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Be it in fashion, interiors or even urban architecture, red is often nothing more than a faux pas, a wrong-footed attempt to make a statement which often ends with squints and eyesores for all. Red is a colour that works well on paper, but somewhat falls short in practice. It does sound nice on paper. As nice as the red-tinted stories, features and interviews we have lined up for you in this edition.

We also digged deep into our national heritage, talking to Belgian punk pioneers Red Zebra and capturing L'Ancienne Belgique in its full glory. For our annual fashion special, we did our part for local talent both established and emerging and spent an afternoon with Walter Van Beirendonck and Dirk van Saene. We also organised a round table debate on the topic of sustainable fashion, wondering if the hype was really deserved.

Eight industry professionals of which an art director, a fashion designer and a retail pioneer got together for an honest and insightful exchange, discussing everything from the true definition of sustainability to what the fashion folks should really be doing to make the world a better place. You can watch a video of the talk on thewordmagazine. This edition also marks the introduction of QR codes to the magazine. The idea is quite simple. Reproduction, in whole or in part, without prior permission is strictly prohibited.

All information correct up to the time of going to press. The publishers cannot be held liable for any changes in this respect after this date.

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Visit us thewordmagazine. About A young illustrator and proud Belgian, Brecht sketches every day, in a trademark style that features his bitingly sardonic humour in magazine illustrations or painstakingly detailed spreads. Task Antoine has helped out with everything from drafting presentations and designing our annual greeting card, to spreading The Word out on distribution rounds.

Task Simon-Pierre's avant-garde and bold aesthetic, a mix of emerging and established style, proved to be the perfect tone for this edition's colour-splashed fashion feature. Task For this edition, we asked him to give Wally the Brecht treatment, transposing our cherished comic hero in a dark world of strange settings and twisted tales. Task For this Portfolio, the ladies imagined something of a Lynchesque intrigue following a mysterious lipstick trail.

A red hot chili pepper. You guess the rest. Little Red Corvette is track number two. Our new intern Kathy suggested we add a pinch of Wild Hibiscus flowers to our end-of-week drinks, instantly colouring them red. A red pen. The ultimate office essential come proof reading time. An infrared lamp. We can't quite imagine how we faced the biting cold winter days without this one. A nostalgic look back at the many red report cards we got at school. The days of the autonomous, immutable and material nature of art are long gone. Celebrating this realisation with a big bang, Wiels has opened its space to young international artists for whom a situation, event or action is the central medium.

The Other Tradition.

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Ghisoland spent 40 years of his life photographing his peers from the Borinage region, at the start of the 20th century. By inviting them in his studio to pose in front of exotic backdrops, he was able to offer them a break from their grim reality. Despite the lavish settings, details such as a missing button or eyes filled with sadness betray the harshness and precariousness of their living conditions. The result is at times entertaining, at others deeply moving.

48 Hours In BRUSSELS - Belgium (NOT What We Expected)

In a world saturated with images, our eyes gorge on visual stimuli yet simultaneously seem to bring on forgetfulness, every new sight erasing past ones. Thomas Lerooy took the international art scene by storm with his sculptures of men suffering the weight of their disproportionately enlarged heads. The ideas of maps, trails, space, borders, landscapes and explorations are evoked through photographs, videos, drawings, paintings or sculptures.

In this day and age of globalisation, it seems that our world is ever shrinking. You Are here! For long the playing field of OAPs, knitting has today become more relevant than ever, and this timely exhibition aims to challenge any preconceived ideas that come with the craft. Expect a mix of contemporary and classic knitwear design houses, as well as young designers and historical garments presenting different technical and conceptual approaches.

With a focus on high fashion pieces and their vernacular interpretations, catching the show is sure to have you digging through the attic for yarn and needles. His obsession with music software, which he manipulates with amateurism, has allowed him to transpose musical notes into paintings or drawings.

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And just as a sound becomes music, the imaginary grouping of gestures and lines become a pictorial composition. Softer strokes and tense contours co-exist in what becomes an improbable tangled mess. Tyler Vlahovich. Raumschmiere, Schakleton, headhunter, Vermin Twins and the likes.

Jack Whitten underwent numerous reinventions throughout his career. The American artist began experimenting with colours and dynamism in the 60s, turning to abstraction and a new method in the 70s, dragging paint across his canvas with unusual tools such as squeegees, rakes and Afro combs. For his first show at Zeno X, Whitten will be showing three paintings and 10 drawings from Jack Whitten.

Unfolding stories with fictional characters, situations and landscapes, sometimes in a detailed and elaborate manner, other times in a few but precise lines, Paula Mueller shares her thoughts and strikes the spectator. In So Far, Honey, she will show works on paper as well as on canvas, combinational frames and works on glass in frames, installed on a wall drawing.

And by stimulating dialogue between her works, the room and the spectator, it is more than paintings that will be on show.

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Expect to enter a whole new dimension. Inspired by the distinctive character of Icelandic architecture, Reykjavik Slides documents every building of the city. The exhibition offers a mindboggling homage to this beautiful and mysterious capital, where the Swiss-German artist had settled, and the sensation of actually being there.

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Joy and Disaster will revisit the issues raised 30 years ago when former S. These artists acted on motivations similar to those of their western peers, by withdrawing themselves from society a necessity in the East. Assembling around artefacts spanning visual art, documentary photography, cultural ephemera, scientific artefacts, film and literature, the viewer is faced with a rich history of disgust and delight in the grimy truths and dirty secrets of our past.

The highlight of the show points to the uncertain future of filth, which poses a significant risk to our health but, whether we like it or not, is also vital to our existence. In An American Experiment, 12 paintings by George Bellows and the Ashcan Painters are presented, introducing viewers to a seminal period in the history of American painting.

The Ashcan School was formed at the beginning of the 20th century as painters, principally in New York City and Philadelphia, began to develop a uniquely American point of view on the beauty, violence and velocity of the modern world — and a new way to represent them. A pioneer of feminism, the late Nancy Spero was politically active throughout her life. The American artist created work that was often radical — making strong statements against war, violence, male dominance and abuses of power.

Using a more ephemeral and immediate way of working, the ideas come alive through the use of tools such as painting, collage, printmaking and installation. Widely recognised as the most ambitious and influential exhibition of contemporary British art, it will feature the works of 39 artists, selected on the grounds of their significant contribution to international contemporary art in the last five years. Featuring over 80 works — including a new installation — it highlights his substantial production of sculpture, photography, drawing and painting. Orozco is renowned for his experimentation with found objects, both natural and man made, which he subtly alters.

Gabriel Orozco. Known for its socially driven exhibitions, the Noorderlicht space in Amsterdam turns to the photographic medium, challenging it with Taste My Photons. The exhibited photographers, local Ruth van Beek, Wim Bosch, Bert Danckaert and international Michael John Whelan, Sabrina Jung, Ingo Mittelstaedt are invited to show works that are seemingly formal and abstract, soliciting a longer and deeper look from the viewer.

Equally acting as a counterbalance to the daily bombardment of images we are all subjected to, this show is one that is not to be missed. By removing the soundtrack, as well as the characters from the original film, the viewer is left facing minutes of pure architectural setting, devoid of narrative. An absolute mustsee for building buffs.

Titled May 35th, the exhibition sees Guns taking a crack at hitchcock, migrations, and police brutality.

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  4. Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Caldic Collection, the Kunsthal displays a selection of over 80 paintings, photographs, installations and sculptures that have all been purchased over the last 10 years, some of which have never been made public before. A once in a lifetime chance to peruse one of the most important privately owned art collections in the Netherlands.

    By using words and microscopic images to analyse the photo, the result is both encyclopaedic and mesmerising in its abstractness. The first Parisian retrospective of General Idea offers an impressive selection of works by the Canadian collective. In a world of dark suits and designer notebooks, the ASUS U Series offers a stylish alternative to make a strong impression.