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Yemen's Houthis report first coronavirus case with death in Sanaa hotel Lyft offers new cheaper rides with more waiting time Egypt TV show aired during Ramadan under fire for insulting women 'Isn't that just what all mums do all the time? How can I keep staff and customers safe? Will I get enough supplies? Small retailers' big coronavirus questions answered Juventus return to training with Aaron Ramsey and Leonardo Bonucci leading the big names heading back to their Turin complex as Maurizio Sarri's side step up plans for Serie A restart Wales reaches 1, coronavirus deaths Coronavirus: Fact-checking network launches chatbot on WhatsApp Lufthansa to pay no dividend for as airline seeks bailout Lebanon summons German ambassador over Hezbollah ban Cuban sugar harvest goes into overtime amid pandemic Virgin Atlantic will axe THIRD of its workforce by cutting 3, jobs and cease all operations at Gatwick Airport as airline battles for survival amid coronavirus crisis Paragliders and power lines don't mix!

Social media is baffled by how to say the name of Elon Musk and Grimes' new son - amid speculation the boy is named after a secret CIA spy plane 'I saw everything, it was like I was gonna die': Mike Tyson's new trainer claims his life flashed before his eyes during a sparring session, admitting the legend's right hook 'could kill somebody' Bundesbank can continue to buy bonds for time being - Scholz AerCap warns could scrap some Boeing MAX orders, withdraws outlook So now you're the fashion police too?

Britain borrows 3. Even if you invest just before a crash, all you need is time WHO urges countries to investigate early COVID cases DuPont sees tough second quarter as auto sales crater Citigroup spins off investor communications platform Proxymity Uber, Lyft investors want to hear plans to get riders back in cars Texas back in business? Graphic suggests carriages can only fit TEN people with 6. Will it track my every move? Will it drain your battery?

And why has the government shunned Apple and Google's system? Plastic menace: More than 80 per cent of seabird nests on a remote Scottish island are found to contain packaging and other debris French doctors: First virus case may have been in December Care homes STILL struggling to get enough PPE despite deaths of nearly 6, elderly residents from coronavirus as workers tell of 'really high' stress levels over lack of protection Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger get into character as Grease lovebirds Danny and Sandy as they take the 'Crooner Sessions' to the next level France's early COVID case may hold clues to pandemic's start Get down on lockdown!

Neighbours party on balconies of high-rise apartments in socially distant RAVE after police allowed event to go ahead as they were following restrictions Beaten rivals have claimed his 'feet feel like cement' and facing him is 'like fighting a bear' Focus on savings and debt Shanghai Disneyland is 'set to open as early as mid-May' after a nearly four-month shutdown due to coronavirus Hungary expects budget deficit to widen to 3.

Senate panel to question Trump's pick to oversee coronavirus bailout money U. Or this one? Fashion designer Pip Edwards shows off her hip sense of style as she works from her P. As a court reporter for the Antwerp Gazette series creator Ward Hulselmans became intimately familiar with criminality, its causes, and implications for the wider fabric of a community.

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Since he has worked exclusively in television, employing the many years spent documenting cases to good effect, ensuring no matter how implausible a plot point may initially appear to be it is thoroughly grounded in currently existing trends of lawless behaviour.

Secrets powerful enough to bring down an entire country are at risk of being exposed after a gang breaks into a bank vault and targets sixty-six safes containing documents belonging to the great and the good. Acting on a tip-off from an informer, implacable and individualistic detective Paul Geradi Filip Peeters inadvertently stumbles onto a case that his own department wants to shut down.

Bloody-minded in his approach to work, obstacles thrown at him are met with equal and opposing force. As the owners of safety deposit boxes begin to vanish, commit suicide, or unexpectedly resign from senior positions Gerardi realizes that he may be the only person able to investigate who staged the heist, and why only sixty-six boxes were opened.

As the case progresses it becomes apparent that the upper echelons of society are tainted the stench of corruption. A secret organisation with its roots in the resistance movement is acting as a shadow government, maneuvering ministers into key posts, facilitating business deals, and protecting members of the royal family. Masculinity is placed centre stage, in stark contrast to Nordic series which have placed great emphasis on the sanctity of femininity.

With his super-strong hair gel, immaculate beard and crease free Levis, Gerardi is simultaneously a European Jack Bauer and accidental hero archetype. Thrust into a world of murky dealings, ambiguous figures, and betrayal he refuses to walk away even when it would be in his best interests to do so and therein lies the secret of his Achilles heel. Obsession about work may quite literally prove to be a fatal flaw…. High concept, thoroughly modern and yet reassuringly familiar Salamander is an energetic show which mines current fears about the banking sector and a lack of transparency in governance alongside anxieties that have been part and parcel of the modern or post-modern Belgian condition since the end of World War II, most notably how to reconcile collaborationist activity within the national consciousness, institutional abuse, and possible erosion of national sovereignty.

Generic tropes are employed in a knowing fashion. A conspiracy thriller filtered through the prism of Hitchockian themes with the narrative structure of a Saturday morning cliffhanger serial, Salamander deliberately takes a leisurely pace at first before igniting and then hurtles towards the conclusion at breakneck speed, hitting the viewer with a barrage of stunning set pieces and plot reveals. In an era before VHS, DVD, and timeshift technology became available novelizations enabled fans to enjoy once again a version of their favourite films or TV series at a time that suited them.

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Freed from the tyranny of a broadcast landscape only offering three channels, literary adaptation offered portability and control, readers could recreate instances of celluloid and video magic within their imagination at a time or in a place of their choosing. Fluorescence cytology was performed by only 1 gastroenterologist with a small number of patients. An international multicenter study comparing EUS-guided pancreatic duct drainage with enteroscopy-assisted endoscopic retrograde pancreatography after Whipple surgery.

Endoscopic management of post-Whipple pancreatic adverse events AEs with enteroscopy-assisted endoscopic retrograde pancreatography e-ERP is associated with high failure rates. This is an international multicenter comparative retrospective study at 7 tertiary centers 2 United States, 2 European, 2 Asian, and 1 South American.

Technical success was achieved in As such, EUS-PDD should be considered as a potential first-line treatment in post-pancreaticoduodenectomy anatomy when necessary expertise is available. Fiducial inference - A Neyman-Pearson interpretation. Fisher's fiducial argument is a tool for deriving inferences in the form of a probability distribution on the parameter space, not based on Bayes's Theorem. Lindley established that in exceptional situations fiducial inferences coincide with posterior distributions; in the other situations fiducial.

Purpose: To determine, whether the presence of gold fiducial markers would improve the inter- and intraphysician accuracy in the delineation of the surgical cavity compared with a matched group of patients who did not receive gold fiducial markers in the setting of accelerated partial-breast irradiation APBI. Methods and Materials: Planning CT images of 22 lumpectomy cavities were reviewed in a cohort of 22 patients; 11 patients received four to six gold fiducial markers placed at the time of surgery.

Three physicians categorized the seroma cavity according to cavity visualization score criteria and delineated each of the 22 seroma cavities and the clinical target volume. Distance between centers of mass, percentage overlap, and average surface distance for all patients were assessed. Results: The mean seroma volume was Fiducial markers improved the mean cavity visualization score, to 3. This has implications in radiotherapy treatment planning for accelerated partial-breast irradiation and for boost after whole-breast irradiation.

Visibility of fiducial markers used for image-guided radiation therapy on optical coherence tomography for registration with CT: An esophageal phantom study. Optical coherence tomography OCT is of interest to visualize microscopic esophageal tumor extensions to improve tumor delineation for radiation therapy RT planning. Fiducial marker placement is a common method to ensure target localization during planning and treatment. We studied the visibility of 13 eight types commercially available solid and liquid fiducial markers in OCT images at different depths using dedicated esophageal phantoms and evaluated marker placement depth in clinical practice.

We designed and fabricated dedicated esophageal phantoms, in which three layers mimic the anatomical wall structures of a healthy human esophagus. We successfully implanted 13 commercially available fiducial markers that varied in diameter and material property at depths between 0. The resulting esophageal phantoms were imaged with OCT, and marker visibility was assessed qualitatively and quantitatively using the contrast-to-background-noise ratio CNR. The CNR was defined as the difference between the mean intensity of the fiducial markers and the mean intensity of the background divided by the standard deviation of the background intensity.

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To determine whether, in current clinical practice, the implanted fiducial markers are within the OCT visualization range up to 3. In the esophageal phantoms, all the included fiducial markers were visible on OCT at all investigated depths. Solid fiducial markers were better visible on OCT than liquid fiducial markers with a 1. Although fiducial marker identification per type and size was slightly easier for superficially implanted fiducial markers, we observed no difference in the ability of OCT to. Magnet Fiducialization with Coordinate Measuring Machines.

One of the fundamental alignment problems encountered when building a particle accelerator is the transfer of a component's magnetic centerline position to external fiducials. This operation, dubbed fiducialization , is critical because it can contribute significantly to the alignment error budget. The fiducialization process requires two measurements: 1 from magnetic centerline to mechanical centerline, and 2 from mechanical centerline to external fiducials.

Corpses in Belgian Anatomy, 1860–1914

This paper will focus on methods for observing the second measurement. The object of magnet fiducialization is to relate the magnet-defined beamline position to exterior reference surfaces. To be useful for later component alignment, this relationship must be established in a manner consistent with overall positioning tolerances.

It is commonly assumed to be zero without measurement.

When this tiny value must be measured, extreme care is necessary to avoid obscuring the offset with measurement tool registration errors. In contrast, the mechanical centerline to fiducial measurement must be performed on every magnet. The 50 micro m tolerance for this operation is only slightly larger and pushes conventional surveying technology to its limit.

On a laser beam fiducial line application for metrological purposes. Batusov, V. The possibility of a collimated one-mode laser beam used as a fiducial line is considered. The technology of an 'extended' laser beam formation and application for a much extended fiducial line is proposed. Precision fiducialization of transport components.

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Fischer, G. It is currently under construction at SLAC in the central beam line. Most of the quadrupoles of the FFTB have ab initio alignment tolerances of less than 30 microns, if the planned for beam based alignment tuning procedure is to converge. For such placement tolerances to have any meaning requires that the coordinates of the effective centers, seen by the beam particles, be tansferred to tooling that can be reached by mechanical or optical alignment methods located on the outside of the components to comparable or better values.

We have constructed an apparatus that simultaneously locates to micron tolerances, the effective magnetic center of fussing lenses, as well as the electrical center of beam position monitors BPM imbedded therein, and once located, for transferring these coordinates to specially mounted tooling frames that supported the external retroreflectors used in a laser tracker based alignment of the beam line. Details of construction as well as experimental results from the method are presented. Kupelian, Patrick A. Purpose: To report and describe implantation techniques and stability of metallic fiducials in lung lesions to be treated with external beam radiotherapy.

Methods and Materials: Patients undergoing radiation therapy for small early-stage lung cancer underwent implantation with small metallic markers. Results: Implantation was performed transcutaneously in 15 patients and transbronchially in 8 patients. Pneumothorax occurred with eight of the 15 transcutaneous implants, six of which required chest tube placement. None of the patients who underwent transbronchial implantation developed pneumothorax.