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Meanwhile, violent crimes, such as murder or robbery, have dropped by about 4. In May, Straub himself became a victim when his bicycle was stolen from his garage on the relatively safe South Hill. The downtown business core has struggled with its own issues. The Blue Spark in particular accused the police of ignoring its concerns. Driven by anecdotal observations and persistent TV coverage, downtown visitors have voiced uneasiness regarding late-night assaults, aggressive panhandling and other disruptive behavior. He advocates a collaborative approach, with community service providers teaming with street officers to move beyond just arresting troublemakers.

Property crime has also dropped 1. The West Central and eastern South Hill neighborhoods also His contract has since been extended again until August of After being struck with a baton, hogtied and Tasered repeatedly, Zehm died in police custody.

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Straub puts him on administrative leave the following day, pending an investigation. Dorfman, who was armed with a handgun during an early morning confrontation on the South Hill. It reopens a few days later. Gerlach now faces a charge of first-degree manslaughter.

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Investigators have arrested strong suspects in all of the cases this year, he says, adding he plans to continue shifting patrols and personnel in hopes of disrupting some of those crime increases. He says a budget proposal to add 25 new police officers also would help. Straub says he found a city and police force traumatized and divided over the death of Otto Zehm. Within weeks of arriving in Spokane, Straub saw former Officer Karl Thompson sentenced to more than four years in prison for excessive force in the case. He says Straub has proven to be accessible and open to new ideas.

Police officials now seem interested in innovation and adapting to best practices. Eichstaedt says Straub has voiced support for increased. He also has expanded training certification requirements and sent supervisors to other departments for cross-agency training. Based on his experience in Indianapolis and White Plains, N. The CompStat approach also includes weekly meetings between the SPD and other regional agencies to share intelligence on crime trends and repeat offenders.

Frank Harrill, supervisory senior resident agent with the Spokane office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, MAY 7: Officer Darrell Quarles is placed on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation. Cairns pictured was a suspect in a fatal shooting earlier in the evening. The shooting remains under review.

Joe River. Reports from the Indianapolis Star, Fox 59 News and other outlets say Straub oversaw many aspects of the investigation personally. Officials have testified Straub had investigators secretly record interviews and download emails. When asked if he expected to testify, Straub said he would wait and see if that becomes necessary. The multi-agency center, which houses IMPD headquarters and offices for other public safety operations, was forced to evacuate staff amid concerns the building could be unsafe.

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With the new maintenance concerns, the city faces a potential lawsuit over repair costs associated with its year lease on the building. The Indianapolis police union, an outspoken critic of Straub, has called for an investigation into the matter. While he has monitored the issue, Straub says he believes the conflict will come to a reasonable resolution. He says he remains pleased with how the center facilitated the integration of security efforts surrounding the Super Bowl, and he expects future news stories to clear up the dispute.

That Super Bowl was incredibly well protected, and it went off without a hitch. Plan your trip today and check out our website for special fisherman room rates.

Cover Story Police says Straub has emphasized the importance of collaboration, strengthening the already close working relationship between federal and local jurisdictions. Meanwhile, longtime Officer Timothy Moses resigned in May after pleading guilty to lying during the Zehm investigation. Two other officers, Jeff Graves and Darrell Quarles, faced misconduct investigations. Graves resigned, while Quarles was suspended for two months.

Straub says he has not fired anyone during his first year. He notes the department is also introducing a new. We have policies and procedures that are in effect, and our obligation as people who have taken an oath of office is to follow those policies. Quickly distorted with racial overtones, Straub says national pundits twisted the story to fit their agendas while local outlets stuck to the facts.

With police guild negotiations stretching longer than a year and a half, community groups have also voiced frustrations over whether the drawn-out talks are delaying important reform efforts.

Straub says he believes the negotiations are coming to an end, saying the guild has a responsibility to its members. Martin says he and other members of the commission have been pleasantly surprised by the steps Straub has taken to improve training, transparency and accountability. Jones outside the Salvation Army. The review will not re-investigate any cases, but will look for trends that indicate potential issues.

Only one other department, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, has undergone this type of review. He expects the review to take several months.

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While he waits. Reported incidents of officers using force have also held steady compared to recent years. But Burns sees the tide shifting. He wants to keep adapting and moving toward improvement. In the coming years, he wants to hire more officers and build toward a precinct policing model that could locate multiple substations throughout the city. He wants to strengthen the initial bridges he has built with the community and incorporate new technology into crime-fighting efforts. He wants Spokane to become an example that other departments look to for inspiration.

The last time you saw this event was back in February when art-goers took to the streets of downtown and beyond in droves.

Take a look at the featured artists and then use the handy map to locate the pieces of creativity you want to check out. Spokane Falls Blvd.

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Cherry St. Main Ave. Ground allspice 1 tsp. Ground nutmeg 1 tsp. Honey or molasses 1 Large leek, chopped in large pieces 1 Carrot, chopped in large pieces Yams, peeled and quartered. Heat a large skillet until almost smoking. Place ribs in the skillet and brown each side.

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  • In a large pot, combine the rest of the ingredients withholding leeks, carrots and yams and bring to a simmer. Once the short ribs are browned, remove them from the skillet and place in pot with the remaining braising liquid. Add the chopped leeks, carrots and yams. Let short ribs braise for 90 minutes to 2 hours over low heat. Remove from pot, and serve. Lincoln St. Hawthorne Rd. And each year, she and co-founders Luke Baumgarten and Patrick Kendrick have expected the number of art submissions and attendees to flatten out, but both have continued to rise steadily.

    This year the annual, one-night-only showcase of emerging, local visual art, music, performance and interactive arts received roughly a third more submissions than last year from artists across the Inland Northwest, and some beyond. Naturally, as more artists across the region hear about the event and submit their work to the juried show, more curious people show up to find out what the hype is about. Baumgarten, a former Inlander staffer, estimates as many as 5, people attended Terrain last year.

    More than works of art from artists are on display this Friday night, alongside film projects, live music, and spoken word and theater performances scheduled through the night. But after some fire code compliance issues were resolved, the second floor can remain open, Baumgarten says. First Ave. Rat bastards and hostage poems? Though not as aggressive as football or as its name would suggest, the Individual World Poetry Slam aka iWPS nevertheless pits contender against contender until just one victor remains.

    This year the multi-day event of performances and workshops has come to Spokane. For starters, iWPS is frequently held in the East.