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The law provides for equality of rights of persons with disabilities, but legal provisions are not always implemented in practice. Families typically care for most individuals with physical and mental disabilities. Access for individuals with physical disabilities to public facilities is very limited in major cities and almost non-existent outside major population centers.

Despite the best efforts of local authorities, assisting visitors lost or injured in such remote areas can be difficult. In recent years, several U. Basic medical care is available in major Pakistani cities but is limited in rural areas.

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Facilities in cities vary in quality and range of services and may be below U. Medical facilities require pre-payment for services, and most do not accept credit cards. Effective emergency response to personal injury and illness is virtually non-existent in most of Pakistan. Ambulances are few, lack medical equipment, and are not necessarily staffed by medical personnel. Visitors and foreign residents should bring sufficient supplies of prescription and commonly used over-the-counter medications.

Many U. Water is not potable anywhere in Pakistan, and sanitation in most restaurants is inadequate. Diarrheal illnesses are common. CDC published a travel notice on June 27, , warning travelers of the current outbreak of extensively drug-resistant XDR typhoid in Pakistan and its potential to cause cases of typhoid in the United States and other countries through travelers returning from Pakistan. The notice describes the nature of XDR typhoid and its lack of response to many antibiotics and offers advice on preventing and treating the disease. The notice also states that while all travelers to Pakistan are at risk of getting XDR typhoid, those visiting friends or relatives have a higher risk of contracting XDR typhoid and infectious diseases generally because they normally stay longer, eat more local food in homes, and take fewer precautions than tourists or business travelers.

There is a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted infections STIs and other communicable diseases, such as hepatitis and HIV, in Pakistan. Travelers are urged to use the same cautionary and protective health measures they would in their own country.

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Air pollution is a significant environmental problem across Pakistan. Throughout the country, air quality varies considerably by city and fluctuates greatly depending on the season and local weather patterns. We encourage you to consult with your doctor prior to travel and consider the impact seasonal smog and heavy particulate pollution may have on you.

It is typically at its worst during the winter in Pakistan.

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Anyone who travels to areas where pollution levels are high is at risk. People at the greatest risk from pollution exposure include:. Air quality data for major cities in Pakistan can be found on the U. We do not pay medical bills for U. Be aware that U. Medicare does not cover services or medication provided overseas. Medical Insurance: Make sure your health insurance plan provides overseas coverage.

Most care providers overseas only accept cash payments.

If you plan to engage in high-risk outdoor activities in Pakistan, it is essential that you engage the services of a travel risk and crisis management provider. Vaccinations: None are required when entering Pakistan from the United States, but proof of polio vaccination within one year may be required to exit Pakistan.

For most travelers this means they should receive a booster of inactivated polio vaccine prior to leaving the United States. All travelers even short-term travelers to South Asia, including Pakistan, should be vaccinated against typhoid fever. Two typhoid fever vaccines are available in the United States — an oral vaccine and an injectable vaccine. The oral vaccine can be given to people who are at least six years old and should be given at least one week before travel.

The injectable vaccine can be given to people who are at least two years old and should be given at least two weeks before travel. Road Conditions and Safety: While in Pakistan, you will encounter road conditions that differ significantly from those in the United States. The information below about Pakistan is provided for general reference only, and it might vary in a particular location or circumstance.

Traffic Laws: Traffic in Pakistan moves on the left; the opposite of U. Roads are crowded, drivers are often aggressive and poorly trained, and many vehicles, particularly large trucks and buses, are badly maintained. Local drivers may drive head-on in your lane of traffic if they believe it helps them get to their destination more quickly.

Animals, horse carts, bicyclists, and pedestrians can pose roadside hazards in some areas. Roads, including most major highways, also suffer from poor maintenance and often have numerous potholes, sharp drop-offs, and barriers that are not sign-posted. Drivers should exercise extreme caution when traveling at night by road, since many vehicles do not have working headlights or dimmers, and many roads are not illuminated or signed. We recommend against driving without experienced local drivers or guides.

For security reasons, U. See our Road Safety page for more information. Embassy has restricted U. The Embassy advises U. Subscribe to get up-to-date safety and security information and help us reach you in an emergency abroad. Check passport expiration dates carefully for all travelers! Antigua and Barbuda. Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, and Saba.

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