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Both Cragg and Fidelis are strong and honorable characters, yet have their flaws to make them human. The mayor of the town, a blustery, angry man, is the perfect and amusing foil for the protagonists.

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The mystery is solved in a believable way, though one storyline is left dangling. Young Jeb and Lizzie Boylston said goodbye to one another after settling into the farm that his uncle, John Quincy, has provided to them. When Jeb is killed in the very first skirmish that his unit fights in this War for Independence, Lizzie is left alone. She establishes herself with the locals by earning a living as a healer and a midwife, taught to her by her now-deceased mother.

The Story of Brussels

Lizzie is the voice of this historical novel, recording her depression, fears, hunger, and not knowing who the enemy is. Her dearest friends, Abigail Adams and Mrs. Quincy, install in her home Martha, a young woman to assist with the farm and to apprentice as a midwife. When two suspicious deaths occur and her knowledge of herbs show poison as the cause, Lizzie turns spy and tries to help discover who the enemy is among them. I thoroughly enjoyed this step back in time, told through a courageous woman of the period.

The characters are well developed and have genuine feelings of concern, suspicion and loyalty for one another. The principal characters become involved in relationships, while family fences are mended when her sister-in-law, Eliza, moves in to care for her with her impending motherhood, expanding the caring band of sisters. The compte only favors himself and his philandering Parisian lifestyle.

Eager to please her indulgent father, young Diane revels in a world of tutors, musicians, brocade gowns, and extravagant wigs.

Historical Novels Review, Issue 72 (May ) by The Historical Novel Society - Issuu

But in an age when fortunes are made and unmade on the basis of rumor alone, the plan goes awry and Diane is banished to the country with an uncouth bourgeois husband. Beauty, after all, is only skin deep! Moreover, this story tells of the sad fate of women played like pawns in games of power and greed.

A compelling and evocative novel, I was hooked, on page 6, by the description of the rakishly flamboyant compte. But the descriptive narrative is gorgeous and I recommend you bask for a while in the elegance and naughtiness of the age. While Anna would prefer to stay in her German hometown of Ixheim, she is the only Amish passenger who speaks English and is thus necessary as a translator between her people and the Englishspeaking captain and crew.

I was fascinated to learn about this crucial time in Amish history: the first wave of Amish immigrated to America in the 18th century largely because of religious persecution. Distinctions between the Amish and Mennonite passengers were illuminating, as were the sailing superstitions and rituals that Fisher overlays with biblical symbolism. The point of view alternates among Anna, Bairn, and Felix, a young Amish boy. The dead boy, it seems, had known who she was, but never had time to reveal the secret.

This debut novel is first in an intriguing new series, vividly conveying the flavor of 18th century Vienna. In Manhattan, both her gender and her politics are against her. Thorland returns to her Turncoat form in this lively novel, which combines a sweet-yet-sexy romance with a tale of intrigue, uncertain loyalties and poignant loss.

Jane Steen. Lyse and her family are culturally French, but Alabama is under British control. Some are slave and some are free.

About this book

These diverse elements combine to form a story filled with suspense and danger. This is an inspirational book, and both Rafe and Lyse turn to their religion as perils loom. There is a trite opening scene, but the book soon builds to a fast pace and a thick plot. It sheds light on a part of the American Revolution that is usually eclipsed by events in the northeastern states. Depictions of Creole, Spanish, and slave culture are fascinating in this stand-alone, second book in the Gulf Coast Chronicles.

My only real gripe is that the book suffered from niggling small editorial and typographical errors throughout.

After Austen

Mary Seeley. Born Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, her father a nobleman, her mother a courtesan, Aurore grew up in the midst of discord. Her paternal grandmother was at odds with her mother, and the bright, but emotionally insecure Aurore became well-versed in the art of manipulation to gain attention, and, she hoped, unconditional love. Every detail, sartorial to architectural, rings true, as do the emotional highs and lows of each character. When a stranger breaks into her room, she recognizes him as her lieutenant, despite his shabbiness.

Mark Louis Thayne leads a double life. Hermione becomes deeply involved with the Band to save Mark, and now only he can protect her. Will they survive the violence of the Band? Will Hermione receive help from her uncle? Will love prevail? And it is not every day a reviewer discovers an unknown ancestor 26 Reviews. Utopian crusader Thomas Spence in the midst of a romance novel. Monica E. Love, family and loyalty are pitted against the need to survive in a world where smuggling is a way of life and is often carried on alongside honest trade.

The French coast is close enough that smugglers and fishermen are recruited as spies, further adding to the complex web of relationships, which Bond highlights with some intriguing plot twists. There are enough plot elements in this novel that it could easily have been stretched into further books; unfortunately, the author chose to wrap up the story with a summary, an unsatisfying close to an exciting tale.

Nevertheless, The Guinea Boat should appeal to both general readers interested in the Napoleonic Wars era and those with a taste for richly detailed seagoing yarns. Victoria is celebrating her 60th year as monarch, Ireland is sweltering under record heat, and among the scores of weather-related deaths are three seemingly unsolvable murders. With her husband. But she finds that discovering who killed her mother is next to impossible in the raucous town full of gamblers, gunfighters, prostitutes, and men hiding from the law.

Sex, Drugs \u0026 Refugees. Syrian teenagers in Athens resort to prostitution to survive (RT Documentary)

The Righteous Revenge of Lucy Moon is an unsparing, violent, bloody, and sex-laden rampage through the lawless Midwest. While the characters felt thin, there was enough meat on the bones to not distract from the overall plot that Brooks keeps moving at a brisk pace. If you are a fan of Westerns you will want to pick this book up.

The Captive Hearts series focuses on the after-effects of war upon returning soldiers, and this particular romance upon rape, and the vulnerable situation of dependent women, even well-born ones. He, however, responds better than she expected and, with patience and understanding, eventually they achieve the happy marriage both deserve. The gradual revelation of her innocence, and the progression from wary companionship to true love, is handled adroitly. Burrowes has a fine control of subtle irony, and the interaction between two attractive characters is lively and enjoyable.

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  5. Apart from an unfortunate lapse into melodrama at the climax, the romance is skillfully structured and elegantly written. Definitely recommended. Ray Thompson. To her dismay she finds her place has been usurped by another young woman claiming to be Miss Ravenshaw, who had recently died mysteriously. The ownership was then transferred to a distant relation, Captain Luke Whitfield, who surprisingly invites Rebecca 19th Century.

    Unfortunately for Rebecca, she has scant evidence of her identity, other than relating the past and speaking of her family. Whitfield, however, is the epitome of a gentleman: always solicitous and kind, wellmannered and with seemingly faultless behavior. Rebecca feels he shows her especial favor, and she quickly falls under his spell, though soon enough she hears the rumors and innuendos concerning his involvement with the imposter, and his attachment to Headbourne.

    This lightly gothic novel, reminiscent of Victoria Holt, includes an intriguing mystery that is so ingeniously planned that, upon finishing, readers will spend time flipping back to see how the clues were laid.