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Motorcycle club category? They are not a motorcycle club. They are motorcycle related for sure, but motorcycles are not required, even many leaders don't ride.

Talk:Patriot Guard Riders

There is no probabtion. Most MCs require you to ride, and ride a HD. There are no colors. There is no territorial claim. I suggest "Motorcyclists Organizations" vice MC. If we were, then we'd risk loosing the support of those members who do belong to Motorcycle Clubs. I'd hate to loose that support from our Motorcycle Club members because of the comments made by misguided and uninformed reporters for the print, radio and television media groups have incorrectly labeled us a Motorcycle Club. The term "club," when used in reference to groups of motorcyclists has a specific meaning.

Motorcycle clubs usually require membership dues, confer voting rights on members, require ownership of a motorcycle, hold regular meetings, and often require long and arduous periods of probation or initiation. The Patriot Guard Riders does none of these things. Legally, the Patriot Guard Riders is a c 3 charitable, non-profit corporation with 5 members its Board of Directors.

Every other person involved in the organization is a volunteer. They ARE loosely referred to as "members," but do not pay dues, have no voting rights, and are accepted immediately as volunteers upon request. The proper term for groups such as the Patriot Guard Riders, when referring to these volunteers and their activities is "association. Joe Zinobile —Preceding unsigned comment added by Am I supposed to just know what a hawk or a dove are?

I mean beyond the usual understanding that they are both avians. It might be helpful if this could be explained to those of us that might not understand what is meant by being a 'hawk' or a 'dove. Is it true that the Patriot Guards are "whites only"??? NO, the PGR is not whites only.

Talk:Patriot Guard Riders - Wikipedia

We've had a PGR member from Kansas who is Asian not sure which nationality come up for a funeral here in Minnesota when the soldier whose funeral we were attending was Hmong. No motorcycle required, no status as a veteran, or you do not have to be an American citizen. Just agree with the mission statement. WE are an almagamation of all who support our troops. You contribute what you can, no mandatory involvement.

Im a member of the Patriot Guard Riders as well, a hoth coordinator. The Patriot Guard Riders is not a motorcycle club. We are a national organization made up of veterans,regular citzens like me , folks who ride bikes, folks who do not ride bikes we call those cagers because they drive 4 wheels We have members of all sorts of motorcycle clubs. Race matters not. Gender matters not. Age matters not. All that matters is that you have a deep love and respect for those who wear this nations uniform.

What does it cost join? We simply ask for your dedication in standing for those who stood for us. We also provide support for heroes who have been injured,and our veterans We really enjoy being able to welcome and escort home a unit who has been deployed. The reunion with their loved ones is awesome! Why do we do what we do? While we were formed to protect the family from protestors or any other unwanted guest, sometimes that includes the media.

Our main objective now is to honor the fallen and comfort their family. Its about respect and gratitude. Gratitude that there are still men and women of integrity who will willingly put on this nations uniform and defend freedom, even if it means paying the ultimate sacrifce. As I understand it, it's an inclusive organization that welcomes everyone , regardless of age, gender, national origin, vet status, and religion.

Shouldn't this page make at least some reference to the funeral of Matthew Shepherd, since the tactics the Patriot Guard employ are essentially those first put into action against WBC by Romaine Patterson and the Angel Action protesters? There has been some activity recently with two editors removing motorcycle club from the article, and two editors myself included reinstating this long-standing link within the article.

In my opinion, Patriot Guard Riders seems to meet all the criteria for being a motorcycle club - it has members, the majority of whom ride motorcycles and sport the organisation's patches. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then chances are it's a duck. This has been discussed twice before at Talk:Motorcycle club , and the consensus seemed to be that it was indeed a club.

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Perhaps the two editors who changed this article could explain what they think has changed since the previous discussion. I have not violated any conflict of interest policy. Please re-read the mission statement. Justcrusinby talk , 30 November UTC. Of course Motorcycle club and Outlaw motorcycle club can explain the special language that is used by a subculture in the US, but ordinary people are not required to bow to the whims of that subculture. It would be like using the definition of Work physics instead of work the way everybody understands it.

And what happens when the next one comes along and says, "Well in my subculture the words mean something else, so now change it to suit us! That is, both are clubs with members who ride motorcycles. This label MC focuses on the tail of the elephant, ignoring the totality of the beast. I recently edited the article and removed the term. First, and most importantly, it was totally contradicted within the same paragraph, which is poor structure. There are many references on the PGR website and forums which state specifically that they do not consider themselves a motorcycle club.

The Confederation of Clubs has very strict guidelines regarding what they consider to be a MC. The PGR does not collect dues, they have no regular meetings and they purchase their patches motorcycle club members must "earn" their patch.

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To say that an organization qualifies to be called a certain term because "the media refers to them as that" is ridiculous, inaccurate, and takes us down the wrong road. A professional article might contain the comment: "some mistakenly refer to the PGR as a motorcycle club", however to simply put that label out there just because one person thinks they are, is counter-productive to the mission of wikipedia.

We in the PGR have worked for 5 years with the Confederation of Clubs to earn their respect and allow our members in most states to wear their PGR patches without fear of offending local MC's. The COC fully understands and has ruled that we are not a motorcycle club and do not operate as such. We work hard to make sure our members understand the difference and to respect the COC and their member clubs. Wikipedia should not be about egos or "who wrote what" or what someone "thinks" an organization should be called.

It is about accurate information. The article, as currently edited, is accurate and we would request that it remain that way. Winger58 talk , 1 January UTC. The way to "provide documentation" is to get TV, newspapers, books, etc. PGR gets very good press. The media is in love with PGR. If PGR's spokesman cared, they would have told reporters to not call them a motorcycle club, but they clearly don't care.

They don't even bother to post a press release about it anywhere on their web site. Instead of complaining here, you should be asking PGR's leadership why they don't care what the club is called. But if they want to complain to Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Contact us. You guys site media outlets who, half the time, get the Patriot Guard name wrong. They have no special insight into the Patriot Guard. It's funny how the same people you hold up as the be-all, end-all of PGR knowledge, are the same people who spend 5 minutes interviewing our volunteers for their information.

The simple fact that you are using terminology incorrectly, and then defending it makes wikipedia and this article suspect. You state we can't dictate how terms are to be used, and then you dictate how they are to be used.

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That is asinine. If you are really trying to enlighten the "entire English-speaking world", you would think you would also enlighten them on the correct terminology used by the very people your topic is on. I would be suprised if you could find one single PGR member who agreed with you, but you forge ahead anyway. Remember, the most brilliant minds of their time used to think the world was flat. It took someone who knew better to change their minds. I don't know why you fight this point so hard, but the fact that we do, should mean something to you.

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  5. Since you have no vested interest in this point, why do you ignore the truth so hard. If it wasn't a big deal to us, we wouldn't be trying so hard to change your mind But you know, this is nothing.

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    Patriot Guard Riders is only one page. There's a whole Category:Outlaw motorcycle clubs who constantly have members coming around saying they can't be called "outlaws" and the FBI, police, and media are "wrong" to call them criminals. And that's only in motorcycling -- Wikipedia has thousands of controversial pages on huge topics. Terrorist organizations who insist that we call them "charities".

    What would you do? Change what things are called every time one of them complains? If you want to use politically correct language to talk about yourselves, use your own website to do it. People are free to go there and you describe yourselves any way you like.

    Wikipedia has a consistent policy that applies equally to everyone, even if it doesn't make everyone happy. I'm all ears if you have an alternate proposal, but it needs to be something that works across the board, not just for the one article you care about. Hparsons talk , 21 March UTC. You keep claiming we don't get it.

    What I don't get is how you can continually claim you know anything about a topic that you have no first-hand experience with.