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We had a fantastic night. The facilities are great, and the men I had a magical night at the Sauna Macho, with good music, swimming pool, jaccuzzi, gym and even a My favorite gay bathhouse in Belgium. I like to come here frequently.

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My most recent visit was again very nice. Good opening hours open non-stop Friday through Sunday, so an ideal place to visit after e.

The personnel is friendly, professional, and helpful. When I lost something once, they actively helped me find it. I have been to several of these and they are lots of fun. My advice is to come a little early to avoid waiting in line. Hello sir, We are very happy that your visit went well. Thank you very much for your comment. We strive every day to improve customer service. It's a pleasure to see you again. I have never encountered such nasty people as those working in this sauna.

This was recommended by a friend as there was no other sauna in the city. I was just about to ask them whether they make a special effort to become so rude or it is natural. Hello sir, We are so so sorry that your stay was not goed for you. We are so sorry that you didn't find a boy to sex with you. We want to say you that Our staff is not fresh meat that you can "buy" as you please. You are a customer and you have to respect the staff.

It is the least of courtesies. If you want to put bad lie. We wish you the best for your future. I cannot judge on the age or type of clients, as this is not relevant. I will stick to some basic facts which reflect the very bad service provided by the owner of the place. They have cut the flow of cold water in the toilets, so that you will be forced to buy at the bar bottled water which costs 2,5 euros 0,25 lt.

This is disgraceful and clearly highlights the mentality of the owner that 20 euros entrance fees is not enough. We still want more. But water is a basic good and somebody may feel bad and not have the time to go to the bar. There is a door with a little terrace. During the winter with degrees, management wanted to leave the door open.

When we explained that this is dangerous as we might got sick being naked, they just yelled at us saying that no matter what we said the door would remain closed. Aggressive, rude and nasty. Once I came in with my bag and I had a bottle of vodka. They asked to check my bag. They took it and they put it next to main entrance which was visible by everybody. Despite the fact that I explained to them that I was not planning to open it they took it.

They reassured me that it would not get lost. Ten minutes afterwards the bottle had disappeared. Nobody knew anything about it.

My favorite gay bathhouse - Macho Sauna

Put in the bar and used to to overcharge the drinks they sold? In any case, they simply ignored me. I may have lost 20 euros, I hope they will lose much more and many more clients. When I told them that the toilets were dirty, they didn't show a single professionalism and kindness to send someone to clean them.

The answer is that if you want to walk freely, you can rent sleepers. I will be very happy if I hear that they run out of customers.

Holiday Inn Hotel Brussels-Schuman in Belgium - Room Deals, Photos & Reviews

Hello sir, It's really sad that you and your friend put so many negative comments. You like to lie because you're frustrated, it's your choice. Yes there is hot water to wash your hands in the toilet because it is a request of the customers, they prefer the hygiene that you probably do not know. Yes drinks are not allowed in the sauna and it is noted at the entrance. So no need to get drunk secretly. You and your friend have been so frustrated that you are having fun posting negative comments for several days.

That sums up your personality well. You would have liked to come to the sauna for free and have free drinks. You really are poorly educated people. It's still your choice. I advise you to go to a restaurant with your sandwiches, you will see the reaction of the boss and the staff. It's really a shame that such nasty people have fun criticizing all businesses.

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  7. My favorite gay bathhouse - Macho Sauna;
  8. Poor of you. I really pity you. To summarize it, the owner is a caricature of everything which is so wrong with the Wallonians that the Flemish people want to leave them behind. If I were a Flemish guy, hell, I would have given up Brussels itself just to not have to share the same country with the owner of this sauna.

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    But the caricature probably knew that already, but loved his twenty Euros too much to even try to act like a decent person when dealing with an obvious tourist Hello sir, I don't understand your reaction except to hurt people around you. A choice surely deliberate. Some people live only to harm others.

    To come back to the problem with the client, you should know that the client wanted to make sport in the gym with sports shoes, shorts and a T-shirt! I remind you that we are a sauna, we are not a gym! We do not accept customers walking in the sauna with shoes! It's a matter of hygiene! A point that you obviously don't know! We have a small gym available to accommodate a few customers. It is not an obligation on our part! It is above all a sauna! So please meddle with your stories and don't come with your fabrications to harm other people. There are no national TV channels in Belgium.

    Because of the language divide, there are only channels either in Dutch or French, there is no single company operating TV channels in both the Flemish and the French part. Media laws are created and controlled on a regional level Flemish or French. Thus the Flemish channels are controlled by Flemish law and the French-speaking ones are controlled by the French community.

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