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One of the things he learned on the job, he told IBTimes, was how to read the dynamics of each situation, and adjust accordingly. Male strippers never know what to expect when they arrive to a private bachelorette party -- which is often a surprise to the bride to be.

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  7. Magic Mike XXL's Channing Tatum reveals dark past of being a stripper at 19.

Those are real professional dancers. Guys in clubs do some choreography. So, the important thing is to talk before the booking with the client," Jon said. Make them feel comfortable with your voice, presence. You take the temperature, and once the surprise factor is gone, you mingle, make them feel comfortable.

Dance with them. He was hired by a group of young Asian women to dance at a bachelorette party. I thought she was joking, but she never came out. That was not a situation where I took my shirt off!

Male Stripper @ Karaoke Bar - Private Male Strip Show Footage

He said he talked to her about her marriage, and suggested that they practice making her big day perfect. So someone in the wedding party pretended to be the priest, and Jon was the groom, and when it came time for the kiss, he offered her his cheek for a kiss, and she ran behind the sofa again. It made him sad, he said, because, "She's getting married -- but she's afraid of life. Cultures that make women afraid of men aren't good.

Although there were things about "Magic Mike" that Jon thought were authentic "I like Matthew's craziness" , namely the scene depicting the Matthew McConaughey character's "adrenaline rush" after performing, Jon didn't like the ending. It seemed to suggest that true love required that the Channing Tatum character leave the stripping world behind, Jon said.

The film concludes, he said, that "It's a superficial world. It was just a big show with 50 to 70 strippers and 2, to 3, women. It was crazy.

Magic Mike XXL's Channing Tatum reveals dark past of being a stripper at 19 | Daily Mail Online

They attacked me every night. Channing made sure his family found out of his stripping. In fact, his dad only found out, to his dismay, after watching his son give an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in You didn't need the money. I told him it had nothing to do with him. That was my road.

Confessions Of A Male Stripper: A Real 'Magic Mike' And 'Rent-A-Gent' Escort Tells All

That was the road I had to take. In fact, Channing, who worked as an actor a long time before the Magic Mike films, never intended that those eight months he spent as a male stripper would ever be part of his biography. It was Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh who ended up convincing him to turn his stripper past into a movie. But it also brought out of the woodwork people Channing knew back then during the period of his life he really wanted to forget.

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  • Sorrentino, who was serving time on drug smuggling charges, claimed he took year-old Channing under his wing back in the Nineties and taught him the ropes of the male stripping industry - the exact plot for the hit movie. Magic Mike was my stage name for eight years. That was a part of my life I will never forget. Sorrentino, now 47, claimed that after teaching Channing how to strip he was soon a hit with the women.

    He had a lot of talent to offer - young, ambitious, he could dance and had the desire to show his talent as well. There would be five or six of us in a truck, driving together. They were interesting times,' he said, chuckling. On the way some of us would be talking about what show we would do, others would sleep, others would smoke pot.

    We would be drinking and closing the clubs down. Channing has never commented on the claims, only insisting that the film and stage depictions of the world of male stripping are nothing like the reality he was once part of. Subscriptions Sign Out. By Matt Roper. More on Channing Tatum and Jessie J. Follow mirrorceleb. Celebs all Most Read Most Recent. Jade Thirlwall Jade Thirlwall shared a heartfelt handwritten note on her Instagram Story which began: "It rarely feels like it, but the pain eases".

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