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A number of different discussion, sports, relaxation and artistic groups meet in the Berliner Aids-Hilfe. You can find out more about current groups and what they offer at the BAH. If you are interested in volunteering for the Berlin Aids Hilfe simply come along to one of our monthly information evenings. Freiwillige gesucht.

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Direkt zum Inhalt. Suchformular Suchen. English The Berlin Aids-Hilfe BAH has been committed to campaigning for the social acceptance of HIV-positive people, human rights, participation, inclusion and solidarity for more than 25 years now. Counselling We offer general advice, as well as advice on health insurance, problems with bureaucracy, job searches, medical issues and counselling for specific target groups; all HIV-related issues including the social and financial consequences of the illness, as well as, for example, its relevance for legal residency.

Counselling sessions are held mostly in German or English. You can request these without prior appointment at any of the following times: Monday 12 noon - 6 pm Wednesday 12 noon - 2.

Infectios Diseases

Monday 12 noon - 6 pm Thursday 12 noon - 3 pm Our colleagues also provide multilingual counselling in the Berlin hospitals. Testing dates Tuesday - pm latest appointment pm Wednesday - pm latest appointment pm Groups A number of different discussion, sports, relaxation and artistic groups meet in the Berliner Aids-Hilfe. Diesen Artikel. Termine Dezember.


Dezember - bis Bundesfrei- willigendienst Freiwillige gesucht. Untreated, HIV-infection leads to a progressive loss of certain immune cells helper cells which causes a destruction of the immune system and the development of dangerous infections opportunistic infections.

The HIV-positive man who stopped thousands getting the virus - BBC

Thanks to the presently available drug therapy, immune system failure can be stalled and AIDS-complications prevented. We expect HIV-positive patients under regular, modern treatment to have a normal life expectancy.

Care of HIV-positive patients

Most patients tolerate the drugs quite well, reporting no severe impairment of life quality. Regular check-up examinations with a physician will be necessary, however. We can provide the complete medical care of HIV-positive patients in our practice. In the alphabet of viral hepatitis, mostly the chronic infections hepatitis B and hepatitis C are of dangerous relevance.

Within the last months and years, new drugs have emerged and more will emerge in the future, facilitating treatment and care of hepatitis patients in an important way. Mostly in the area of hepatitis C, we recently have a completely new arsenal of new drugs to fight this dangerous virus.

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In our practice, we treat all kinds of hepatitis infections. Thanks to our cooperation with the university clinics Cologne and Bonn, we can fit you into current medical studies providing the newest medication available. Insect bites and stings can lead to dangerous infectious diseases.

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This applies foremost to tropical countries, but is also true in a moderate climate like central Europe.