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Working at Securitas: Company Overview and Reviews

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My Hashtags:. Sorry, no results found! Click here to reset your search filters. Available Now. Passionate top for real encounters. Map Me. Last Online: 1 hours ago. Brussels, Belgium. Last Online: Private. Last Online: 8 hours ago. Last Online: 17 Nov, Tommy Hartman. There were a few components making this security detail "frustrating" Most of the supervisors had no clue what was going on, consequently, people were abandoned at their posts. Many people had not received something as simple and humane as a bathroom break.

Many people had accumulated 3 days worth of staff catering vouchers because no one ever showed up to ensure they got breaks. Now let's factor in were about 11, feet in the dead of winter on top of a mountain temperatures with windchill factoring exceeding 10 below zero.

  • Working at Securitas: Company Overview and Reviews.
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I nearly sustained frostbite to both of my feet. Had us worker bee's not looked out for one another in the absence of a supervisor, there could have been many reported cases of amputations. Thank GOD I brought an ample supply of adult diapers to be handed out to relieve ourselves in since bio-breaks were greatly overlooked. What did I learn?

I learned to watch out for A- 1 and secondly, watch out for my fellow teammates. As I said, if we didn't look out for one an To start off, I would like to say that Securitas is by no means the worst company to work for. The management is actually reasonable, just overwhelmingly busy and sometimes have issues getting back to you on time. In the rare instances that you work with other guards, they tend to be cool, kind, and generally warm people to work with.

All in all, a lot of good things came from my time with Securitas, including a number of friendships I hope to retain. However, these perks do not amount to comfortable living arrangements, nor to necessarily good work. If you wind up working for their retail positions, you are the defacto face against any and all trouble. Absolutely expected in a security position, but not for the pay offered. There was no offer of compensation for gas mileage, no mention of the possibility of pay increases, and regular payroll issues receiving improper payment when I was eventually put into stores that had higher pay rates in my final three months.

Further, there was no such thing as hazard pay, and it was regularly expressed that one should avoid filling out paperwork on hazards and dangers encountered during shift to make things "go more smoothly" rather than an expressed desire for accurate and vigilant reporting. I was often deterred by other guards and supervisors in lower management positions from filing reports on knives being drawn, Pros Kind and communicative upper management.

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Cons Corrupt lower management, self-serving staff, minimal job security, bad payroll management, poor pay. They didn't want to promote people that were already there it, there were a couple offers to people but even they wanted nothing to do with it. It took them 2 weeks before they let me insert dates into excel on my own. Like I didn't know how to use Excel before? I didn't work there long because of the mentality of the supervisors.

Mainly, the main one. They couldn't get people to actually want to come in and play along because unlike the comms process, this process was like months. Completely unfathomable. You'll know him when you meet him, if he's still there if you work for Securitas and get this location. He would always be in the 'office' that the comms officers were, since that's where the supervisor's computer was. He would consistently complain about other employees even though he had no room to speak on it.

For example, all supervisors are c Pros decent pay for the amount of work you are actually doing, easy work although backwards and tedious. Cons chance of having to coexist with immature drama from grown people in their late 30s, slow burn on getting any form of replacement should someone else in your area quit. Good place to put your feet through the door of Law Enforcement, but don't make this job permanent. Coming from Army active duty I picked up this job fairly quick and easy.

I work second shift which is 1pm-9pm.

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Get's super busy depending on some days but only till 3pm. Anytime after that it's just plain boring. All the trucks have left.

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All of first shift is gone and there is minimal to no traffic. So you're stuck with a boring place to be. Supervisor looks down on playing on your phone because it keeps you distracted. Though true how else can you pass time? Just keep your focus and be observant. This place has an rotational schedule but feels more like part time with 40 hours. You never have fixed days off and the schedule is never rotational. It goes by where they need you and when they need you.

It goes Friday - Thursday. I have been scheduled to work 9 - 11 days straight because of this trend. Requests off days are usually honored and supervisor is usually good about it. My days off are usually not consecutive. Be prepared to work alot feeling like you have worked overtime but in reality you just fulled 40 hours a week.

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Six months passed and I have 9. A year passes and now I am at Really bad pay and even with good money Pros Great People. Great Benefits. Good security experience. Cons Worst than average pay.