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No registration is required. Just come and join us! Years ago he left home hoping to make a career as a designer in far-off Tokyo. URL Email.

Each image is on screen for only 20 seconds. No more, no less. The modest shop in the back of an alley was buzzing with activity -- with customers waiting in line, regulars who came to eat and help out on a daily basis and apprentices crammed into the tiny kitchen. It revealed truths that Yamagishi had kept hidden for years. He was carrying a heavy physical and emotional burden. He had locked up memories of his wife, who supported him for 25 of the 50 years he had dedicated to ramen. He suffered from a series of debilitating medical issues that slowly eroded his ability to work.

And the death of his wife has come. But still he is in the shop. What drove him to go on making ramen…? Echo of Prints: Japanese contemporary talent As Artists-in-Residence of the Foundation Veerle Rooms, Japanese printmaker Yuriko Miyoshi curated this exhibition to introduce eight Japanese artists who have already been active internationally. She also curated two exhibitions to introduce Veerle Rooms in Tokyo in June The FVR arranged a Japanese study tour in the same period. These programs will be touching Japanese culture due to this special year between Japan and Belgium.

URL Email 03 84 This transformation process finds the relationship between narrativity and dimensionality which are the dormant characteristics of the painting. Through this repetition and with a primitive and pictorial method of expression, the motives are gradually transformed into symbols.

Her focus is a process of transformation; turning symbolic images into tangible objects. URL Email 00 32 84 89 URL Email Tel. Because the style and themes of the comic interludes allow them to stand on their own, they are also performed separately from Noh plays. While some Kyogen served to provide the audience with additional information about the main Noh play, others were comical or farcical skits on entirely separate themes, serving to relieve the generally gloomy atmosphere of the Noh.

Hazard 34 Brussels. A Tale of Samurai Cooking Story: Haru has an excellent sense of taste and surpassing skill in the kitchen, but she has been divorced from her first husband after only a year of marriage because of her impetuous character. One day, Haru is proposed by Dennai Funaki, samurai chef from Kaga, to marry his succeeding son. However, now, her new husband Yasunobu wields a kitchen-knife with no skill at all. In order to save the family name Funaki and its position as kitchen samurai, Haru decides to teach him the art of cuisine The story is inspired by a real-life family in Kaga that has survived countless upheavals with its cuisine.

Roosevelt 50 Bruxelles. The handwritten and lovingly illustrated recipes concern cooking, cleaning and the basic knowledge of the house keeping techniques. With the help from two young strangers, the garishly-dressed Imo and the Japanese-Brazilian Haru, the family slowly begins to rebuild their lives as they learn the life and profound love of Otomi and get ready for the great party on the 49th day as Otomi has wished Commemoration of the East Japan Earthquake 11 March Almost 5 years have passed since the earthquake disaster of East Japan in The toll of victims and missing counts 18 , and adding over 3 died in refuge, it goes more than 21 Even now, we count about refugees as at December Their daily life is still under difficult conditions so the people need still support.

Our purpose is to share pain and hope with the victims of the earthquake and tsunami, while donating for culture for both the Sendai Foundation and the Piano Association in Tohoku. Japon, l'archipel de la maison. Concert Feniks Taiko Feniks Taiko will play a benefit concert for children with learning disabilities.

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In her work, the talented Ikeda reveals the beauty of humble, daily objects or surroundings that she not only finds in Japan, but also on her frequent travels outside of her home country. With her particular eye for detail, her unusual compositions and her sophisticated use of colour, she creates painterly, delicate, often abstract images that never cease to be a great visual pleasure. A positive contribution to local life encourages cultural activities giving a broader picture in a period of uncertainty.

A four stage sustainable solution nourishes the growth within the community and meets their social, physical, cultural and spiritual needs. Japanese Week Programme: Organization of various events related to Japanese culture. No reservation required! Impression japonaise Exhibition of photographs by Japanese and Belgian photographers in the theme of Japan. Initiation workshop of Sumi-e Japanese painting with black ink This is the initiation of 5 sessions. At first, we learn about the movement of brush with your breath and body. Then we try to paint the bamboo, vegetables, flowers, trees and fishes, etc.

In his series 'Sakura' Mizutani presents an unusual and mesmerizing view on one of the most sacred Japanese themes, the cherry blossom. Abstract and graphic black and white photographs of the classic 'birds on a wire' are the theme of the series 'Kawau'. We will also showcase works from Mizutani's successful series 'Tokyo Parrots' and 'Yusurika'. Atelier Calligraphie japonaise La base de cet atelier est la langue japonaise.

Manga and Cosplay Festival Spring Japan is not just about old customs and traditional art forms, as you can discover for yourself during our Manga and Cosplay Festival, which we are now organising for the first time in the spring. These two expressions of modern Japanese pop culture promise a sparkling and colourful spectacle with manga comics and glitzy cosplay performance art with costumes and accessories as a source of inspiration. Students of communication management at the PXL University College will ensure that this spring edition is not a pale copy of the autumn festival.

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Participants can show their costumes, buy and sell manga comics, attend workshops, etc. The often playful cosplay costumes will also make this festival a delightful occasion for newcomers to the scene. Ghent University Blandijn room Japanese Reading with English Subtitles. World Tai Chi Day The interest in tai-chi is growing every year and Limburg is seeing increasing numbers of practitioners.

Although this stylised movement art is not of Japanese origin, many practitioners still traditionally come together in the Japanese Garden on World Tai-Chi day. After all, tai-chi fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of peace and meditation that the Japanese Garden exudes. Everybody is welcome to take part, even if you have never practised tai-chi before. Teachers from the whole country will be giving workshops and open sessions the whole day. Discover the reknown fertile pastures and fields of the polders and bird life in the nature reserves along our coastline.

More information and registration URL Email. So it will be a special day in the Japanese Garden, in which children take centre stage, although their parents are of course equally welcome. Children can try out all sorts of activities throughout the entire garden: making masks, filling little pots with coloured salt, catching fish, and more. They receive a stamp for each activity. When the card is full, it can be exchanged for a gift.

It becomes even more exciting with the 'dragon' which is locked up in its den and released in the evening. Something worth seeing in itself!

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Although, who knows, the dragon might also burst out during the activities to freak out the visitors Oguma Eiji, Keio University. He has repeatedly participated in the Kunstenfestivaldesarts with work that is recognisable by its idiosyncratic vernacular language and astonishing imagery. Okada poses hard-hitting questions about the complexity of the ultramodern post- Fukushima Japanese society. At the same time, his art is universal and timeless. In an ominous huis clos, the protagonists are attempting to cope with the omnipresent ghosts of the past and the latent threat of the present.

In the background we hear a multi-layered acoustic landscape of field recordings. Okada creates — as only he can — an enchanting new world where sound, body, and language merge with one another. What remains is essential human theatre and the hope of a better future. Beursschouwburg Auguste Ortsstraat Brussel in the context of Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

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Ecole Sau Tel. Ikebana exhibition Ikenobo Studygroup Belgium - 25 years In de arboretumtuin kun je vele blauweregens, Wisteria, bewonderen. Ze groeien tegen de gevel van het Vangeertenhof of vrij in grote bomen. Ter gelegenheid van haar zilveren jubileum maakt de Ikenobo Studygroup Belgium voor het eerst Japanse bloemschikkingen met blauweregen in de hoofdrol.

Deze klimplanten, soms meer dan honderd jaar oud, zorgen voor een adembenemend kleurenspel van tinten blauw, van haast doorschijnend pastel tot diep purper. Als symbool voor oneindigheid, verlies en onstuitbare groei draagt de blauweregen ook voor hen een diepe betekenis van contemplatie zoals in de blues. Om de kleuren van de bloemen volledig tot hun recht te laten komen, maken ze schikkingen in vazen en schalen van de Italiaanse ceramiekkunstenaar Antonio Lampecco.

Hij maakte de afgelopen 25 jaar deze objecten in nauwe samenspraak met de studiegroep.

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He never learned to dance butoh. And yet, that is exactly what he wishes: to become Kazuo Ohno. In About Kazuo Ohno, Kawaguchi wants, insofar as is possible, to copy the dance master, based solely on what has been preserved in old videotapes. Kawaguchi interrogates the memory, sincerity, and originality of the copy.