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The little town was filled with shops selling artisan products like pottery and jewelry. The scenery is beautiful, especially during autumn due to the sugar maple trees. Reus is Antoni Gaudi's birthplace. There's no Gaudi building in town, but there is, naturally, a Gaudi Center or some such. It's a very worthwhile day-trip or overnight stop for fans of modernisme. Rome Capital of Italy. Known as the eternal city. Terri, innUmbria. Found it with our daughter during our first trip to Europe.

We put 7, km on our rental car during our month over there.


I have visited this fantastic country twice 3 and 4 decades ago. The Buddhist temples were beautiful, the canals were full of life, the young men usually spent 2 years as monks so you could see them everywhere in their saffron robes, the food was spicy and delicious, and the people were some of the warmest that I've met. I don't know how much it has changed.

U, an easy one: U nited Kingdom. Literally hundreds of memorable places. London is an obvious one, the traveler could spend a month, or a lifetime, exploring this city. Just one of hundreds of London unforgettable places would be The British Museum. Vinga, a small island off the coast of Gothenburg Sweden. We went there to see the historic lighthouse and had a wonderful visit with one of the few locals. Fortunately we were on a tour and had a Swedish speaking guide to translate for us.

I loved castles when I was a boy and so coming to Warwick Castle brought out the 8 year old boy in me. Running along the ramparts and climbing the steps inside the towers was a highlight of our 2 week adventure in England a couple of years ago. I'm also a big fan of Bernard Cornwell's Last Kingdom series and so seeing the plaque about Aethelfaed was memorable. I bet someone can do Xi'an. I haven't been there.

Or to the floating gardens of Xochimilco outside Mexico City. The ancestral home of the notorious Borgia family, of Renaissance fame ;-. Z Zaragoza, the 5th largest city in Spain. Located in the northeast of Spain roughly halfway between Madrid and Barcelona. About a 90 minute high-speed train ride from Madrid. And the food is supposed to be absolutely delicious.

Fantastic choice Priscilla! Zaragoza is my pick for one of the most underrated cities in Spain, like how Barcelona was years ago, in terms of foreign tourism. Still waiting for a reply from the Copenhagen-Oslo ferry company about our unusable reservations.

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It's a great place to go and enjoy nature. For C, Carrick on Shannon Ireland. Went with my son for an overnight to stay with my friend's daughter and left five days later. It has what I think is the second smallest church in the world a fantastic story about the tiny church. Told my son it is the custom to buy a round in the pub and gave him a fair amount of money. The next day when I asked for money back he had none. I think it was pounds.. The next day in the same pub I can still remember walking past the bar and a couple of gentlemen said you just be Rob's mom oh what a fine lad he is!

Sure is with my money! I love Chicago and have been there several times and just can't get enough. The best museums, the coolest neighborhoods, Navy Pier and the wonderful lakefront, Grant Park - gardens, fountains, summer concerts. Great architecture, great food.


What else can I say. If I could afford to live there I probably would. C-town people might think alike, kind-of. D Devizes in Wiltshire, England. We stayed here for 3 nights on our canal boat a few years ago. It's a market town with a great weekly market. The Wiltshire Museum is well worth the visit. It is full of ancient pre-historical finds from Stonehenge era - very well organized and highly recommended.

Traveling through the Alphabet - Rick Steves Travel Forum

Wadsworth beer is brewed here - the brewery has tours and tastings. Wow, even if borders and travel access options were wide open, there are a lot of places to go, and so little time and money to reach them all! One place at a time. F for Firenze, birthplace of the Renaissance and delightful city especially in Winter. Medicis, Michelangelo, and Bramante. I enjoyed the town, ate a delicious lunch and returned in the afternoon to find out the shop was open!

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I Italy! We drove from the airport north to Kruger Park and enjoyed our stay.

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  • We took a few safari excursions to nearby parks but drove ourselves in Kruger. I will never forget the fabulous lunch at Paul Bocuse's restaurant. The white asparagus was served and my husband said it's going to be toughIt was super fat. It cut like butter! Due to an invitation to speak at the Havana Film School was privileged to travel to Cuba in December of Fabulous city.

    Spotlessly clean, friendly people, inexpensive food, wonderful weather and the diversity in the architecture was amazing. My most favorite travel experience ever! The capital of Portugal, built on hills, offers beautiful views. She has a rich, multi-cultural history, the only European capital older is Athens. The food is good, the wine is even better. I was there almost exactly a year ago June at the end of a 3-week self-tour of the country.

    I highly recommend it to one and all. Nancy - I'm very pleased you enjoy my hometown, but trust me, you wouldn't want to live there. I don't know how hot or muggy it gets in summer in Corvallis, but I am darn sure your winters are much shorter and a lot milder than those in the Windy City even though the nickname has nothing to do with the weather.

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