The percentage of patients achieving treatment goals was significantly higher in biologic-treated patients Undertreatment of psoriasis remains a problem in Belgium and more effective educational strategies are needed to ensure the best treatment outcome for these patients.

Occupational stress and incidence of sick leave in the Belgian workforce: the Belstress study. Context: Sick leave is a major problem in public health. Study objective: The aim of the study was to test the predictive power of the JDCS model in relation with one year incidence of sick leave in a large cohort of workers. Design and setting: Cohort study conducted between and in 25 companies across Belgium. Participants: A total of 20 workers aged 35 to 59 years were followed up for sick leave during one year after the baseline survey. Main results: Independently from baseline confounding variables, a significant association between high strained jobs with low social support and repetitive spells of sickness absence was observed in both sexes with odds ratios of 1.

In men, high strained jobs with low social support was also significantly associated with high sick leave incidence, and short spells of sick leave with odds ratios of 1. Conclusions: Perceived high strain at work especially combined with low social support is predictive of sick leave in both sexes of a large cohort of the Belgian workforce. Belgian guidelines for economic evaluations: second edition. The aim of this study was to present the updated methodological guidelines for economic evaluations of healthcare interventions drugs, medical devices, and other interventions in Belgium. The update of the guidelines was performed by three Belgian health economists following feedback from users of the former guidelines and personal experience.

The updated guidelines were discussed with a multidisciplinary team consisting of other health economists, assessors of reimbursement request files, representatives of Belgian databases and representatives of the drugs and medical devices industry. The final document was validated by three external validators that were not involved in the previous discussions. The guidelines give methodological guidance for the following components of an economic evaluation: literature review, perspective of the evaluation, definition of the target population , choice of the comparator, analytic technique and study design, calculation of costs, valuation of outcomes, definition of the time horizon, modeling, handling uncertainty and discounting.

We present a reference case that can be considered as the minimal requirement for Belgian economic evaluations of health interventions. These guidelines will improve the methodological quality, transparency and uniformity of the economic evaluations performed in Belgium. The guidelines will also provide support to the researchers and assessors performing or evaluating economic evaluations.

Knowledge and attitudes of nurses on pressure ulcer prevention: a cross-sectional multicenter study in Belgian hospitals. Evidence-based guidelines for pressure ulcer prevention have been developed and promoted by authoritative organizations. However, nonadherence to these guidelines is frequently reported. Negative attitudes and lack of knowledge may act as barriers to using guidelines in clinical practice. To study the knowledge and attitudes of nurses about pressure ulcer prevention in Belgian hospitals and to explore the correlation between knowledge, attitudes, and the application of adequate prevention.

A cross-sectional multicenter study was performed in a random sample of 14 Belgian hospitals, representing wards.

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Out of that group, 94 wards were randomly selected patients. Clinical observations were performed to assess the adequacy of pressure ulcer prevention and pressure ulcer prevalence. From each participating ward, a random selection of at least five nurses completed an extensively validated knowledge and attitude instrument. In total, nurses participated. A logistic regression analysis was performed to evaluate the correlation between knowledge, attitudes, and the application of adequate prevention.

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Pressure ulcer prevalence Category I-IV was The attitudes of nurses toward pressure ulcers are significantly correlated with the application of adequate prevention. No correlation was found. Four sexually transmitted infections STIs in Belgian general practice: first results of a nationwide continuing surveillance study.

A special focus is put on data quality. Retrospective observational study. General practices from the nationwide representative SGP network. Agreement between data distributions by year, agreement between SGP-based incidence and incidence based on mandatory notification, missingness of patient age or gender and incompleteness of sexual risk history of patients. The incidence of chlamydia in men was significantly higher in than in Population characteristics were similarly distributed in and The SGP-based incidence of gonorrhoea and syphilis in Flanders were in agreement with the incidence based on mandatory notification of cases.

Patient age or gender was missing from 35 episodes Independent determinants of missingness of patient age or gender were the Flemish region OR 3. An incomplete sexual risk history was reported for The odds for an incomplete sexual history were higher for older patients OR 1. Incompleteness of reports about patients with STI sexual risk histories is important from the perspective of quality of data and of quality of care.

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Together with the low rates of both HIV testing and discussion of partner notification, this suggests that a general practice guideline is needed. Published by the BMJ Publishing. Perceived parental psychological control and adolescent depressive experiences: a cross-cultural study with Belgian and South-Korean adolescents. In recent research on psychologically controlling parenting, debate has arisen about the cross-cultural relevance of this construct, with some scholars arguing that the developmental outcomes of psychological control are culture-bound and others arguing that the detrimental effects of psychological control generalize across cultures.

This study aimed to add to this debate by examining the relevance of a distinction between two domain-specific expressions of psychological control i. Multi-group path analyses showed that associations between the domains of psychological control, depressive personality, and depressive symptoms were similar between the two samples.

Overall, the findings are in line with the notion that the effects of psychological control generalize across culture. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved. Implicit attitudes to sexual partner concurrency vary by sexual orientation but not by gender-A cross sectional study of Belgian students. High rates of sexual partner concurrency have been shown to facilitate the spread of various sexually transmitted infections. Assessments of explicit attitudes to concurrency have however found little difference between populations.

Implicit attitudes to concurrency may vary between populations and play a role in generating differences in the prevalence of concurrency. We developed a concurrency implicit associations test C-IAT to assess if implicit attitudes towards concurrency may vary between individuals and populations and what the correlates of these variations are. A sample of Belgian students mean age 23, SD 5. The study participants C-IATs demonstrated a strong preference for monogamy There was no difference in this implicit preference for monogamy between heterosexual men and women. Men who have sex with men and women who have sex with women were more likely to exhibit implicit but not explicit preferences for concurrency compared to heterosexual men and women.

Correlates of the C-IAT varied between men and women. Genomics of a revived breed: Case study of the Belgian campine cattle. Through centuries of both natural and artificial selection, a variety of local cattle populations arose with highly specific phenotypes. However, the intensification and expansion of scale in animal production systems led to the predominance of a few highly productive cattle breeds.

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  • The loss of local populations is often considered irreversible and with them specific qualities and rare variants could be lost as well. Over these last years, the interest in these local breeds has increased again leading to increasing efforts to conserve these breeds or even revive lost populations , e. However, the remaining populations are expected to contain crossbred individuals resulting from introgressions.

    Using the revived Campine breed as a case study , individuals registered as purebreds were genotyped on the Illumina BovineSNP Introgression with Holstein and beef cattle genotypes was limited to only a few farms. While the current population shows a substantial amount of within-breed variation, the majority of genotypes can be separated from other breeds in the study , supporting the re-establishment of the Campine breed.

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    This would support an open herdbook policy, thereby increasing the population size and consequently providing a more secure future for the breed. Enduring health effects of asbestos use in Belgian industries: a record-linked cohort study of cause-specific mortality — Objective To investigate cause-specific mortality among asbestos workers and potentially exposed workers in Belgium and evaluate potential excess in mortality due to established and suspected asbestos-related diseases. Design This cohort study is based on an individual record linkage between the Belgian census and cause-specific mortality information for Flanders and Brussels — Setting Belgium Flanders and Brussels region.

    Excess risks in asbestos-related mortality are also found in the chemical industry, the construction industry, the electrical generation and distribution industry, the basic metals manufacturing industry, the metal products manufacturing industry, the railroad industry, and the shipping industry. Workers in all four industries have elevated mortality rates for cancer of the mouth.

    Only construction workers experience significantly higher pharyngeal cancer mortality SMR ; CI to Conclusions The study identifies vulnerable groups of Belgian asbestos. Trends from the surveillance of suicidal behaviour by the Belgian Network of Sentinel General Practices over two decades: a retrospective observational study. First, we describe trends in characteristics of suicidal events using new and previous , and data reported by the Belgian Network of Sentinel General Practices SGP ; second, we examine patient age-related trends in on-site attendance of sentinel general practitioners GPs as first professional caregivers following suicidal behaviour; third, we investigate the accuracy of suicide incidence estimates derived from the SGP data.

    Patient gender and age, suicide methods, whether the patient was new, whether the GP was the first caregiver on-site, and the outcome of the suicidal behaviour fatal or not were recorded on standard registration forms.

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    • The accuracy of suicide incidence estimates was tested against suicide mortality data. Over the four time periods, suicidal events were reported: suicides, suicide attempts and events of suicidal behaviour of unknown outcome. Unawareness of patients' suicidal behaviour endangers both care for surviving patients and the completeness of SGP surveillance data.