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Franco Williams. Robin Fox. Boy for you! Last Online: 6 sec ago. A Step Above the Rest! DavidBoy Available Now! Last Online: 7 min ago. That issue aside, taxi companies have been taking increased measures lately to compete with Uber and Lyft and are determined to earn your business. That is certainly the case with Yellow Cab of Broward County. Yellow Cab drivers are finger printed and background checked by the FBI, something that is not required of other forms of ground transportation. In certain locations a Yellow Cab is much faster to grab than an Uber or Lyft.

Leaving from the Fort Lauderdale airport I was able to jump in a Yellow Cab curbside and not have to wait 15 minutes or more for an Uber or Lyft driver to circle all the way around the airport. Better yet, the Yellow Cab fare from the airport to my house is the same as an Uber fare. And, if you are old fashioned and prefer to call a cab instead of using that fancy app, you still are given guaranteed rate over the phone. Or just try them on your next ride around town. The event is always held on Halloween, no matter what day of the week it falls on.

This time around, October 31 falls on a Wednesday. He said the event was initially set up to help give Wilton Manors a name. In addition to the Pride Center,. We also have major sponsors donating and helping to cut the costs. There are many other sponsors, too. The city of Wilton Manors has designated staff and has provided volunteers for the event.

They try to waive permit fees when possible as well, Cureton said. Cureton is an educational consultant and has owned several small businesses in Wilton Manors, including a gelato shop and flower store. We wanted a major event to showcase the city and our businesses. Speaking of security Security costs for large events like Wicked Manors have increased significantly over the years, especially after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando in June Cureton said 12 years ago the main concern of event organizers was making sure everyone had a good time.

The concerns now include security and other issues that come with large crowds — proper police, street barricades, emergency personnel, portable toilets and post-event trash clean-up.

Cameras were installed and dedicated lanes for security vehicles were instituted, for example, said Cureton. SFGN file photo. Wicked themes Over the years, Wicked Manors has taken on different iterations and themes. Cureton said he and his team were expecting about 1, people to show up that inaugural year. There were about 5, who came. Cureton said organizers take to the Internet earlier in the year to ask people for theme ideas and to scour other events around the country for the best ways to do promotion. Game Night was chosen for people to. Organizers try not to duplicate themes.

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Details Attendees can expect music, prizes and four costume contests. Andrighetti, 48 of Fort Lauderdale, FL, passed away from cancer on June 30, , the gay community lost a popular spirit whose life motivated so many. The family planned a late October celebration in the Manors, and hundreds showed up Oct. Todd was born in Winsted, CT and was raised in nearby Torrington. He attended St. Todd moved to Florida in to work as the first mate bringing yachts from Lake. He was a sports enthusiast who also loved traveling, with a passion for Italy.

A great dancer, who loved fast cars and motorcycles, he was an inspirational personality who taught selfconfidence to others. The amendment is long overdue. In , Florida lawmakers passed a bill to restore the right to vote.

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The state Supreme Court struck it down. Scott Greenberg. One in ten people in the state are currently and permanently barred from voting because of a criminal record. If passed, the measure would be a civil rights triumph, particularly for the LGBT community. Mass incarceration disproportionately harms queer individuals, who are three times more likely to be imprisoned than heterosexual people. Every day, LGBT people, particularly transgender individuals, are jailed for sex work when they can find no other Mass employment. Queer youth are forced from incarceration home and arrested for sleeping in the street.

The sweep is extraordinary. At some disproportionately point in their lives, half of homeless people are incarcerated and 70 percent of lowharms queer income LGBT people are homeless. Rick Scott in his felonies, with one delegate saying the two terms. Under Gov. Charlie Crist, constitution prevented Florida from being people. Trace those convicted of murder or a sex offense. Two polls drug possession, for example, is a felony in the state. Its backing is bipartisan, Sleeping on public property is a crime too.

Gubernatorial felonies. A backed Ron DeSantis opposes it. The and discriminatory. An applicant must go before the state Supreme Court effectively struck it down.

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  7. A third poll conducted showed only 40 percent support, with 43 percent undecided, but did not explain what the measure stood for. Permanent exclusion from this pillar of civic life serves no one. Scott Greenberg is the executive director of the Freedom Fund, a non-governmental organization that works to eliminate the mass jailing of people, particularly LGBTQ individuals.

    For more information, including which groups support and oppose these amendments, visit www. From the League of Women Voters The League of Women Voters of Florida is non-partisan and does not endorse political candidates, but we do take positions on education, the environment, and voting rights. For example, the League does not believe that tax and spending issues belong in the Constitution. Those are decisions the Legislature should make. The Constitution should not be burdened with a litany of amendments that often are driven by politics rather than governance. There are, however, some issues important enough to merit constitutional status.

    Offshore drilling is one example. Because the Constitution Revision Commission chose to bundle multiple and unrelated issues into single questions, such as a vaping ban with a drilling ban, the League is recommending a yes vote on Amendment 9. The League does not take lightly the responsibility of supporting or opposing constitutional amendments. Nor should voters. I urge voters to use this guide and other sources of information to get informed and to vote on Nov.

    Makes permanent what currently is a temporary cap of 10 percent on annual property value increases for vacation homes, apartments and commercial property, effectively limiting increases on tax bills. Requires approval of any new casino gambling through a citizen-initiative constitutional amendment, effectively barring the Legislature from making those gambling decisions by passing laws.

    It restricts casino gambling and allows Florida voters to make any decisions regarding increases of casino gambling, consistent with League position against gambling.

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    This amendment is also supported by No Casinos, Inc. Would restore the eligibility to vote to persons with felony convictions who have completed their sentences. Creates a supermajority requirement for universities to impose new or increase existing student fees; enshrines in the Constitution guidelines for the State College System; mandates that employers or the state pay a death benefit to first responders and members of the military killed in the line of duty.

    The League was one of the sponsors of this initiative. Florida is one of only four states that permanently bars felons from voting after their sentences are completed. Everyone deserves a second chance. Amendment 5 Requires a two-thirds vote of the Legislature to approve any new or increased taxes or fees, rather than a simple majority. This amendment does not include a provision that would allow for tax increases in times of emergencies hurricane, floods, recession, etc.

    Amendment 6 Vastly expands the scope of victims rights under the state Constitution; increases the mandatory retirement age for judges from 70 to 75; forces courts and judges to interpret laws and rules for themselves rather than rely on interpretations by government agencies. We oppose a supermajority vote to increase fees or taxes. Family members of the military who die in the line of service are already compensated through the federal government. Amendment 9 Prohibits oil drilling beneath waters controlled by Florida; prohibits the use of e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, at indoor workplaces.

    Our concern for the environment overrides our concern about putting vaping in the Constitution.