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The emphasis is on the modern aspects of the country and cuisine, while managing to blend the more traditional and well-loved features in a positive Nepalese-Indian style. So, refreshing. As for the music -. The owner has a vision for Guras Curry House and it seems that he has succeeded in creating a unique venue on the. He has managed to bring to the area excellent chefs that can produce not only your old favourites, but some wonderful personal creations that will send your taste buds to heaven.

They also have a takeaway service for those who want a quiet night in. Carretera Moraira-Calpe no. The year-old recently admitted she was planning to slim down for her upcoming wedding, and she showed off the incredible results of her hard work in a floral triangle bikini. Totally body confident, the mother-of-two offered beach goers a glimpse of her tiny back tattoo as it peeked out of her bikini bottoms and her famous cleavage. Wearing her brunette locks in a relaxed beach style, Danczuk accessorised with just a pair of large black shades. She was snapped without her engagement ring, probably left at home for safe-keeping as she has been regularly quoted in the media gushing about her young fiance, David.

Danczuk kept her make-up light and natural as she showed off her naval piercing as she walked along the beach, before later settling down on her towel to catch some rays. The ex-wife of Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk, who got engaged to her toyboy Spanish waiter lover David last July, enjoyed a beach day without her husband-to-be. Chloe Ferry led the fashion faux pas list, leaving little to the imagination as she arrived at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre in a sheer jumpsuit that did nothing.

Fellow reality show star Abbie Holborn failed to impress in a bright red lace suit, going braless to ensure everything was on display. And in the battle of the boobs, Sophie Kasaei wore a plunging black tuxedo jacket, ensuring her best assets were centre of attention.

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But she had competition in the form of Spanish singer Rosalia, who donned a pink satin tracksuit. The sporty number was adorned with huge ruffles and was paired with chunky white trainers. But as the final episode aired last week, the year-old was snapped sunning herself in Palma, Mallorca. The Ibiza Weekender star was seen posing for selfies, before taking it easy on a lounger, while revealing her large thigh tattoo and glittering naval piercing. The money raising event this year is for two electric chairs to enable carers to sup-.

Entertainment will be provided by local artists from Benidorm plus a three-course meal will be served.

MABS is a non-profit organisation and one of the. Their aim is to help anyone affected by cancer. They can provide transport to and from hospital or clinic appointments. Where possible, provide patients escorts if you do not have a family member or friend who can accompany you to your appointment, we can arrange for one of our volunteers to go with you.

Depending on your situation, their volunteers may be willing to help around the house in the form of ironing, washing, gardening, walking the dog, or just visiting you. The charity has a comprehensive stock of mobility and medical equipment including hospital beds, ripple mattresses, wheelchairs, walking frames, and other personal aids. These are available, on loan, to MABS patients. They have information pamphlets or booklets on cancers and their treatments, information on where to get specific items, and counsellors who can talk through any concerns you may have.

You can donate to the charity shops if you or a neighbour or friend are replacing furniture or home items in reasonably good condition. Contact Sheila or Sue The festival is divided into four main sections. On the one hand there is a series of shows, and in parallel, master classes, screenings and a photography competition related to the festival.

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Tomorrow Friday the festival presents a show with a markedly feminine accent. In a culture that has traditionally been described as machista, it is very positive for new generations to have such positive role models, say the organisers. As always, their mixed choir welcomes new members - they rehearse Mondays, 4 to 6pm, in Alcalali. For more information: or or val leyvoiceschoircb gmail. Save on home insurance IT is important to take out home insurance when buying a property in Spain.

From break-ins and accidents, to damage caused by rental guests, insurance can cover you when the unexpected happens. But like buying insurance in the United Kingdom, there is a wide variety in the policies and prices on offer, which can make picking one a lengthy process. Thankfully, Spain also has a series of price comparison websites, which make it easier to sift through the options. Sites such as reastreator. However, as with many things in the world of home insurance, you often get what you pay for, meaning the cheapest option is not always the best. Things to consider when applying.

Other important factors may include taking out a policy which covers natural disasters such as flood and fire, particularly if you live in a heavily wooded area or near water. You may also want to cover your contents, particularly if you own any expensive equipment or keep valuables at your property. A good policy may also cover portable goods such as mobile phones and laptops.

Finally, you should consider who you are going to be inviting into your home. Any policy you take out should include some form of third-party liability in the event a guest injures themselves at your property or has anything stolen. If you are going to rent out your home for money, this will often require additional insurance. IF you have ever dreamed of owning your own small holding, complete with livestock, why not check out one of the many farms for sale in Spain.

With prices ranging from the tens of thousands of Euros into the millions, there is a property to suit every budget. Many farms come complete with large amounts of land, perfect for keeping goats, pigs, chickens, bees and a generous vegetable patch; everything you could need to live off the land. One property on offer, is a square-metre house in Uleila del Campo, 50 minutes away from Almeria and on a plot of 4, square metres. For sale on www. Around the house itself there is a large gravel area bor-. It has three bedrooms and a good sized bathroom.

The capital gains tax levied on your profit, feels less so. Like most countries, Spain taxes any gains made when selling an asset, including property. Similar to other taxes though, deductions can be written off against what you owe, meaning you could lower your liabilities if you keep the appropriate records of what you have spent. Deductions only apply to renovations or improvements which increased the value of the property compared to before they were made. Monereo explains the best way to do this is by having an architect draw up any project and oversee its construction, by applying for a building permit, forming a contract for any works between you and your builder and by keeping copies of any invoices.

While the housing market continues to boom here, developers say they are concerned the rental sector is spiralling out of control, with millennials often reluctant to put down permanent roots. According to one publication, only 15 per cent of buyers are aged under Mostly graduating from school or university during the middle of a recession, many millennials have found that opportunities to get their foot in the door of preferred jobs are limited.

Experts say this in turn has created an emphasis on enjoying the now, rather than saving for later, fuelling a.

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There is no physical store that can compete, so now the challenge of any shopping centre and any business in it, is to offer chances and experiences that can compete with the speed of the internet. Foncuevas says millennials are also less likely than previous generations to hold traditional office-based jobs, creating a need to think about the lay-.

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From co-working spaces in the same development, to areas which combine leisure and work. Since their first launch with the Beha convector heater, they have tirelessly continued on their voyage of exploration.

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Their first discovery was Adax with its basic and easy to understand system of controls, nearby they came across Neo which offered a more contemporary style, and whose controls were more technically advanced. Two years ago Neater Heater heard communications coming from outside the European Federation and became a voyager into the unknown quadrant Turkey to be precise. Here they made first contact with VIGO, similar in technology, but different enough to be worth integrating into their fleet.

Since the start of this enterprise into deep space nine years ago, there have been many advances in technology. Most notable is the flexibility and control that we can now bring to our lives through use of the internet and Wi-Fi.

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You will still be able to get the good old, simple to use, and easy to understand heaters that have been so popular for the last decade. Heaters also available for purchase at our online shop with free home delivery. ES or Tel. As the colder weather sets in and we are forced to spend more time indoors, the winter season can leave a lot of us pining for the relaxing benefits of the great outdoors. So in order to enhance the feeling of calm and well-being inside the home, why not consider increasing the amount of.

As well as being a wonderful addition to cooking, studies have found that the smell of mint can lower feelings of frustration and boost awareness. Growing a mint plant from cuttings is simple, just cut a healthy spring, root it and plant. Aloe vera is great for sunburn, moisturising the skin and soothing insect bites, but it also purifies the air of carcinogens and emits oxygen at night. Aloe plants should be potted in a soil mix made for succulents. They prefer to be dry and warm, so water only. The snake plant is also known to be great for purifying the air during the night and emitting oxygen while you sleep.

The added bonus is that they are extremely hardy, and hard to kill. Basil is good to have around the kitchen. It is perfect for pesto and contains a compound called linalool which has been found to reduce the activity of certain genes which go into overdrive during stressful situations.