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James Brumpton - a software engineer from Lincoln - found himself "catapulted into this world of self-consciousness", after he hooked up with a man at a local gay bar. When James went back to the man's house and took off his T-shirt, his date looked at him and made a disgusted noise. Eventually, the experience led to James deciding to have an abdominoplasty - otherwise known as a tummy tuck. Prof Afshin Mosahebi, of Baaps, says gay men are currently having more cosmetic procedures done than straight men, although he notes that women have more procedures than men overall.

After James's tummy tuck went wrong, he was left with permanent scarring, which made him even more conscious of his body. Dating apps have fuelled body image concerns, he says. Images on social media and in leading gay magazines have also led James to feel he is an "invader in the space".

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Photos of "sexy bodies" drive sales of gay magazines, according to Matthew Todd, a former editor of one such publication, Attitude. When Matthew put a photo of Stephen Fry on the front of the magazine in , "it was one of the worst selling editions ever", he says. Matthew, the author of Straight Jacket: How to be gay and happy, says homophobia has fuelled gay men's body issues.

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If you don't like yourself, that manifests as not being happy with the way you look. The result has been that gay men are under more pressure than straight men to have the perfect body, Matthew says. Many gay men confuse 'Do I want to be with him? Jeff Ingold, from LGBT charity Stonewall says it is "crucial" that we see more diverse representations of gay and bisexual men with different body types in the media. But as it is, Jakeb says he still gets people online telling him they "wouldn't leave the house if they looked like me".

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