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Includes Earl M. Morrow, Samuel J. Lisica, and Jerome Silverman. Transribed by Susan Bergmann. Transcribed by Valerie Disiena. Transcribed by Augustina Boateng. Guest lecturer in Prof. Transcribed by Diane M. Audio Letter Audio. An interview with Eleanor Peinkofer wife of Joseph about her correspondence with Frank Brown while Brown was in the service.

Transcribed by Joshua Mackey. Transcribed by David Hardesty. Transcribed by Sarah Stosiek. Video Auido Transcription. African-American sailor Transcription only. Transcribed by Soroush Saririan. Zammiello, Jr. Transcribed by Susan Bergmann. Transcribed by Jessica Cronin. A joint project of the Library of Congress, The U. Rome, NY. Transcribed by Daniel Mejia. Video Audio Transcript. Video Audio Autobiography. Video Audio Tranascription. Video Audio Biography. Transcribed by Garret Monast.

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Interviewed by William E. Transcribed by Karlie Keisler. Interviewed by Seeley of Hudson Falls H. Audio Transcription. Interviewed with wife Rosalind Goldsmith and Dr. Leo Hoge. Interviewed with husband Nate Goldsmith and Dr. Video Audio History. Video Audio Flight log.

Audio Memoir. Audio Memoir Memoir transcription. Audio only. Video Audio Transcription Obituary. Group interview with Wayne Haugh, Fiorenzo V. Lopardo, Jack Tanner, and Russell Whipple.

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Interviewed by Stephen Lopardo. Interviewed with Nate and Rosalind Goldsmith and Dr. Video Audio Transcription Diary Diary transcribed. Transcribed by Marnie Shaffer. Interviewed by Orchard Park H. Video Audio Notes. Transcribed by Elisabeth Good. Video Audio Transcription Transcription. Caroline Paige recounts her experiences of being transgender in the British military before and after permissive service. Her talk covers the period from to , the highs and the lows, in peacetime and in war. As a result of being in London Gay Liberation Front, Andrew Lumsden was the first national journalist in the world to come out voluntarily.

Some of these stories feature in her book. She continues to collect the memories and opinions of women born. Whose Heritage Is It Anyway? They met in Rome, lived and campaigned together in London and ended their years in Dolgellau, Wales, where they are buried together. The evening features the Queer Playback Theatre, an ensemble with a difference.

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Nic Herriot draws on her life experiences to highlight everyday quirks, in a show that promises plenty by way of quick wit and clever observation. Mark Bunyan and his keyboard keep you entertained with a musical comedy cabaret mix. Natalie Wood, Debbie Reynolds and Sophia Loren are just a few of the actresses he is romantically linked to.

Nothing, it seems, can damage his skyrocketing career.

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Nothing, that is, except for the fact that Tab Hunter is secretly gay. For the final event of the festival, the Salopian Rainbows have chosen this throughthe-ages glimpse into LGBT lives on screen. Visit shrewsburylgbthistory. A tale of suspense, laughter, violence, hope, heart, nudity, sex and a happy ending. Mostly a happy ending Midlands Zone checks out a phenomenon that has its roots firmly planted in the Midlands region There can be few in the UK today who haven't witnessed the stunning spectacle of crowds of cosplayers descending on fan conventions, at least on screen if not in person.

Over the last few years, the popularity of such events has soared, with large-scale London shows attracting eye-watering attendance figures in excess of , It's perhaps surprising then that the biggest company in the business is based here in the Midlands, running three local conventions annually in addition to shows across the country from its offices in Daventry, Northamptonshire.

Whether or not you're a regular visitor, if you've ever had the chance to attend an MCM Comic Con, it's not hard to understand the appeal. Incongruously nestled behind the businesslike facades of conference and exhibition centres, every MCM convention is a world unto itself, where cartoon characters spring to life and supernatural creatures freely roam, where stalls swelled with merchandise and unique fan creations stretch as far as the eye can see, and where video and tabletop gaming become serious competitive sports.

Like an old-fashioned festival of misrule, everything is upside-down. While Hollywood stars become ordinary people, sitting and talking amongst their fans, ordinary folks get their chance to enjoy the limelight,.

While young people make up a large part of the audience, it's by no means exclusive there are fans to be found of all ages and generations, from those who grew up in the sci-fi heyday of the s, to the children of the digital revolution of today. Look closely and you might even spot whole families wearing matching costumes.

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It's something that's encouraged. Even if you enter feeling cynical, the overwhelming dedication, warmth, enthusiasm and inclusivity of the fans is irresistible, whether you're dressed as Deadpool or a Disney princess. But it wasn't always so. The MCM story dates right back to , in those quiet days of geekdom before Spider-Man had kicked off a superhero movie revolution, before Russell T Davies had revived Doctor Who, before comics had reached out to mainstream readership, and well before the cosplay phenomenon had really taken off in the UK. Some small-scale conventions and specialised gatherings already existed, but it was SciFi Shows' Paul Miley and Wolf Events' Bryan Cooney who were the first to hatch a plan to bring something akin to the all-encompassing American fan events to Britain, also partly inspired by the NEC's nostalgic Memorabilia show, which would later be subsumed into MCM Birmingham in Thanks to a happy confluence of circumstances that saw attitudes change towards.

But 16 years and multiple shows later, MCM's remain the biggest and most popular in Britain, unrivalled in attendance outside London. As it is, after all, where our company is based, we plan on providing an awesome show for the region's enthusiastic audience of sci-fi, comic book and film fans. As part of the sponsorship deal, the airport will brand and name the Cabaret Marquee Stage, which will now be known as the Manchester Airport Cabaret Marquee.

As well as being stage sponsors, the airport will also have its staff in attendance over the weekend, joining in with the parade celebrations to shout about its global routes, particularly a new direct route to San Francisco. UK Follow us on Facebook at www. It is compiled from submissions to the Workplace Equality Index, a powerful benchmarking tool used by employers to create inclusive workplaces. The highest new entry is Nottingham City Homes at number Notable performances also come from Leicestershire City Council at number 36 and De Montfort University, which moves up 19 places to number He failed to detail policies on either issue during his election campaign.

Further information can be obtained by emailing arenawlv. Free tickets can be reserved at wlv. Leicester sexual health charity Trade is on the lookout for members of the general public who might be free to assist the organisation on the first Thursday of each month. The charity needs people to help out with urgent tasks such as condom packing, sticker stacking and preparation for large events such as Leicester Pride. The role provides a great opportunity to learn about volunteering, meet the Trade team and make new friends, all while helping to keep the organisation running smoothly.

You don't need any special skills or training, you can stay for as long or short a time as you like, and everybody's welcome. The author, whose previous works include Trans Voices: Becoming Who You Are, is hoping to hear from Zone readers who are gay and Muslim, to elicit their views on.

Interviews for the project will be conducted via telephone, with confidentiality assured. If you would like more information about the project, or would like to volunteer your time to contribute, email declanghenry hotmail. The venue, which will be called Bar Diva, already has many of the required fixtures and fittings in place, which ensures a small startup cost for investors. For full information, visit indiegogo. When did you first know you were gay?

When my wife named it in the divorce - up until then I was just inSingle or attached? When did you come out? After the divorce, when I was What makes you sad? What makes you angry? And then there was the embarrassing shower incident on a school ski trip with the PE teacher! Who was the first person you told you were gay, and what was their reaction? My old school friends, in a pub called Fagans. Embrace it. Be prepared for things to change - and enjoy it. I did a full-frontal nude photograph for Attitude magazine.

Thank God there was a bear to hand! Of late, Brexit.

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Despite being of a right wing nature, I hang my head in despair. Your Career When you were younger, what did you want to be? A muthafuckin ballerina. Truthfully, though, I always wanted to be in a band, or to be an entertainer of some sort.