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The naipes and characters of the. His amUliim forced me into a dreadful war, in which my capital was burnt, and the greatest evils inflicted on my dominions.

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But he is unfortunate, and these wrongs are forgotten. Have you nothing to propose on his personal account? I will be his willing advocate.

The Emperor would hardly believe diis until they showed him their instructions, which entirely related to public affiurs. The Emperor then asked if they would hear a proposal from him. They replied with suitable respect and gratitude. He then mentioned the plan, which was afterwards adopted ; that Buonaparte should retain the Imperial title over a small territory, with an ample revenue, guards, and other emblems of dignity.

Mareschal Marmont had done all in his power to stop the military movement which he had undertaken to execute, thinking it better, doubtless, to move hand in hand with his brethren, than to act singly in a matter of such responsibility ; but accident precipi- tated what he desired to delay. Napoleon had sum- moned to his presence Count Souham, who com- manded the division at Essonne in Marmont's ab- sence.

Souham was therefore induced to suspect, that Napoleon had gained intelligence of the Convention of CHe- Tilly. When this became known, a kind of mutiny took place, and some Polish lancers broke off from the main body and rode back to Fontainebleau ; but the instinct of discipline prevailed, and the officers were able to faring the soldiery into their new quar- ters at Versailles. He again thought of trying the chance of war, and might pit bably hate settled on the purpose most congenial to his nature, had not Colonel Gourgaud brought him the news that the division of Marmont had passed into the enemy's cantonments on the morning of the Sth April.

Full text of "The life of Napoleon Buonaparte, emperor of the French"

But the next day hb published a sort of appeal to the army on the solem- liity of a military engagement, as more sacred than the duty of a patriot to his country ; which he might more gracefully have abstained from, since all knew already to what height he carried the sentiments of - Arbitrary power. But to their surprise, recollecting his disinterested behaviour when they pMed, he almost instantly demanded what provision hsld been made for him t ersonally, and how he was to d by Google LIFE OF be disposed of?

Who knows anything of El- ba? Seek out some officer who is acquainted with Elba. Look out what books or charts can inform us about Elba.

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He well knew how little it would become an Emperor resigning his crown to be stipulating for his fiiture course of life ; and had reason to conclude, that by playing his character with magnanimity, he might best excite a corresponding liberality in those with whom he treated. But when the die was cast, when his fate seemed fixed, he examined with mi- nuteness what he must afterwards consider as his sole fortune. To turn his thoughts from France to Elba, was like the elephant, which can transport ar- tillery, applying his trunk to gather pins. But Na- poleon could do both easily, because he regarded these two objects not as they differed from each other, but as they belonged, or did not belong, to himself.

At one time he was very near again summoning his troops to arms, in consequence of a report too hasti- ly transmitted by a general much attached to him, General Alix, we believe, stating that the Em- peror of Austria was displeased at the extremities to which they urged his son-in-law, and was resol- ved to support him. On this report, which proved afterwards totally unfounded.

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Napoleon required the Mareschab to give him back his letter of abdication. Their zealous acclamations gratified his ears as much as ever ; but when he looked on their diminished ranks, his heart failed ; he retired into the palace, and summoned Oudinot before him. Napo- , leon that he had abdicated. Under his sanction, the com- missioners had obtained such terms as never before were granted to a dethroned monarch, and which have little chance to be conceded to such a one in future, while the portentous consequences are preserved by history.

By these conditions, Buonaparte was to re- main Emperor, but his. In other points, the terms of this treaty seemed as irreconcilable with sound pirficy as they are with all former precedents. It was no compliment to Buonaparte's taste to in- vest him with the poor shadow of his former fortune, since for him the most honourable retirement would have been one which united privacy with safety and competence, not that which maintained a vun parade around him, as if in mockeiy of what he had f nrmer- ly been.

The situation of Elba, too, as the seat of his new soYcreignty, so near to Italy, and so little removed from France, seemed calculated on purpose to favour his resurrection at some ftiture period as a political character. The other stipulations of this extraordinary trea- ty divided a portion of revenue secured to Napoleon among the members of his family. The most rational was that which settled upon Maria Louisa and her son, the duchies of Parma, Flacentia, and Guastalla, in ftdl sovereignty.

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  • Except this, all the other stipu. The conta- gious air of Paris, — the dbouts, — the flattery,— the success to a point hitherto unhoped for, — the wish to drown unkindness of every sort, and to spread a feast firom which no one should rise discontented,— the desire, to sum up all in one wcnrd, to show macu NAKiMiTY in the hour of success, seems to have laid Alexander's heart more open than the rules of wis- dom or of prudence ought to haye permitted. There was one power whose representative fi regaw the evils which such a treaty might occasion, and remonstrated against them.

    But the evil was done, and the particulars of the treaty adjusted, be- fore Lord Castlereagh came to Paris, Finding thkt the Emperor of Russia had acted for the best, in. Napoleon saw their determination in their looks, and dismissed the Goimcil, promising an answer on an early day, but in the meantime declining to ratify the treaty, and demanding back his abdication fiom Caulaincourt ; a request which that minister again declined to com- ply with.

    Gradually the troops of the allies had spttsA as fiur as the banks of the Loire. He was in the condition of the hunts- man who was devoured by his own hounds. It was yet more affecting to see courtiers, depend- ents, and even domestics, who had lived in bis smiles, dropping off under different pretexts to give in their adhesion to the Bourbons, and provide -for their own fortune in the new world which had com- menced at Paris.

    Men are then in the condition of well-bred and decorous persons, transferred from an ordinary place of meet- ing to the whirlpool of a crowd, in which they soon demean themselves with aQ the selfish desire of thdr own safety or convenience, and all the total disre- gard for that of others, which the conscious halnts of politaiess have suppressed but not eradicated.

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    Friends and retainers diajpt from the unfortunate Napdeon, like leaves firom the fading tree ; and those whom shame or commiseration yet detained near his person, waited but some decent pretexts, like a rising breath of wind, to sweep them also away. The defection included all ranks, firom Berthier, who shared his bosom councils, and seldom was ab- sent from his side, to the Mameluke, Rustan, who slept across the door of his apartment, and acted as a body guard. He asked permission to go to Paris about some busi- ness, saying he would return next day.

    She was buried on the 3d of June, VOL. The Emperor, according to this account,' had carried with him, ever since the retreat fronr Mos- cow, a packet contidhing a preparation of dpium, made up in the same manner with that used by Condorcet for self-destruction. Napoleon took the remedies recommended, and a long fit of stupor ensued, with profiise perspiration. There is, as we hare already hinted, a difference of opinion concerning the cause of Napoleon's illness, dome imputing it to indigestion.

    The fact of his having been very much indisposed is, however, indisputable. After this crisis, and having ratified the treaty which his Mareschals had made for hirh. Napoleon speared more at his ease than he had been for some time before, and conversed frankly with his atten- dants upon the affairs of France.

    In a private-interview with Macdonald, whose part in the abdication we have mentioned, he expressed himself wtonly satisfied with his conduct, regretting that he had not more early known his valuei and pro- posed he should accept a parting gift. Such of them as could be coUeoted were drawn out before him in reviovW. Do not lament my fate ; I will always be luqppy while I know you are so. Four delegates from the aDied powers accompanied him to his new dominions.

    He received the English commissioner with par- ticular expressions of esteem, saying he desired to pass to Elba in an'English vessel, and was pleased to have the escort of an English officer. His retinue occu- pied fourteen carriages, and required relays of thirty pairs of post-horses. He suhmitteA to.

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    • The English com- missioner entreated liim to protect the passage of Na- poleon by every means possible. Yet the mob discovered and surrounded them, and it was with difficulty that Na- poleon was saved from popular fury. The unkindness of the people seem- to make much impression on him. He even shed tears. The bravest soldier might shudder at a death like that of the De Witts. At La Calde he was equally nervous, and exhibited great fear of poison. They saw a gentleman in an Austrian uniform.

      I suppose you expected to see me look more mischievous? O yes — confess that, since fortune is adverse to me, I must look like a rascal, a miscreant, a brigand. But do you know. Merely because I wished to place France above England. He shut him- self up in a solitary apartment, which he traversed with impatient and hasty steps, sometimes pausing to watch from the window the arrival of the vessels, one of which was to transport him from France, as it then seemed, for ever.

      The French frigate, the Dryade, and a brig called the Inconstant, had come from Tou- 1cm to Frejus, and lay ready to perform this duty. But, rductant perhaps to sail under the Bourbon flag. Napoleon preferred embarking on board his Britan- nic Majesty's ship the Undaunted, commanded by Captain Usher. This vessel being placed at.

      Sir Niel Camp- bell, he readily acquiesoedin Napoleon's wish to have his passage in her to Elba. It was eleven at night on the 28th ere he finally embarked, under a salute of twenty-one guns.